Every Minecraft world could use a temple. Whether you plan to make it the entrance to your main base or you wish to have a large aesthetic build, they’re worth making.

Temples are generally big builds that can be used in various ways. They are functional, but also can often be pleasing to the eye even from a distance, thanks to their large size.

Some of these temples can be easily recreated in survival mode.

However, for some of the more complex ones further down our list you may want to consider using creative mode, especially to reach all those tall and far-away blocks. The bigger the build, however, the better.

Here are 10 majestic Minecraft temple builds for your Minecraft world to make today.

1. Small Wooden Temple

It is sometimes good to stick to something small and simple to start off.

A wooden temple like this, with a design similar to modest Japanese temples, may be perfect for your builds.

The materials are easy to get and the construction does not take long.

I have decorated this particular temple with plants around it as well as candles and lanterns on the inside to make it pretty and bright. On the back wall there is a spot to place signs with good wishes.

Minecraft Wooden Temple

2. Stone Temple

This temple is not so much bigger than the wooden temple, but we switch out the blocks and style.

Different types of stone mix together to give us loads of texture and variety, making the temple look particularly old and worn. While the other temple was square, this one has a rounded shape.

Minecraft Stone Temple

3. Quartz Temple

Sometimes wood and regular stone just doesn’t cut it.

Quartz is a beautiful white block that is completely smooth and clean looking. If you wish to make a very beautiful temple, then look no further than quartz.

Our design is still simple and open; a circular shape with beautiful columns holding up a dome roof. We decorate the roof and columns at the top with leaves and different types of natural blocks.

The very center of it is bright and holds a small fountain.

Quartz Temple

4. Greek Temple

Taking all the inspiration from old temples that can be found throughout Europe, this stone temple is sturdy and spacious looking.

They are actually quite simple in design.

The main focus are the large white columns that hold up the large roof above the main area of the temple.

The bigger you make it, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to fit a statue inside.

Minecraft Greek Temple

5. Japanese Temple

If our Japanese house build has inspired you, then consider making a Japanese temple to go along with it.

These structures are known for their very recognizable roof design and tower shape. Slightly bigger and complex than the Minecraft temples previously on our list, this temple would look amazing with a beautiful garden surrounding it.

This design is mostly made using different kinds of wood and its size can easily be altered.

Minecraft Japanese Temple

6. Aztec Pyramid Temple

Taking inspiration from Aztec pyramids we can find in real life, as well as the jungle temples that you can find in the jungle biomes in the game, we can build a whole pyramid of our own.

Though bigger and better.

Creating a pyramid structure in Minecraft is more than simple. It is all about stacking layers and shrinking them as you build up higher and higher, with large staircases that go over these layers that lead to the top.

Minecraft Temple 1

7. Nether Temple

Sometimes you just want something much darker in aesthetic.

A temple designed and made in the image of the Nether is the perfect thing you need for a more ominous and eerie feeling.

This big temple may be the perfect build for surrounding your respawn anchor and Nether portal, using it as a starting point for entering the Nether.

Minecraft Nether Temple

8. Water Temple

This is a temple that rests upon the water and extends beneath the surface. This temple design follows a slightly similar pyramid like design to the previous entry in this list.

There is an entire section that rests above the water, which you have to access by boat.

Once inside, a spiral staircase leads you underwater to a part of the temple that almost acts like a hidden base.

Minecraft Water Temple

9. Floating Temple

Now this can be a true challenge to take on, especially if you are building in good old survivor mode. Creative will make it much easier, but challenging yourself can also be very fun.

A floating temple in the sky can act a whole new level of magic to your world.

You can add all sorts of magical elements to this kind of temple. I enjoy adding amethyst chunks on the stones as well as floating glass panes to make it seem like some kind of magical crystal is what keeps this floating island in the air.

Minecraft Floating temple

10. Tree Temple

If you are a fan of nature and wish to show your love for it, then you can do so with this tree temple design.

The core focus of this design is a large custom built tree inside of which you have your temple. With this design your creativity is truly your limit. The bigger you go the more you can add.

Minecraft Tree Temple

What to Look At Next

Temples fit really well into the old-timey aesthetic that you can see all over Minecraft. A temple does not have to be a stand alone structure by itself.

Oftentimes you can find temples in villages. Consider adding a temple to a village if you’re building one, to give it a mystical and intriguing flair.