Mansions are a sign of wealth that we all dream to have. While those in real life are surely expensive and far out of reach, we can have fun by building our very own in Minecraft.

Imagining what kind of fancy rooms we want to have and what luxuries to include. Plan out grand fountains to display our in-game wealth is all the fun of make belief in Minecraft. Though it is a big project and starting can be intimidating.

Once you know where to start and get some ideas you will have no problems building your mansion.

Planning Construction

Before you start building, consider the fact that a mansion can really end up being an enormous build. You never wanna build something that is too big to finish or use. Think of the things you need first.

There are many rooms and parts to consider adding to your mansion. Here are some ideas to pick from:

  • Foyer or entrance hall
  • Kitchen and dining
  • Pantry
  • Living Room
  • Reception room for guests
  • Sunroom
  • Wine cellar
  • Root cellar
  • Powder room
  • Home office
  • Library

Think well on where you want all these rooms to be and how many floors you want your mansion to have. Also consider the materials and the aesthetic.

Your mansion can be fitting of different time periods and aesthetics.

For my mansion I decided for something a bit more rustic, because the style really fits with all my other builds. The build I will be making will use Stone Bricks, Oak Planks, Striped Spruce Logs, and Warped Wood Planks as its main blocks, excluding the details.

This means the build will be pretty light and good for darker details.

It also greatly helps to mark out the shape of your mansion with blocks and signs that tell you where which room is going to be. I do this using Cobblestone.

Mansion Layout

Do not restrain yourself from including multiple buildings as part of your mansion. Not everything is going to fit in a single building. Mansion usually have entire large properties they take up.

Building the First Floor

For my mansion I have chosen an L shape. The first floor will be pretty straight forward. There will be a kitchen, pantry, dining, and living room area.

The walls of the first floor we will build using Stone Bricks. Because my build is medieval, many styles like varying the material between the floors.

It will have to be big. Bigger than a regular house, but it can’t really look like a medieval castle either.

The walls are 5 blocks tall. The entrance area is a bit taller at 6 blocks and it takes up an area of 9 by 10 blocks. The rest is 25 by 13 blocks.

The foyer I walled off to make it seem circular and it will extend to the second floor. From it you enter directly into the living area. Then to the kitchen, and dining room.

Mansion First

This is the perfect chance to play around with floor patterns. The Foyer I made using Glazed Terracotta to make a pattern, along with Polished Diorite and Calcite.
The dining room had a similar treatment.

Most rooms are made using Dark Oak Planks. For the kitchen and pantry I made the floor a block taller than the other rooms. This makes it a smaller space.

There are also two fireplaces, marked with Bricks for floors and a door leading to a garden. Windows you can place where you see fit. I only made 4.

With the walls finished we can work on the outside of the mansion. The entrance is extended with a roof over it so guests can safely enter.

Mansion Entrance 1

On the outside corners of the mansion I place Striped Spruce Logs. We extend those all the way up. Make them go over the corners of the second floor as well, until they meet the part where the roof starts.

Then connect the corners with a single Striped Log beam, on the final block of the first floor. This will separate the floors from the outside and add volume. Spruce Stairs help add details to the beams.

Mansion Beams

I then go around the building and add Stone Brick Stairs on the tops and bottoms of windows and above doorways. This is a simple trick to give the building more volume.

Then, the last things left to do for the last floor are the fireplaces and the entrance. The entrance is just a long awning with a Dark Oak roof.

The fireplaces I make using Brick Blocks. The fireplace in the living room is much bigger than the one in the dining room.

I use Brick Walls to make the chimney and I can easily extend it above the roof once I finish it.

Building Second Floor

For the second floor we do not need to explicitly follow the exact layout we had for the first one. Different rooms means different spacing.

On the second floor there will be: a library, office, 2 bedrooms, a balcony, and a music room.

The floor is made with Dark Oak Slabs again. This saves us space on the floor below. Only the music room is slightly taller, being 1 block above the rest. This means its walls will also be taller and stand slightly above the others.

Like before I map out where I want the rooms to be. The hallway is very narrow, being 1 block in width.

The walls on the second floor we will be building out of Oak Planks because of variation.

