Minecraft has several ways of transport, but none of them are anything close to what we are used to in our day to day lives. In Minecraft you can ride on horses, pigs, and llamas, but if you aren’t looking for a medieval type build, these forms of transport may not be the best.

If your build is leaning more to the futuristic and modern side, you may want to sell the realism by building a proper vehicle – like a car.

Building a car in Minecraft may seem like a tricky task. There are no round shapes or wheels in the game and you cannot go too big with the build.

This is why in this article we will show you how to build your very own car for your modern builds.

Building a Car

Building anything small on Minecraft is always tricky. Most things in the game take up a whole block of space which makes it very hard to make for tiny little details.

A car itself has to be big enough to at least fit one player inside. Even though you cannot actually sit down without mods or plugins, it’s good to keep that size in mind.

To start building your car it is best to start building from the wheels up.

Because the the car is not being dragged along the ground, this means that the wheels are the only parts of this car that will be touching the ground so they are the best place to start.

Start off by choosing a dark block, the smoother the better. I use black terracotta.

Place a pair of them 2 blocks apart from each other and the other pair a block away from the first.

See the image below to get a better idea for it.

To add the detail and illusion that the wheel may be spinning I place an item frame on the outer sides of the wheels and a button inside. Right clicking on the frame several times will actually spin the button, making it look like the wheels are not just standing “straight”.

Car wheels

Now we may build the rest of the car.

For the base of the car start off by putting slabs at the top part of the wheels, creating a small platform. Make it 3 blocks wide and 6 blocks long.

The front of your car use stairs of your chosen color to make it look slanted for the hood. On them you can put down item frames with a glowing block to make headlights.

I had chosen crimson wood for the car because I love the color.

Above your wheels place upside down stairs to add some slight depth to the car.

Car part 2

Once you have this much done and all the stairs in place go along the car and put down blocks of your chosen color on the slabs.

The stairs themselves add enough variety to the shape that you could practically be done with it here, but we will continue adding details. The next thing we have to make is the seats where you will be sitting.

Since the car is only 3 blocks wide, that means that the seat will only have space for a single person.

Start off by putting another stair in the very middle of the car. Make it a different color than the rest. Then surround the seat with glass and glass panes.

Car Minecraft

This will be the car seat. Use trapdoors or carpets to make the roof above the car and you are done.

Some final details you can add are buttons for the door handles and the back lights, as well as some carpet or trap doors in places to give more detail.

You can also use signs for make-belief license plates.

Car Minecraft Finishedf

This scheme for building a car can be followed for a lot of different designs. All you have to do is place down your wheels and go on from there.

Other Minecraft Car Designs

Now this was a pretty basic car, but there are many things you can do to improve on it. Playing around with designs is part of the fun.

Change the blocks for something with a different texture and color. Make it bigger and longer.

Here are two designs I made for trucks, following the same template as I did for the car, just wider and longer.

Minecraft other car designs

These designs fit incredibly well in all kinds of more modern builds in Minecraft.

If you are curious on what types of builds they can go along with, feel free to read our article on futuristic builds if you want some ideas.

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