Miscellania in OSRS is an island kingdom part of the Fremennik Province. This nation has a number of great uses for players. An abundance of resources can be found and gathered here, as well as solid passive gold generation rates. 

Players use this area to passively gain resources such as coal and various woods, seeds, herbs, and fish. The large amounts of these resources gathered can then be added to your own reserves, or sold on the Grand Exchange. Either way, they’ll add to your in-game wealth.

However, there are several steps needed to unlock Miscellania and gain access to all its features. Once unlocked, there are also a number of travel methods you can use to get there. In this guide, I’ll demonstrate how to get to Miscellania in OSRS. 

Fremennik Trials

Getting to Miscellania in Old School RuneScape is a relatively simple process. First, you must complete the quest “The Fremennik Trials.” You can start this quest by speaking to Brundt the Chieftain in the Rellekka Longhall. 


You need to have 25 Fletching, 40 Woodcutting, and 40 Crafting to complete this quest. If you don’t have these stats, you can simply kill various NPCs who drop the item (the lyre) you would have crafted using those stats. The NPCs in question are level 48. 

Additionally, you must be able to defeat a level 69 monster, and be unafraid of fighting a level 100+ enemy without armor, weapons, or magic. 

With “Fremennik Trials” complete, you can take a boat to Miscellania from Rellekka by talking to the Sailor on the second dock from the west. That being said, you are unable to take advantage of all the area has to offer without a few more steps. 


Throne of Miscellania

Next, you need to complete the quest “Throne of Miscellania.” You can start this quest by talking to King Vargas in the Miscellania Castle. This quest has no stat requirements, but a number of previously completed quest requirements. 


Completion of the “Heroes’ Quest” and all its prerequisite quests, as well as the aforementioned “Fremennik Trials” are required for “Throne of Miscellania.” These prerequisite quests include “Shield of Arrav” “Lost City” “Merlin’s Crystal” and “Dragon Slayer I.” 

With “Throne of Miscellania” complete, you have unlocked the kingdom management activity, where you can passively gain the previously mentioned resources and gold, as well as most of the travel methods to get there. You can make good use of these resources at the best places to cook.

Royal Trouble

There is one more quest you can do, that unlocks more of the Kingdom to manage. It’s called “Royal Trouble,” and requires 40 Agility and 40 Slayer in addition to completion of the previous quests. Completing “Royal Trouble” allows you to access all the islands have to offer. 


I would highly recommend getting the Graceful Clothing for these quests. Both “Throne of Miscellania” and “Royal Trouble” involve a lot of running back and forth.

Travel Methods

With these quests complete, you can use a number of travel methods to get to Miscellania in OSRS. First, you can simply take the boat from Rellekka mentioned earlier. It’s on the second westernmost dock, and the NPC is just named “Sailor.” 


Alternatively, if you have access to the Fairy Ring network, you can travel to Miscellania with the code CIP. Completion of “Fremennik Trials” is the requirement for these two travel methods. 

Once you’ve done “Throne of Miscellania,” you can teleport directly to Miscellania with a Ring of Wealth. These rings can be bought from the Grand Exchange, or Crafted with level 55 Crafting, then enchanted with 68 Magic and the proper runes. 

After doing “Royal Trouble,” you will also have access to a Spirit Tree patch. If you have the Farming skills to grow one, you can plant a Spirit Tree here and use it as part of the Spirit Tree network once it grows. 

Final Thoughts

Getting to Miscellania in OSRS can be done in a few simple steps. First, do the quests “Fremennik Trials,” “Throne of Miscellania,” and “Royal Trouble.” These quests unlock a number of easy travel methods, such as boats, Fairy Rings, and teleport jewelry.