If you’re looking for ideas on what kind of style to go for your next Minecraft world, consider taking on a futuristic approach to spice things up. Minecraft seems to be focused mostly around a medieval or other older types of building styles, with all the stone and wood.

With structures revolving around Villages with simple industries, old forts, and towers, it is interesting to consider what a futuristic aesthetic would look like in the Minecraft world.

So here are some ideas on what kind of futuristic Minecraft builds you can make and how to learn to make your very own.

Materials to Sell the Look

When we are thinking of anything futuristic we always picture a world made of concrete, metal, and glass. Now, it is important to consider what kind of future we are trying to envision.

A utopia is often envisioned as pristine and clean, with bright lights and advanced technology. For a build like this we would use very bright colors and a clean looking pattern, like Quartz, Iron, and Smooth Stone Slabs.

On the other hand a futuristic build can also look rugged, a total dystopia, where technology has resulted in a near or complete collapse of society. Anything rustic looking would help here.

Think of materials like Smooth Stone Slabs paired up with rusted Waxed Copper, Terracotta, and Smooth Stone.

Try experimenting by putting together multiple materials next to each other and try coming up with a material and color palette. Try sticking to 2 or 3 main colors, with 1 additional color you use to really make everything pop.

Futuristic Patterns

In futuristic and sci-fi themes there are plenty of neutral tones and then there is always some kind of bright or vibrant color used for an accent or even lights.

I enjoy using Stained Glass and Concrete blocks to achieve this effect.

Simple Futuristic Builds

You do not need to immediately go big with your build. Don’t overwhelm yourself and instead start out with something small. One by one these can all blend together and help paint a bigger picture.

This can also count as practice toward some bigger builds until you get a good hang of the style you like.

Futuristic House

Futuristic home

A house or base is something everyone needs and it is a good place to start off with your futuristic builds. It will allow you to get a good feel for the palette you have picked out.

They are simple in shape, usually more blocky than other builds with plenty of windows for you to see the world around you. The clean look gives off a feeling of wealth and cleanliness that you would expect to see in a sci-fi inspired future.

Adding bright lights and clean looking shrubbery will definitely sell the look or you can even alter the design and leave the home floating in the air.

Futuristic Vehicles

Even if you cannot ride them, having makeshift hovercars and small spaceships will definitely help you feel like you are somewhere in the far future. For these you will not even need to build roads.

Futuristic Car

Create a floating highway using Stained Glass and Stained Glass Panes to outline the paths and have your floating cars zoom through them or have one parked by your futuristic base. Make them slick and flashy.

Futuristic Bar and Shops

A lot of the time when I think of futuristic cities, whether in a utopia or dystopia, I like to think about the small, hole in the wall bars and shops you often see in sci-fi scenery. A simple looking bar with a few stools that apparently serves the best food around.

A flashy neon sign right above it invites the regulars down the alley to come get themselves a good and delicious meal.

Making one of these small bars or shops in between a row of futuristic houses will make everything feel real cozy.

Underwater Base

Underwater Base

The idea of exploring the ocean, let alone building any kind of structure underneath the waves, seems like a thing of the distant future.

Using Sponges you can create an impressive underwater base deep beneath the surface of the Ocean. Surrounded by Fish and Kelp it leaves you with an ominous feeling, not knowing what lurks in the dark waters and your only safety is inside your underwater fortification.

Domes of glass with gardens alongside laboratories will make this base self-sustainable and traveling to the surface will not be much of a necessity.

Large Futuristic Builds

If you are feeling particularly confident and think you have gotten a hang of building with these brand new patterns, then give an attempt at making much larger builds.

Here are some ideas and inspiration on what you kinds of builds you could take on.

Alien Laboratory

Alien Laboratory

With Sculk and Sculk Veins being some of the most alien looking blocks, it leaves us with a lot of potential to make something truly unique and creepy.

A rundown dark laboratory covered in Sculk Veins and Slime sludge over the walls.

You can even make automatic lights that only activate as you walk, making them flicker and leaving you mostly in the dark, not knowing what may be lurking behind the next corner.

Garden Dome

Futuristic Garden Dome

Sci-fi scenery isn’t known for long stretches of farmland or forests. Often times we like to depict the future by having lovely and well functioning greenhouses, especially when thinking of colonizing far away planets and unknown worlds.

A glass dome on top of a tall futuristic looking tower is how we imagine people of the future would sustain themselves, rather than working out in the hot sun in fields.

These greenhouses seem to be pictured as perfect places for refuge from all the technology.


Futuristic Factory

Finally, what is a sci-fi city without factories? Chemical or electronic factories are the face of the future right after spaceships. Who knows what kind of inventions the future will bring us?

Building a looming factory that hides all the technological secrets of your futuristic world is a perfect top off.

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