If you’re the type of FIFA player that loves dominating your FIFA 22 opponents using some of the most advanced and humiliating skill moves, you’ll greatly benefit from a player that can do them all.

Luckily, to do that, you don’t need to break your budget as there are plenty of great 5-star players that go for cheap.

So, in this article, I’ll show you some of the best cheap 5-star skill players on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. I’ve listed them in no particular order, position, or league. Take a look around, find the player that best suits your squad, and make them part of your team. You won’t regret it.

Silas Katompa Mvumpa – Bundesliga – RM – 75

First on our list is the Congo DR right-midfielder Silas Katompa Mvumpa or simply known as Silas. The 1998-born right forward who currently plays for the first Bundesliga’s VfB Stuttgart is the fastest 5-star skiller in the league. He’s also amongst the cheapest. The 75-rated RM has 5-star skills but only a 2-star weak foot, meaning that striking with his left foot isn’t a strength of his.

Besides that, his stats for such a youngster are very impressive. He already boasts 87 pace, 71 shooting, 61 passing, 80 dribbling, 52 defending, and 68 physical. With the addition of a chemistry style card, you can easily take him to 90 pace and make him even more dangerous on the wing.

Wilfried Zaha – Premier League – LF – 82

The Crystal Palace forward, Wilfried Zaha is probably the most expensive player on our list today, costing just a couple of thousand coins. He is, however, worth his every coin. The 1992-born Cote D’Ivoire left forward not only has 5-star skills but a 3-star weak foot, making him a great addition to any budget squad.

Aside from his technical abilities, the Premier League player boasts 89 pace, 77 shooting, 73 passing, 87 dribbling, 34 defending, and 75 physical. All fantastic stats for an inexpensive 5-star skiller in the PL.

Luis Carlos (Nani) – MLS – LW – 81

Luis Carlos or better known as Nani is one of Portugal’s best footballers in modern-day football. The 81-rated left-winger who currently plays for MLS’s Orlando City is one of the few offensive players in the league with 5-star skills.

On top of his technical abilities, the 1986-born player also has a 5-star weak foot, making him a great attacking player that can convert opportunities with ease using either one of his two feet.

He might not be the fastest, having just 70 pace, but thanks to his 77 shooting, 81 passing, 85 dribbling, 37 defending, and 68 physical, he can be a very decent choice for anyone building an MLS or a Portuguese squad.

If you are very keen on improving his pace, you could also use a Finisher chemistry style card to give him the extra boost.

Martin Odegaard – Premier League – CAM – 82

Martin Odegaard is one of the youngest and most talented cheap 5-star skillers on this list. The Norwegian player who currently plays for the Premier League’s Arsenal is a great purchase of anyone building a PL or a Norway team thanks to his very impressive stats.

The 1998-born boasts 77 pace, 74 shooting, 83 passing, 84 dribbling, 587 defending, and 62 physical, which are all very good stats for a center attacking midfielder.

In the rare case of having to shoot with Odegaard, you should try and use his strong foot as he only has a two-star weak foot – not great to say the least.

Philippe Coutinho – La Liga Santander – CAM – 82

The ex-Liverpool CAM, Philippe Coutinho has unsurprisingly secured a position within this best cheap 5-star skill players article. Over the last several years, the Brazilian has seen a slow decline in his career, particularly in Barcelona, allowing you to now snag him up for very cheap.

Despite his relatively poor performance, he still remains a worthwhile choice for anyone looking to build a Brazilian or a La Liga Santander squad.

Aside from his 5-star skills, he also has a 4-star weak foot and boasts 69 pace, 79 shooting, 80 passing, 88 dribbling, 52 defending, and 59 physical, which are all pretty great stats for a center attacking midfielder.

João Félix – La Liga Santander – CF – 83

João Felix is one of Atletico Madrid’s most prominent offensive players. His 5-star skills and 4-star weak foot make him one of the best cheap La Liga attacking skillers that you can get your hands on in FIFA 22.

Aside from his technical abilities, the 83-rated CF also boats 82 pace, 79 shooting, 76 passing, 86 dribbling, 40 defending, and 68 physical, making him a great and affordable choice for anyone looking to build a Portuguese or a La Liga Santander squad.

