Aside from pace, shooting, dribbling, and all of the other important characteristics of the typical offensive player, one thing you want to make sure is that your striker or winger possesses a strong weak foot. Your attacking players will often find themselves in situations where shooting with their strong foot is not possible, and they’ll need to resort to their weak foot.

When you have an offensive player with a 5-star weak foot, that means that their weaker foot is nearly as good as their strong foot. This will result in fewer missed opportunities.

We’ve found that most 5-star weak foot attackers aren’t actually that expensive on FIFA 22. We’ve done all the research, and will share the most affordable best FIFA 22 5 star weak foot players in the game.

Richarlison – Premier League – Striker – 82

If you’re looking for an affordable Premier League striker with a 5 star weak foot in FIFA 22, then the Brazilian Richarlison is one of your best bets. The Everton striker also has 4-star skill moves, which will help you get out of any tricky situations.

Aside from his impressive technical abilities, the 1997-born is also one of the most complete strikers in FIFA 22 within his price range. He boasts 83 pace, 78 shooting, 73 passing, 83 dribbling, 53 defending, and 80 physical.

Everyone who’s looking at building an Everton, Premier League, or a Brazilian squad, Richarlison should definitely be considered.

Henrikh Mkhitaryan – Serie A – Center Forward – 83

The Armenian international player and ex-Manchester United and Arsenal winger Henrikh Mkhitaryan is one of the best cheap 5 star weak foot players in FIFA 22 on our list today. Despite moving to Serie A’s Roma FC, he should still remain on your radar, especially if you’re looking to build a budget Serie A team.

Combining his 5-star weak foot with his 4-star skill moves, he is easily one of the most complete center forwards in Serie A in FIFA 22.

Besides his technical abilities, the 1989-born player also boasts 85 pace, 80 shooting, 79 passing, 83 dribbling, 56 defending, and 74 physical, making him a worthwhile investment.

Diogo Jota – Premier League – Left Winger – 82

Diogo Jose Teixeira da Silva, or also known as DIogo Jota is another fantastic cheap 5 star weak foot player. Aside from his strong weak foot, the Portuguese national also boasts plenty of technical abilities thanks to his 4-star skills, which is just what you need from a left-winger who will be tearing apart the opponent’s defense.

The Liverpool FC forward is also one of the most complete left-wingers within this article. The 1996-born boasts 84 pace, 81 shooting, 73 passing, 85 dribbling, 57 defending, and 77 physical, making him one of the best left-wingers in the Premier League.

Myron Boadu – Ligue 1 Conforama – Striker – 76

Another great 5-star weak foot player is Myron Boadu, who currently plays for Ligue 1’s AS Monaco as a striker. He is amongst the cheapest 5-star weak foot strikers that I’ve come across and would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to build a Dutch or Ligue 1 squad.

Aside from his impressive weak foot, the 2001-born Dutch also has 3-star skills, which can help you pull off some decent skill moves in attack.

As far as his other stats go, he boasts 89 pace, 75 shooting, 61 passing, 76 dribbling, 28 defense, and 66 physical, which are some very decent stats for a player of his age.

Andrea Belotti – Serie A – Striker – 81

The Torino striker, Andrea Belotti, is another great Serie A attacker with a very useful, 5-star weak foot. Apart from his great week foot, he also boasts 3-star skill moves, which will help you do some of the more basic and intermediate skill moves.

Besides his technical skills, the 1993-born Italian also has 76 pace, 81 shooting, 59 passing, 78 dribbling, 38 defending, and 83 physical. Judging by these attributes, he’s made to be a finisher and nothing else. His pace isn’t the greatest, which can be quite a problem but if you make use of a good chemistry style to boost his pace, you’ll be all good.

Edin Dzeko – Serie A – Striker – 83

One of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s biggest footballing legends, Edin Dzeko is another fantastic player with a 5-star weak foot. Luckily, the 1986-born striker is past his peak, meaning you can get his services for significantly cheaper than what he used to cost way back in the day.

Though he has 3-star skills, the 83-rated Inter attacker boasts 66 pace, 83 shooting, 71 passing, 78 dribbling, 45 defending, and 76 physical. Yes, his pace had declined quite dramatically over the years, but by using a chemistry card on him, he will become a super capable player that can easily lead your team’s attack.

