When playing with many friends, having many different bases isn’t all that fun. The fun is in playing together and being able to fight and build with each other.

Having a place for everyone to safely hide out from the night Mobs is always good. Building a hotel is a good way to house your friends or even Villagers.

There’s different ways to build a hotel so we’ll cover the basics you need for both your other players and possible Villager guests.

Starting the Build

Before you start working on your hotel you should find a suitable spot for it. A flat area like a Field in the Plains Biome may be the perfect spot if you do not wish to spend a lot of time terraforming.

It is also important to decide if you are going to be doing the build in Creative or Survival Mode. Creative Mode will make it infinitely easier and faster, but Survival Mode allows it to be a fun project with your friends.

If you’re going to do it in Survival it’s good to prepare your materials beforehand.

Once you have your space and materials ready, try and think of a shape and how big you want the whole build to be.

I usually start large builds like these with a foundation to see how large I want the entire thing to be. When I have a size I am happy with I add pillars and beans to separate the different floors and rooms.

This isn’t necessary, but I found it that it helps me visualize the entire build, the size of rooms etc.

Hotel Frame

This preparation also allows you to play around with the possible colors and materials. Deciding whether you want it to be made out of Wood or Cobblestone or something else.

For my own build I decided to go with: Quartz Brick, Polished Deepslate blocks, Spruce Planks, and Warped Planks.

Like I mentioned before, the hotel doesn’t have to house just your friends and Players. Using Beds you can easily register the whole build as a Village, allowing Villagers to work and live there. That way you have a safe spot to trade in with the Villagers.

The Rooms of Your Hotel

Part of building your foundations will help you decide which rooms will be inside your hotel. This doesn’t mean just rooms where your Villagers or friends will be staying in.

Most hotels start off with a large open room, aka a lobby. The entirety of the first floor I reserve for types of living quarters and miscellaneous rooms.

Here are some ideas on what you can build as part of your hotel’s first floor:

  • Food court and kitchen
  • Bar
  • A library (with Enchantment Table included)
  • Pool area (indoor and outdoor)
  • Souvenir shop (Here you can sell Treasure Items from fishing or Armor and other Gear)
  • Work stations for Villagers

A lot of the time these work stations that are used by Villagers can also be seen as employee jobs, because I make them stay inside my hotel when my friends aren’t around.

From the bottom floor upward you usually have your rooms. In the lobby I include elevators, using Water, Magma Blocks, and Soul Sand. These take up a lot less space than stairwells and are much faster.
Though if you prefer stairs, you can still build a spiral staircase to reach the other floors.

In my build I included both.

The rooms for your guests do not have to be big. The most important thing would be a Bed and then some decoration and a few Chests for your guests’ belongings.

Make sure that all the rooms are more or less identical in size and shape. Carry on that layout throughout most of the floors of your hotel. On the uppermost floors you can spice things up a bit by having a few larger rooms or even a penthouse suite.

Decorating Your Hotel

Decorations are what make any build pop. Depending on the size of your hotel there will certainly be all sorts of details for you to add, both outside and inside.

It’s all about making the place feel more realistic and inviting. So, what can you add to your hotel?

Outdoor Decorations

A hotel is nothing without its entrance. I make a lovely pathway leading up to the front door of my hotel, decorating it with Bushes and Flowers. If I have enough space I always include a sizeable fountain.

Around the main entrance I also add extra details, using Stairs or Slabs. Here I made an archway so it would stand out more.

Hotel Front

Near the indoor pool area I also include an outdoor pool. This one I make much bigger than the one inside, using polished blocks for the pool grounds. Using Quarts Stairs and Quartz Slabs I make benches and even parasols.

The outdoor walls of the hotel I line with Quartz Pillars, surrounded by Polished Deepslate Slabs and Stairs. This makes the walls seem like they have more volume and breaks up the white from the Quartz.

I also add Lanterns in the Pillars, because otherwise hostile Mobs would easily spawn in the area.

If it still feels too empty around the hotel I just add more trees and plants. Pathways similar to the one you made at the entrance, lined with Flowering Azalea as bushes and lamp posts will make the place look lovely.

Indoor Decorations

There’s a lot, and I mean a lot, that can be added to a hotel build to add depth and meaning.

The first decoration I love adding to most of my builds is plants and planters. Either by using Clay Pots with plants inside, Cauldrons and Leaves, or by using whole Grass Blocks and Trap Doors to create a large planter.

Lamps and chandeliers are also things you can add in virtually every room and hallway to light up the area. In my build I made them using Sea Lanterns (which I placed outside as well), and End Rods.

The Lobby

If we wish to start our decorating with the lobby, the first detail I would like to add is keys. These aren’t literal keys, but instead with the usage of Item Frames, I put Trip Wire Hooks behind the reception desk. For roleplay purposes these can even be taken and handed to players.

A Lectern at the reception can be added to sign guests in and out of the hotel.

Adding things like a seating area can make the place more inviting. Using Stairs with either Signs or Trap Doors you can make convincing looking sofas or armchairs, and Slabs can be used to make small coffee tables.

Hotel inside

If there’s enough space, building an aquarium can be perfect for either a lobby centerpiece or something to make your walls feel less empty.

Finally, having a Carpet lead from the entrance to the reception and then to the hallways is a nice touch.

The Hallways

Depending on the width of the hallways in your hotel, sometimes it is best to keep the decorations to a minimal. If you used a Carpet in your lobby, you can line all the hallways with it.

Usually my hotel hallways are just lined with the doors to the guest rooms. Most of the time I simply use Signs to number each room and occasionally add more planters at the ends of hallways.

In case you have any empty space around, but don’t wish to add another room, you can always build an extra seating area. Many hotels will have these at elevator entrances or ends of hallways.

Guest Rooms

You can do a lot with your guests rooms. It doesn’t have to be just a single Bed and Window.

Using Slabs I make something similar to bedside tables on each side of the Bed. You can put a potted flower or plant on these or make a lamp.

In larger bedrooms where there is more space, I usually add more decoration around the Beds or even build a canopy. It makes them look bigger and more inviting when you give them a type of frame.

In every room I always include some Paintings and a makeshift closet.

Hotel Room

For the closet I use 2 Chests and just some regular Spruce Trap Doors with an Oak Door. Empty Armor Stands can be used as coat hangers in the room for extra storage.

I rarely build bathrooms for the smaller rooms, but in the penthouse rooms I make a bathroom fit with a bathtub, plants, and other decorations.

Simply get creative. Look at pictures of real hotels to get a feeling for what you could add.