Your mount is the main way you get around in Minecraft Legends and you can’t be without it. You will start the game with a horse, but did you know you can change to other mounts?

All around the map you have different biomes. Not only does each biome have its own resource, but some have special mobs that you can use as mounts.

In this tutorial we will teach you how to find them, what makes them unique, and how to switch the mounts.

Where to Find Mounts

Different biomes will have different mounts. In PVP and in the Campaign you will have to explore to find them.

When you enter a biome where you can find a particular mount it will actually appear on your map. If you go to that exact spot on the map you will find a spawn point for the mounts.

The big beak is a mount that usually spawns around the jagged peaks biome. This mount isn’t the fastest, but it can glide from high places. When gliding you don’t take any fall damage, a similar effect to bouncecaps.

The brilliant beetle can be found in jungle biomes. This is definitely the slowest mount and won’t help you much during combat, but its climbing ability can greatly help you when scouting.

The regal tiger can be found in the savanna biome and it is the fastest mount in the game. Using it with speed wheat helps you cover ground faster.

How to Switch Mounts

Once you have located your new mount all you will have to do is approach it. You will get the prompt to switch from one mount to another.

On PC you will be holding Q.

On Consoles you will be holding Square (Playstation) or X (Xbox and Switch).

In the campaign anytime you find a new mount you will get a short cutscene and introduction to the mount, explaining what they do.

Your old mount won’t disappear, though, so do not worry. At the start it will follow after you, but it’s not a problem if you lose sight of it, because you can always get it back and switch your mounts.

How to Get Your Old Mount Back

Depending on what you’re doing you will need to switch back to your old mounts. Or maybe you just prefer one type of mount over another and want to go back.

Luckily, if you switch your mounts you never really lose the other ones you had before.

All of your discovered mounts can be found at any village fountain or at the well of fortune. When you fast travel to the area, you will see them surrounding the area with the villagers.

Here you can simply approach them and switch between them like you did the first time you interacted with them.

What to do Next

Having different mounts helps cater to your playstyle, but did you know you can customize them. You can purchase skins in the marketplace or with the Minecraft Legends Deluxe edition.

You will need to know how to change your skins too, especially if you wish to impress people in PVP.