Josip Iličić – Serie A – CF – 84

The Slovenian Josip Ilicic is another fantastic and cheap 5-star skill player. The Atalanta BC player plays as a CF and leads the attack for the Serie A side. He also boasts a 4-star weak foot, making him one of the most desirable offensive players for many Serie A and Slovenia international squads.

On top of his technical abilities, the 1988-born has one of the most impressive stats on this list. He has 75 pace, 86 shooting, 84 passing, 86 dribbling, 40 defending, and 67 physical. He’s the complete attacker and one of the most lethal finishers in Serie A.

With a slight boost with the help of a chemistry card, you can make Josip a goal-scoring machine. By the way, if you want to improve any given player, regardless of their position using chemistry style cards, check out our guide on the best chemistry styles for each position in FIFA 22.

Antony – Eredivisie (NED 1) – RW – 79

If you’re looking to build an Eredivisie or a Brazilian skiller squad, then take into consideration the Brazilian Anthony Matheus dos Santos, or better known as Anthony. The 79-rated right-winger is definitely not the cheapest player on our list but he has got the 5-star skills and a 3-star weak foot.

On top of that, his stats are very impressive. The Ajax forward boasts 91 pace, 72 shooting, 72 passing, 84 dribbling, 37 defending, and 66 physical, which are some of the best stats you’ll find in a cheap 5-star skill player.

Jesús Corona – Liga NOS (POR 1) – RM – 82

Jesus Corona is one of the few players on this list that have both 5-star skills and a 5-star weak foot. This makes the Mexican player who’s currently part of Liga NOS’s Porto FC a great addition to any Mexican or Liga NOS squad.

The right midfielder is one of the more expensive players on this list but he’s definitely worth the extra few hundred coins as the 82-rated players has some of the most complete and impressive stats.

The 1993-born boasts 83 pace, 67 shooting, 79 passing, 85 dribbling, 74 defending, and 60 physical. What you want to pay attention to is his already great pace and dribbling abilities, which will help you tear apart the enemy defense. Besides that, with the help of the right chemistry card, you can further boost the player’s attributes and make him even more lethal.

Marcelo – La Liga Santander – LB – 80

The Brazilian Marcelo Vieira da Silva, or also known by his first name, Marcelo, is one of the few defenders with 5-star skills. The Real Madrid legend is easily one of the greatest defenders and left-backs of all time, and the fact that you can purchase him for so few coins in FIFA 22 is something you don’t want to miss out on.

Aside from his incredible technical abilities, the 1988-born also boasts a 4-star weak foot, which many of us have seen in action during the peak of his career.

Besides that, he also boasts 73 pace, 72 shooting, 80 passing, 87 dribbling, 75 defense, and 71 physical, making him one of the most complete left-backs in FIFA 22.

If you’re making a Brazilian or a La Liga Santander squad, he’d be the first player you want to make sure you have in defense.

Amine Harit – Ligue 1 – LM – 75

The cheapest 5 star skiller on this list goes by the name of Amine Harit. The Moroccan left midfielder who currently plays for the second Bundesliga team FC Schalke 04 is a great choice for anyone that is working with a super tight budget.

The 75-rated player also has a 3-star weak foot, which is quite decent and handy to have in case your attackers often go out of position.

As for the rest of his stats, the 1997-born attacker has 79 pace, 64 shooting, 69 passing, 81 dribbling, 45 defending, and 47 physical, which are all quite decent stats for a player within his price range.

Gelson Martins – Ligue 1 – RM – 78

If you have a few thousand coins and are looking to build either a Portuguese or a Ligue 1 squad, I urge you to go and buy AS Monaco’s Gelson Martins.

The 78-rated right midfielder not only has 5-star skills but he also has 93 pace, 71 shooting, 70 passing, 83 dribbling, 51 defending, and 61 physical, making him a cheaper version of players in the likes of Neymar Jr, Ousmane Dembele, and other.

If he was a striker, he’d definitely have been one of the fastest strikers on FIFA 22. Despite that, he’ll help you tear apart the opposition’s defense and help you create numerous additional chances just because he’s super quick and great at dribbling.