If you enjoy humiliating your opponents with some of the most advanced skill moves, then you’ll want to build the best 100 chemistry 5 star skill team on FIFA 22. Having capable players in nearly every position in your squad will prove highly beneficial as you’ll be able to pull off the skills you love virtually wherever.

In this article, I’ll show you two variants of my favorite 100 chemistry 5 star skills team on FIFA 22. One that features 5-star skill players across every midfield and attacking position and one that features 5-star skill players in both full-back positions.

Read This Before Continuing Further

It’s impossible to get all of your eleven players to have 5-star skills unless you start placing players out of position, which isn’t optimal. While there is plenty of choice in most positions, you’ll struggle to find suitable talent in CB and GK. There simply isn’t any.

After spending around an hour playing around and swapping players on and off, I believe to have found the best 5 star skill team on FIFA 22. It mainly consists of Premier League players but to really make sure we have as many 5-star skill players on the team as possible, I went out and built the defensive line from the ground up and it worked.

The two 5-star skill fullbacks did come at the expense of having a single 4-star skill player in midfield and a 2-star CB rather than a 3-star CB. If that happens to be an issue for you, after I’ve introduced to you the starting XI of this team, I’ve prepared a suitable, complete Premier League alternative squad.

Note: This squad was built using the 4-3-3 formation.

Alisson Becker – GK

The most suitable goalkeeper for this 5-star skills team is the Liverpool player, Alisson Becker. The Brazilian national links perfectly with both Thiago Silva and Luiz Felipe as they are both Brazilian (the link between Allison and Silva is stronger as they both play in the Premier League).

Besides chemistry, the 1992-born Brazilian boasts 86 diving, 89 reflexes, 86 handling, 52 speed, 84 kicking, and 90 positioning, which make him not only a great fit in this team but also one of the best goalkeepers in the world and FIFA 22 as a whole. Just what this team needed.

Thiago Silva CB (Left)

Despite being relatively slow (could be problematic as a defender when facing one of the fastest strikers in FIFA 22), I decided to include Thiago Silva, one of the best defenders in the world during his peak, as part of this team.

He links perfectly with Luiz Felipe (CB), Alisson Becker (GK), Marcelo (LB), and Thiago (CM) to get that perfect 10/10 chemistry, which will bring you the Thiago Silva as we all know him.

As for his actual performance stats, he has 53 pace, 72 dribbling, 54 shooting, 86 defending, 72 passing, and 78 physical. All bar his pace makes him a very worthy player of this position and honestly the best choice anyway as there weren’t many CB up to his level that fit the squad we’re trying to build.

In regards to his technical abilities, the 1984-born Chelsea star does only have 2-star skills, allowing you to do some basic skill moves and a 3-star weak foot.

Luiz Felipe CB (Right)

Before I introduce the player, I must say that Luiz Felipe literally saved this team and made the whole thing possible. As Juan Cuadrado is the only 5-star skill RB in the entire game, it was very hard for me to find a solution (chemistry-wise). Luiz Felipe single-handedly solved every problem I was facing.

He links nicely with the other CB (Thiago Silva) and the GK (Alisson Becker) as they are both Brazilian (as is Luiz Felipe) and links well enough with Cuadrado to give the player that boost in chemistry thanks to the fact that they both play in the Serie A.

As far as his actual performance stats are concerned, he’s not half bad. The 1997-born Lazio CB boasts 73 pace, 68 dribbling, 29 shooting, 80 defending, 61 passing, and 72 physical, making him a very decent choice in defense.

One thing worth noting is that he has 3-star skills, which is as good as it can get for a defender (no other defender goes over 3-stars in FIFA 22 anyway).

Juan Cuadrado – RB

Juan Cuadrado was a rather problematic inclusion in the team that nearly broke the squad that I was trying to build. He wasn’t Brazilian, English, or any other common nationality that this team was based around, and neither did he play in the Premier League.

I basically had a 5-star skill RB that linked to nobody. Not Paul Pogba, not Thiago Alcantara, not Coutinho – not one worthy 5-star skiller in midfield that wouldn’t then cause further chemistry imbalances in the team.

So, I found Luiz Felipe (as I mentioned above, who is the only player that links to the Colombian. And what an addition he was. The 1988-born Juventus FC player boasts the staggering 90-pace, 87 dribbling, 75 shooting, 76 defending, 77 passing, and 72 physical, which make him a great addition to this team.

As for his technical abilities, as mentioned above, he does have 5-star skills (he’s the only RB with 5-star skills) and 3-star weak foot.

Marcelo Vieira – LB

On the opposite side of the 4-man defensive line, we have another Brazilian, the Real Madrid legend, Marcelo Vieira. Similar to Cuadrado in his position, the 1988-born left-back is the only 5-star skills LB in FIFA 22.

Luckily, fitting Marcelo into the team wasn’t as hard as it was to find the perfect surrounding players for Cuadrado as Thiago Silva (our left CB) is Brazilian. What I did have to do is compromise on a 5-star skiller in midfield to add in the Brazilian Manchester United player, Fred, who has 4-star skills instead of Martin Odegaard so that Marcelo can get that perfect 100 chemistry.

In terms of his attributes, the Real Madrid player has 73 pace, 87 dribbling, 72 shooting, 75 defending, 80 passing, and 71 physical. And as far as his technical abilities, go, he has 5-star skills and a 4-star weak foot.

