One of the best things about combat in Minecraft Legends is the variety of Golems that you can have fighting alongside you.

You can summon these blocky characters at any point in the game and there are a fair few of them, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to know how to use them all effectively in battle.

Here’s a complete guide on how to unlock every Golem in Minecraft Legends, including advice on how to use each one effectively in battle.

This article focuses mainly on PVE gameplay, but every Golem in the list is available in PVP matches, too.

How to Summon Regular Golems

The first four Golems that I’ll cover in this list are regular Golems that you can unlock by progressing through the campaign.

To summon them, you’ll need to create a spawner for each Golem type. You can only summon a limited number of Golems, so make sure to plan out how many of each type you’re planning to take into battle with you.

If you lose your troops at any point, you can recall them at spawners easily.

Cobblestone Golem

StrengthsGreat at tearing down buildings and enemy structures, can withstand a fair amount of damage, and have a good knock-back ability
WeaknessesNot the hardest-hitting Golems out there
Cost1 Wood, 1 Lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation
Suggested amountBring around 5 or 6 into battle to clear groups of enemies and tackle any enemy buildings efficiently

Cobblestone Golems are one of the first Golem types that you’ll unlock in the game. In fact, you unlock them during the tutorial level.

These Golems are cost-efficient and resilient, and their main abilities include destroying buildings, withstanding attacks, and knocking back enemies. They work particularly well alongside Plank and Mossy Golems.

I’d suggest bringing 5 or 6 Cobblestone Golems with you into battle at first, as this will help you clear large groups of enemies and take down buildings efficiently.

Once you’ve increased your army size, I’d suggest allocating roughly a quarter of your troop allowance to Cobblestone Golems. They make a strong foundation unit and work well in a variety of different situations.

Grindstone Golem

StrengthsGreat at protecting other troops, has a stun ability that can incapacitate enemies, particularly useful against ranged enemies
WeaknessesNot the most resilient, can die pretty quickly
Cost1 Iron, 1 Lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation
Suggested amountBring around 4 or 5 of these Golems into battle and have them towards the front lines of your army

Grindstone Golems become available fairly early on in the story.

Once you unblock the Gather Iron ability, you’ll be able to build the Grindstone Golem spawners and start using them in battle.

The best thing about Grindstone Golems is their stun ability. This powerful blast can disrupt and incapacitate enemies for a considerable amount of time, which is a great way to gain an upper hand in battle and take out annoying ranged mobs.

I’d recommend having 4 or 5 of these Golems in your line-up initially, then increasing this as you gain the ability to have more troops in your army.

Mossy Golem

StrengthsStrong healers in both PVP and PVE settings, can get rid of debuffs too
WeaknessesCan’t do any damage, not particularly resilient
Cost1 Iron, 1 Lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation
Suggested amountKeep 1 or 2 on hand, position them behind your front-line mobs

Mossy Golems are incredible healers and they’re worth having on your side.

As with the Grindstone Golems, you gain the ability to create Mossy Golem spawners when you unlock the Gather Iron ability.

While it can seem tempting to skip over these Golems as they don’t do any damage and aren’t particularly resilient, it is essential to have at least 1 or 2 on your side. They can save you a lot of time and resources by keeping your mobs in good health.

Having to respawn troops can be annoying, and Mossy Golems will improve your overall battle experience by a mile.

Plank Golem

StrengthsGreat close-ranged damage, pretty mobile
WeaknessesCan’t do any melee damage, not very resilient
Cost1 Wood, 1 Lapis, and 1 Flame of Creation
Suggested amountBring around 8-10 of these into battle, and make sure to move them in groups as they work best when used in tandem

When you unlock Cobblestone Golems at the start of the game, you’ll also get Plank Golems.

These tiny but mighty golems are incredible at dealing close-ranged damage, and they’re very mobile. Unfortunately, they can’t do any melee damage and they’re not the most resilient mobs out there, so they can fall in battle pretty quickly if you position them badly.

