Fishing is a very relaxing way to pass time in Minecraft. If you’re patient, it can grant you many rewards.

Before you can even get into the basics, though, you need to have the tool for the job, and that is a fishing rod. It’s simple to make and very useful to have.

In this article we will show you how to make a fishing rod in Minecraft and how to use it efficiently, as well.

Minecraft Fishing Rod Recipe

  • 3 sticks
  • 2 string

The recipe is very simple and easy. By now you should know how to make the sticks you need and all you will have to do is get the string you need for this recipe.

The easiest way to get string is by fighting spiders, but there are other methods, like finding it in a chest in certain zones.

Once you have your materials, arrange them on a crafting table in the pattern below.

Fishing Rod

Using a Fishing Rod

Once you have your fishing rod you can equip it like any other tool or weapon.

To use the fishing rod you will have to approach a body of water. Even if it is a few blocks of shallow water, you will be able to cast your fishing rod in it and fish.

When you click the use button you will throw out the bobber, which will float on the surface of the water.


After some time you will see particles approach the bobber. When they reach it they will pull it under the water.

This is when you have to click the use button again to reel in your catch.

A catch can be anything from rotten flesh or fish to enchanted books and fishing rods. Reading a fishing guide will help you find all the loot you need.

Other Uses

A fishing rod can be used for more than just fishing.

You can use the rod to actually reel in objects and mobs. To do this you have to throw the bobber at an entity so it hooks onto it and then reel the line in. This will cause a bit of damage to a mob, but otherwise will pull the entity toward you.

This mechanic is especially useful in PVP.

In PVP many players use the fishing rod to help them evade or reel in their opponents so they can attack them better.

Crafting With a Rod

Rods can also be used in other crafting recipes to slightly enhance them.

The first one is a bit silly, but in a fun way. Combining a fishing rod with a carrot allows you to make a carrot on a stick. This item is most useful when riding pigs.

Pigs can be saddled and mounted, but usually will go wherever they please.

If you hold a carrot on a stick, the pig will follow whatever direction you are facing with the stick in hand.

The same thing can be done with warped fungus to create a warped fungus on a stick.

This item behaves just like a carrot on a stick with a pig, but here you use it in the nether to ride on a saddled strider. Striders are creatures that can walk around lava without taking damage.

They are a good way of crossing large lava pools safely and without using blocks to make long bridges.

What to Do Next

Now that you have your rod and understand how to fish, you may find that manually fishing isn’t the pastime for you.

If you are not someone with the time or patience to sit for hours on end to fish, then don’t worry. You can set up an AFK fishing farm to get lots of loot quickly with minimal effort.