One of the best things about Minecraft Legends is the procedurally generated overworld.

The game world is vibrant and full of dangerous enemies, and there are lots of interesting treasures to find as you progress. One of the main things you may have seen while exploring is Piglin Chests at Piglin horde outposts and bases.

It’s not immediately obvious how to open Piglin Chests, but it is quite simple once you know what items you need. You’ll need to get Piglin Keys, which can be found in the overworld.

Here’s a quick guide on how to get Piglin Keys in Minecraft Legends and how to use them on Piglin Chests, too.

How to Find Piglin Keys

Piglin Keys are randomly dropped by Piglins.

If you take a look at your Journal in the game, it will tell you that it’s possible to get a Piglin Key from any Piglin in the game but that stronger Piglins and boss Piglins in the overworld have a higher chance of dropping a Key.

I’ve personally found taking down random packs of Piglins in the overworld to be the most lucrative method of farming Piglin Keys. Keep an eye out for any stray packs while exploring.

The best time to go looking for Piglin packs is at night, but they can be found during the day, too. Watch out for Nether particles as this is a good indicator that a pack is nearby.

The game will let you know when a Piglin Key drops but, annoyingly, there’s no way to check how many Piglin Keys you have on you.

The only way to know is to go up to a chest and try to open it. I’d recommend taking a quick screenshot every time one drops for you, so that you can check quickly before making the effort to try and use one.

How to Use Piglin Keys

To use a Piglin Key, you’ll need to find a Piglin base or horde outpost with a Piglin Chest. These chests are large and gray with gold decorations.

You’ll need to defeat all of the Piglins in the outpost before you can open the Piglin Chest. Take your time and remember to use all of the mobs at your disposal.

Once the coast is clear, you can simply walk up to the Piglin Chest and interact with it to open it up. It’ll be full of useful resources and materials to help you get stronger.

The Piglin Keys are single use, so once you open a chest, you’ll need to get another. If you keep methodically clearing horde outposts as you go, you shouldn’t have any trouble keeping a few on you at all times as they drop quite regularly.

What to Do Next

If you’re looking for other types of chests to open, make sure to stay on top of your nearby Villages and keep them safe. Saving Villages from the Piglins means that the Village Chests will be filled up for you, which can be a great way of getting gold and other resources.

Defeating Piglins in the overworld can be quite tricky at times, so make sure you’re bringing the right mobs with you. Brush up on the different kinds of Golems and what they can do, and bring along a First Golem if possible. It’ll make a huge difference.

If you’re really struggling with taking down Piglins, make sure to drop down the difficulty level in your campaign. It’s quick to do, and you can change your mind at any time.