I’d suggest bringing a decently high number of these Golems with you into battle. Position them behind your front line mobs, and make sure to move them as a unit. One Plank Golem won’t do much, but a group of them can be formidable.

How to Summon the First Golems

Unlike the regular Golems that I’ve showcased above, the First Golems take a bit more effort to unlock and add to your army. The steps shown below are for the campaign, but you can also spawn the First Golems in PVP, too.

The first step to finding and awakening all the First mobs is to track them down in the overworld. Make sure to have a good mount at your disposal for this, like the Regal Tiger.

The specific locations for the First spawns is random, but the general locations can be pinned down to specific biomes.

Once you’ve found a sleeping First, you’ll unlock the ability to craft the ‘Wake the Firsts’ improvement.

To craft, fast travel back to the Well of Fate. It’ll cost you 100 Stone and 100 Prismarine.

After you’ve crafted this, you’ll need to track down the Firsts again in the overworld. It will cost you 100 Gold and another key resource to summon them.

Once you’ve paid this fee, you’ll be able to rally your First Golems and take them into battle with you. They don’t take up any army slots and if you lose track of them, you’ll be able to find them at a nearby safe Village or a beacon.

The First of Brick

StrengthsSupport, casts a big shield that protects friendly characters
WeaknessesNot the hardest-hitting First Golem out there
Cost100 Gold and 125 Iron
Found inThe Badlands biome
Suggested amountFirst Golems don’t take up any army slots

The First of Brick is the best First Golem for supportive gameplay. It’s not the most aggressive or heavy-hitting First, but it can keep your troops from harm.

It’s worth positioning your First of Brick towards the front of your army when you’re first trying to take down a Piglin base. The shield doesn’t last forever, but it is strong enough to take you through the first waves of an attack.

The First of Diorite

StrengthsSummons other random mobs to fight alongside it in battle
WeaknessesNot super resilient
Cost100 Gold and 125 Coal
Found inThe Jagged Peaks biome
Suggested amountFirst Golems don’t take up any army slots

The First of Diorite is one of the most unique Golems in the game.

Instead of having a specific attack, this Golem spawns other, random Golems to fight alongside it in battle. This can be a game-changer if you’re losing mobs quickly during a difficult fight and aren’t able to get back to your spawners.

It’s not the most resilient of Golems, so keep it behind your other mobs or position it on the edge of the battle to avoid losing it quickly.

The First of Oak

StrengthsStrong ranged attacks
WeaknessesNot very resilient, can’t attack lots of enemies at once
Cost100 Gold and 500 Wood
Found inThe Badlands biome
Suggested amountFirst Golems don’t take up any army slots

The First of Oak is like a super-charged version of the Plank Golems.

This Golem has one of the strongest ranged attacks in the game. It can fire a powerful cannon at enemies, working perfectly in tandem with other ranged mobs like Skeletons.

As with the other ranged mobs in Minecraft Legends, this mob can die quickly if you don’t position it wisely. Keep it towards the back of the pack, letting melee mobs take the heat from enemies as much as possible.

The First of Stone

StrengthsStrong attack, flings boulders at specific targets, can take down buildings and walls as well
WeaknessesNot much range
Cost100 Gold and 500 Stone
Found inThe Meadow biome
Suggested amountFirst Golems don’t take up any army slots

The First of Stone is arguably the best First Golem in terms of sheer strength.

This Golem throws massive boulders at opponents, dealing considerable damage. They’re also great for taking down buildings and structures when storming bases, in a similar fashion to the Cobblestone Golems.

The First of Stone can handle enemies well, so you can put it on the front lines of your army. It’s quite a resilient mob, especially compared to the other First Golems.

What to Do Next

To take your combat skills to the next level, it’s worth reading up on the advanced combat abilities in Minecraft Legends and getting to grips with those.

With a solid understanding of these mechanics and the right blend of Golems, you’ll be unstoppable.

If you’re particularly interested in winning more battles against other players, why not read up on the different PVP strategies in the game too? You’ll need to link your Microsoft account up in order to play, but it’s worth trying this out.