Like I mentioned before, the room above the foyer opens up to make the space seem bigger. In a way the roof above it will have a tower shape and I will make it taller than the rest of the mansion.
The main walls are 5 blocks tall and the tower itself will be 9 blocks, excluding the roof.

There will be some windows high up in the tower for some natural light. The walls have a small curve. You can use Stairs to easily break up the shape and change the design yourself.

I mostly use Stairs for design and make a slightly pointed roof on top.

Mansion Tower

All the other walls on the second floor are 4 blocks in height. With the Striped Spruce Log beam that separates the two floors we can add quite a bit of extra detail on the side.

There is enough space on each wall to place a beam of Striped Spruce Logs every 3 blocks, going upward. There is only a bit of variation on the side of the foyer: 4 blocks between the Logs.

These add not only detail, but also volume to the structure. They are very fitting for older kinds of builds, like medieval houses and mansions. I add Spruce Stairs at the corners. This makes a perfect space to fit small windows right in between them.

Mansion details

With the beams in place I only add details to the windows and tower. I do all of this using just Oak Stairs, repeating the trick from the first floor.

Once that is done all that is left is to build the roof.

Because the blocks I used are so light in color it is best to make the roof dark or very contrasting. I make a frame using Dark Oak and fill it with Warped Wood. The shape of the roof will be tricky.

I make the roof curve in an L shape with the building. The tower and chimney stand above it. The roof above the music room stands out a bit and merges with the rest. There are places where I have to vary the overall shape to make it fit, so feel free to go for something simpler.

Mansion roof

The very last detail I add are shutters to the windows.

I do so by using Spruce Trapdoors on the side of each window. With the way they are spaced there is just enough space to place them.

If you build bigger windows consider adding planters as well!

Indoor Decoration

While building the layouts of our floors we already did some detailing. Adding variation to the blocks we use for floors is a great way to give life to a build.

Because our wall layout isn’t identical on all floors, this means there are areas where we are left with Stone Bricks taking up bits of the second floor.

We go back and replace them with Dark Oak. On the ceiling of the first floor we surround all the walls using Dark Oak Stairs.

This hides the change we make in the wall and also closes in the space.

Mansion indoors

The rest we will purely rely on building furniture. You can decide if you are looking for something more modern or more medieval. I would like to make this place look rich and fancy.

Aside from furniture we can further decorate the build by making small details with Custom Heads. Custom Heads are good for adding details we otherwise can’t in the game. Bread on the tables or clocks on the walls.

You can also install Minecraft Mods to add more complex furniture.

The fireplaces are the main feature for two rooms. I do a bit of extra work on them. Sticking to their original material, the Bricks, I make them bigger and fancier. Adding Iron Bars in front closes them in.

For the fire inside I use only Campfires as they are safer and do not pose a fire spreading risk. The smoke also looks better.

The library and music room also offer some very interesting decoration options.

Mansion music room

Something like a Piano or Music Box are perfect things to include. Building a library can be a whole project of its own, because there are so many ways to go about it.

Decorating the Garden

The garden can be as big or as little as we want it. For this mansion I will focus on the outdoor area in front of the entrance. This is the first thing anyone sees.

Because this is the way people are taking when coming to our mansion, I want it to look special. I first work on the path. I will make it from a mix of Gravel and Cobblestone. The path will wind up the hill that leads to the mansion and around a statue.

Small Walls and broken up Fences make the area feel more secure.

A tip is to never fully surround your build in a large square Fence pen, because this will leave a rather awkward shape.

Mansion Featured 1

Natural decorations are best for any garden. Plant and grow Oak Trees and use Bonemeal on the Grass Blocks to create Flowers and Grass naturally.

It is good to occasionally include some patches Rose or Azalea Bushes.

What I enjoy doing is also adding slightly more intricate looking planters that I make using either Cauldrons and Leaves, or Grass Blocks with Flowers on top. These look amazing near doors and around windows.

A library is a great place to spend time in a fancy mansion. Enjoying your collection of books and knowledge is a great pass time, but so is building a library of your very own.

If you are looking for ideas on how to expand your library and set up your Bookshelves, consider looking at our guide on how to build a library in Minecraft to get some ideas.

Library Feature Image