Aged Wood is the 2nd tier of woodworking resources just after farming Green Wood. Both of these resources (Aged Wood and Green Wood) work hand in hand with each other so you will also be wanting more Green Wood every time you get Aged Wood.

There are a lot of useful resources and crafts that need Aged Wood. It might take you a few hours of grinding to reach the required Logging skill.

This short guide will show you where to get Aged Wood and what you will mainly use it for along with the best Aged Wood farming spots.

What Are Aged Wood Used For?

Aged Wood for Lumber

Aged Wood is almost purely used to craft Lumber. It is used to craft furniture and level up your furnishing skill. While it has other uses in engineering and weaponsmithing, it depends on what you need and what you want to do.

Things as decorating when you buy a house will use up most of your Lumber and Timber. Since it is needed in high numbers because each Lumber craft will need a total of 4 Aged Wood and 8 Green Wood, there will be some demand for Aged Wood, Green Wood, Lumber, and Timber.

There are other town missions that require you to deliver them as well. You can cycle these town missions fast if you have a lot of Aged Wood in stock, assuming you get lucky and get the mission available.

How to Get Aged Wood

To get Aged Wood, you need to get ready for a long New World mature tree farming session. They can literally be found anywhere and they are usually mixed in with a few Young Trees for Green Wood.

Most of the thick and tall ones are usually Mature Trees. There are misleading ones that are just as big but are sometimes Young Tree spawns.

You will be needing a Logging Axe to chop these trees down. With regards to the quality, you can still chop them with the most basic Flint Logging Axe.

It will take a long time if you are using the Flint version so, it would be more efficient to upgrade your Flint Logging Axe to the Iron version when you have the available resources to craft it.

It would even be better if you have the Steel Logging Axe.

Best Place to Farm Mature Trees and Aged Wood

The best place to farm Mature Trees in New World is the southwest area of Windsward’s settlement. This is great because you can easily store items inside the settlement once you are full.

While there are many New World aged wood locations, this is the closest and easiest way to get Aged Wood. Everfall and Brightwood also have a lot of Mature Trees close to their settlement so if you are near those areas, you can go chop trees near the settlements there.

The best tip you need to know when farming Aged Wood is you should not limit yourself to be farming purely Mature Trees. Go for the Young Trees as well. As mentioned before, you will be using these hand in hand when crafting Lumber.

With regards to efficiency in leveling up your logging skill, it will also be faster if you chop everything down as Young Trees still give you skill-ups even with a high logging skill.