A stonecutter is a functional block that is used to shape stone and copper type blocks into different variants. It turns regular blocks into brick, stair, slab, and walls.

This block is much more efficient with materials than a crafting table. Once you have an iron pickaxe, it is worth your time learning how to make a stonecutter in Minecraft.

Not only that, but stonecutters are also useful if you’re spawning villagers. A stonecutter is used as a job station for stone mason villagers, which can open up a lot of trades for you.

It’s a very useful block to have. Here’s a quick guide on how to make one and use it.

Minecraft Stonecutter Recipe

  • 1 iron ingot
  • 3 stone blocks

The recipe is simple and you can easily make it pretty early on in the game.

To get your hands on stone blocks, you do not actually need an infinity enchantment. This can save you time but it’s not essential.

Taking regular cobblestone and cooking it in a furnace will give you regular stone blocks in return, along with experience.

To make the stonecutter block, simply arrange the ingredients as you see in the image below. In Bedrock edition you can mix up different types of stone blocks, like granite, andesite, and diorite, along with the stone.

Minecraft stonecutter recipe

Finding Stonecutters in the World

Stonecutters don’t commonly spawn in the Overworld in Minecraft.

They can only be found in villages that have stone mason villagers.

This is because they act as a villager job station and they can be found solely in stone mason buildings, just like smithing tables or lecterns.

To mine it you have to use a pickaxe.

How to Use a Stonecutter

Once placed, you can use a stonecutter just like a crafting table.

In the single available slot you can place any kind of stone type block and see a menu of all the available variants for that block. This means the stonecutter can take a stone block and turn it into slabs, stairs, and all the stone brick variants.

In total there are over 30 different types of block you can place in the stonecutter and you can see all of them below.

Minecraft Stone blocks

The stonecutter is incredibly cost efficient.

When crafting on a regular crafting table, to make 4 cobblestone stairs you need to use 6 cobblestone blocks.

On a stonecutter 1 cobblestone block gives you 1 cobblestone stair. Any recipe only requires a single block for a block variant in return.

Minecraft Stonecutter Blocks

Spawning Stone Mason Villagers

When building your own village, a stonecutter can be used as a job station for any unemployed villagers. Placing a stonecutter down will transform a villager into a stone mason.

If you don’t have any unemployed villagers by the time you have a stonecutter, then you may have to either breed them or just spawn more villagers. This is luckily pretty simple and easy to do!