Fred – CM (Left)

Another core addition to this squad was Manchester United’s center midfielder, Fred. The Brazilian allowed Marcelo to gain that vital 10 chemistry while still perfectly linking up the LW (Marcus Rashford) and the center midfielder, Thiago Alcantara.

As above, Fred does have 4-star skill moves, but that alone allowed us to have Marcelo in LB, who is an incredible addition to this team. Otherwise, I would have had to go for a player in the likes of Ashleigh Young who isn’t anywhere near the class of Marcelo.

In regards to Fred’s performance stats, he has 77 pace, 81 dribbling, 66 shooting, 75 defending, 77 passing, and 71 physical, which are all very decent for a CM of high caliber.

Thiago Alcantara CM (Central)

The 86-rated Thiago Alcantara was another fantastic addition to our 5 star skills team. He links perfectly with everyone except the Brazilian Serie A player, Luiz Felipe, but that’s okay. He has plenty of strong chemistry links with Pogba, Fred, Silva, and Firmino to get that 10 chemistry.

He is a 5-star skiller with a 3-star weak foot. Aside from his technical stats, he also boasts 63 pace, 90 dribbling, 72 shooting, 70 defense, 86 passing, and 66 physical. Yes, his pace might not be the best, but trust his playmaking abilities to distribute the ball to the forwards, which are all quick and have 5-star skills.

Paul Pogba – CM (Right)

The last player in our midfield is another Manchester United 5-star skiller, Paul Pogba. Now, some of you would probably ask why Pogba is on the right side of the midfield. To be honest, that’s the only optimal place for the Frenchman in this squad.

Fred needs to be on the left because of the Marcelo link. You could possibly switch Thiago with Pogba, which wouldn’t make a massive difference but you’ll be taking away the strong chemistry link from Firmino and Sancho.

In terms of his performance stats, the 1993-born center midfielder boasts 71 pace, 86 dribbling, 81 shooting, 65 defending, 86 passing, and 83 physical. Combined with his 5-star skills and 4-star weak foot, you’ve got yourself a very solid and capable midfielder.

Marcus Rashford – LW

The most natural left-winger for the job (considering Fred is in the left midfield position), was the 5-star skiller Marcus Rashford. The Manchester United player links perfectly with Fred (another Man U player), and Firmino, which give him enough chemistry to reach the maximum 10.

Aside from his chemistry and 5-star skills, the reason I went for Marcus Rashford is because of his very impressive performance stats. The 1997-born boasts 90 pace, 84 dribbling, 84 shooting, 43 defending, 79 passing, and 77 physical.

He also has a 3-star weak foot, which is nothing impressive but if the ball lands on his weak foot, you’ve got a decent chance of converting from that.

Roberto Firmino – ST

As the leader of the attack, I went for Roberto Firmino who seemed to be the most perfect fit for this team. He links perfectly with his teammate Thiago Alcantara and gets two nice chemistry links from Rashford and Sancho to get his chemistry to 10.

Aside from that, he also has 5-star skills, so if you know how to do the rabona, you can pull that off in attack or virtually any other skill move you want. In terms of Firmino’s performance stats, he has 77 pace, 89 dribbling, 78 shooting, 59 defending, 79 passing, and 78 physical.

Jadon Sancho – RW

And last but not least, we have another Englishman, Jadon Sancho. Having Firmino upfront and Paul Pogba as a right midfielder, there was really no other player that I would have gone for but the Manchester United right-winger.

The 2000-born youngster links perfectly with Paul Pogba (they play for the same club) and Firmino, who players for Liverpool (another team in the Premier League).

As far as his individual attribute stats go, Sancho boasts 81 pace, 91 dribbling, 76 shooting, 36 defense, 82 passing, 65 physical. With such decent pace and incredible dribbling abilities, you can tear through any defensive line with Jadon.

Tuca Ferretti – Manager

To achieve that 100 chemistry with this team full of players from all over the place, I had to find the right manager. As a result of my research, I came across a person that I personally had never heard of – the Brazilian-born Mexican football manager Tuca Ferretti.

Upon adding him to the team, he brought up the team chemistry to 100, and that completed the team as you see it. It’s perfect.

To make each of the players that much more lethal, check out our guide on the best chemistry styles to use in every position. Using the right chemistry styles will completely transform this already incredible 5-star team.

Alternative Complete Midfielders & Attackers 5-Star 100 Chemistry Squad

Previously, I showed you the best possible 5 star 100 chemistry team on FIFA 22. However, if you don’t fancy the idea of having 2x 5-star skillers as full-backs at the expense of a single 4-star skills midfielder or are after a complete Premier League squad, let me present to you a very decent alternative that features three 5-star skills attackers and three 5-star skills midfielders.

The players in this alternative squad include:

  • Marcus Rashford – LW
  • Roberto Firmino – ST
  • Jadon Sancho – RW
  • Paul Pogba CM (Left)
  • Thiago Alcantara – CM (Central)
  • Martin Odegaard – CM (Right)
  • Asleigh Young – LB
  • Joe Gomez – CB (Left)
  • John Stones – CB (Right)
  • João Cancelo – RB
  • Alisson Becker – GK
  • Steven Gerrard – Manager

Final Thoughts

Having a competent team full of 5-star skillers is the dream of every FIFA player that loves their skills. Above, I’ve provided you with two different teams so you can get to pick the one that best suits your needs.

Do note that the above-built teams are by all means not the only 5-star teams you can build – it’s just the best one – at least in my personal opinion.