The loom is a useful utility block that can be used to place different patterns on banners and decorate them with colors.

It is definitely a worthwhile block to have when decorating your various builds and it is luckily easy to make. We believe that every base should have a loom and a few banners decorating the walls.

In this article we will show you how to craft a loom and use it.

Minecraft Loom Recipe

  • 2 string
  • 2 wooden planks (any)

The loom has a very simple recipe in Minecraft. You can craft it on a crafting table or directly in your inventory as long as you arrange the items like you see them placed in the image below:

String can be gotten from killing spiders or by destroying their cobwebs with a sword. You can usually find a lot of cobwebs in mineshafts underground.

The wooden planks can really be any and different types can be mixed in the recipe.

You can even use warped and crimson wooden planks from the Nether.

Where to Find a Loom

If you’re struggling to get the ingredients to craft a loom, you might get lucky and find it before you can craft it.

Any village that has a shepherd’s house and a villager with the shepherd profession will have a loom spawn as part of the structure. You can break the loom with just your hand.

Breaking the loom with an axe is the quickest way to break it.

How to Use a Loom

Once placed down you can interact with the loom to open the interface inside it. There will be 3 slots: one for a banner, another for a color dye, and a final one for a pattern.

You will only need a banner and a dye to actually decorate your banner.

Putting any color banner and a dye will give you a whole list of different patterns you can apply to the banner using the color you have placed inside.

The final look of your banner will be previewed on the right and it will be finalized once you pick it up.

A banner can have up to 6 layers of patterns applied to it, with each layer being placed on top of the previous. So, think ahead of the look you’re going for and layer carefully.

There are additional patterns you can craft with paper to place on the banner.

These crafted patterns can be placed in the third slot in the interface to grant you the special patterns for banners that you couldn’t otherwise make. You can either craft or find them as loot in the world.

The pattern is consumed on use and it counts toward the 6 total layers for a banner.

In total there are 6 craftable patterns in Java Edition Minecraft, while Bedrock Edition has a total of 8 craftable banner patterns.

What to do Next

If you want to really make your banners pop, you will need to know how to get the colors that you need for them.

Getting every color dye in Minecraft can be a little bit tricky, because the way you get a hold of them is not always obvious. You will have to look for specific nature items and even mix different colors to get the dye you need.

Our article will help you find every color dye you may need for your decorations.