Paper in Minecraft has a lot of usages throughout the game. It is a common item you’re bound to find during exploration in loot chests all over the world, but you can also craft it yourself.

You will be using it to craft very useful utility items and blocks, like maps, so you need to know how to make paper and use it.

In this tutorial we will show you how to make paper and some of its most common uses.

Minecraft Paper Recipe

  • 3 sugar cane

Making paper in Minecraft is very easy and it doesn’t cost a lot of materials. Sugar cane is an easy to grow crop that will provide you plenty of materials for paper.

This recipe is enough for 3 paper.

To make it you need to arrange them on the crafting table like you see in the image below:

Growing Sugar Cane

Sugar cane can be found in the world along rivers, ponds, and sometimes lakes. They can grow in the sand or on dirt that is right next to a water block.

You can break the sugar cane with just your hand. It can drop 1-3 sugar cane depending on the growth level of the plant.

You can then plant it anywhere else near water to grow your own.

It grows faster on sand.

When harvesting it’s faster to only break the top 2 sugar cane blocks so you don’t have to constantly replant them. The sugar cane will then just continue to grow.

Where to Find Paper

Paper can also be found in various places around the world.

Different structures have different loot and there are several in which you can find paper. They will scattered around in chests.

The structures where you can find paper are:

In villages you can even trade emeralds or certain items, like compasses, for paper.

How to Use Paper

One of the most important usages of paper in Minecraft is in crafting maps and any map related items.

Maps are used to map out and navigate the Minecraft world. They can also be duplicated and expanded on cartography tables, all of which requires paper.

You will also need paper when decorating with banners. You can create a lot of different banner patterns by combining paper and certain items.

There are a total of 4 patterns you can make on Java Edition and an extra 2 patterns you can make on Bedrock Edition.

There are also books, which you can use to write things down or build a bookshelf with. Books are also used to create enchanted books.

Finally, you can use paper to create different types of fireworks.

What to do Next

Maps are extremely important utility items that you will be using during your gameplay to help you navigate your Minecraft world, but in their basic forms they may be a bit inconvenient to use.

That’s why you should craft some extra paper and build a cartography table.

A cartography table unlocks a lot of new options for your maps, from making them bigger to locking them so nobody can change the way a map looks.
You will need this block when mapping out your Minecraft world.