Do note that he’s also one of the tallest strikers the football world has ever seen, at 193cm/6’4″, meaning that he’ll be of great use when it comes to winning the ball in the box.

Simone Verdi – Serie A – Center Forward – 75

The Italian national, Simone Verdi, is amongst the best cheap 5-star weak foot players in the Serie A. Unlike most of his competition, the Torino center forward also has 4 skills in his arsenal, meaning that if you know how to do the rabona, you can pull it off with ease.

Aside from his impressive technical abilities, the 1992-born also boasts 80 pace, 83 shooting, 75 passing, 80 dribbling, 44 defense, and only 50 physical. While the rest of his stats are fairly decent for his price point on FIFA 22, his physical abilities aren’t great. That means that he’ll be taken down by most defenders and if you’re planning on scoring a header with him, you should forget about it.

Besides that, he’s a very worthy purchase for a budget Serie A or an Italian squad.

Luis Carlos (Nani) – Major League Soccer (MLS) Left Winger – 81

Luis Carlos Almeida da Cunha is the only attacker in this article with a 5-star weak foot and 5-star skill moves, making him one of the most desirable players in America’s Major League Soccer (MLS) league.

The 81-rated left-winger who currently plays for Orlando City boasts 70-pace, 77 shooting, 81 passing, 85 dribbling, 37 defending, and 78 physical. Though his dribbling and passing stats are very good, his pace lacks quite a lot, so it’s worth using a chemistry-style card on the player to boost his pace a little.

If you happen to want to boost your entire team’s attributes, then feel free to also check out our guide on the best chemistry styles for every position in FIFA 22.

Jonathan David – Ligue 1 Conforama – Striker – 78

One of the few attackers with a 5-star weak foot that are worthy of your attention, at least in the Ligue 1, is the Canadian national, Jonathan David. The 78-rated also boasts 3-star skills, which is about average and definitely enough for a cheap striker.

As for the rest of his stats, he has 85 pace, 76 shooting, 71 passing, 78 dribbling, 25 defending, and 70 physical, making him a solid attacking force that is not only quick but also lethal with the ball at his feet.

The 2000-born LOSC player also happens to be the only Ligue 1 strikers in our selection, so, if you’re looking for the perfect Ligue 1 5-star weak foot striker, then he’s your player.

Ezequiel Ávila – La Liga Santander – Striker- 79

In a similar fashion to Jonathan David, the Argentine Ezequiel Avila is the only 5-star weak foot attacker in La Liga Santander (at least from the list of players we’ve considered). Aside from his 5-star weak foot, the CA Osasuna striker also has a 3-star skill foot.

Besides his technical abilities, the 1994-born also boasts 81 pace, 81 shooting, 65 passing, 78 dribbling, 44 defending, and 83 physical, making him a very decent and complete striking force for anyone looking to build an Argentine or La Liga squad.

Ryan Kent – Scottish Premiership – Center Forward – 76

The Rangers center forward, Ryan Kent is one of the few attackers in the Scottish Premiership that have a 5-star weak foot. Aside from that, the 1996-born also boasts 4-star skills, which is of tremendous advantage to those of you who like to assert dominance and display technique through skill moves higher up the pitch.

Despite his super affordable price point, this is not where things end for the Englishman. On top of his 5-star weak foot and 4-star skills, he’s also ranked amongst the fastest strikers on FIFA 22. That’s right, he has 91 pace, which is far above any other player that we’ve included in this article.

Aside from his pace, he also boasts 72 shooting, 70 passing, 79 dribbling, 30 defending, and 62 physical. He’s also not the tallest, standing at just 172cm/5’8″, but he has plenty of everything else to be super lethal in attack.

Johnathan – K League 1 (KOR 1) – Striker – 75

And last but not least, we have the Brazilian Jonathan Aparecido da Silva, or better known as Jonathan. The 75-rated GwangJu FC striker (a first division team in South Korea) is one of the few attackers on that side of the world with a 5-star weak foot. On top of that, he also boasts 4-star skills, which are always beneficial.

In combination with his 80 pace, 76 shooting, 61 passing, 74 dribbling, 38 defending, and 78 physical, the 1990-born forward is one of the most complete players in South Korean football.

So, in case you’re one of the few people looking to build a squad in the South Korean league, do consider this phenomenal player who’d definitely cost thousands had he played for one of the top 5 divisions in Europe.