Sometimes building a whole house or base is just far too much work. Not every build we make has to be something huge and time consuming.

Building a simple tent is a good way to use up Wool or Leaves, but also make a very cozy starter base for a new survival world. It gives you shelter from hostile Mobs and a place to safely store your things without the stress of having to rush to build a house.

Not only is it quick and easy to build, it also doesn’t require any advanced Tools to help you with building.

Building a Tent

For the most basic tent you will not need much at all.

First of all, make yourself some Shears and find a few Sheep with the color of your choice. You will need a total of 42 Wool and 20 Fence Posts from any type of wood. I will be using Spruce.

With the Wool you will build a triangle shape, as shown in the image below. The tent shouldn’t be too tall or too long. With the amount of Wool we got we will have enough to make it 6 by 7 blocks.

Tent 1

This is the basic most tent shape, but it isn’t entirely safe to sleep in, especially if you were going to be chased by Mobs. So we have to make it more secure.

Using Fences, Spruce in my case, we will completely close off one side of the tent. This would be the backside of it.

The ‘front’ of the tent we will partially close off, with Spruce Fences on the floor near the wall, with a single Spruce Fence beam in the middle to make it look like it is holding the tent up.

Then I proceed to use Spruce Stairs and Spruce Wood to give the tent a frame to make it look much more stable. I also connect one end of the tent with the other using Spruce Slabs.

Tent Frame

Now all that is left is filling it up inside and placing down your Bed, Crafting Table, Chests, and anything else you may need.

This type of tent works great paired with other tents, smaller or bigger, all placed around a Campfire for a cozy setting.

Tent setting Tent featured

Building a Crawlspace Tent

If you know how to crawl in Minecraft, then you can easily build a cozy 1 block tall tent for you to hide away in. This will certainly be much smaller than a basic tent, but it will allow you to have things much closer together instead of having to be spread out.

Most of your items, such as your Chests, Bed, and Furnace will be actually placed in the ground so that you have enough crawl space.

Using Slabs of your choice we will make this tent 7 blocks wide once we have put all of our things down securely. Make it as long as you see fit.


Putting down Fence Posts on each side helps close the tent in and make it secure, while a Trapdoor will allow your character to get down to the ground and crawl in.

Other Tent Designs

A tent doesn’t always have to be some tiny build made purely from Wool. Even in real life we can see all kinds of tents: large round ones where people live fulltime to bazaar or even circus tents.

In our tent setting I included another small tent, built using just Wool, Spruce Fences, and some Railings to make it seem like they were the rope holding the tent down.

Railings can be particularly useful in tent designs, if you know how to place them right.

Small Tent

You can also use tents for shops. Picture a tent at a bazaar, with a completely covered backside, with some cloth hanging in the front to give shade to the seller.

This design isn’t as straight forward as the usual “pyramid” like tent, but it would look perfect when building a marketplace or desert build.

Bazaar tent

Circular tents also have a certain kind of charm. The tent in this design is just 4 by 4 blocks in size, but with the tall roof it seems way bigger.

It has a single extended piece of cloth for a roofed entrance and the center provides a perfect spot for an indoor firepit to keep the home warm.

Circular Tent

Never hesitate to play around with the designs of your build. If you are looking for ideas on how to make them all seem cozier, consider adding small details with Custom Heads.

Furniture doesn’t always fit inside such small builds like tents, so getting a Custom Head is the perfect way to add detail while still having space.