Minecraft Legends will not be all about fighting the Piglins and pushing back their invasion. The game will have different versions of PVP gameplay that you can play with your friends.

The PVP will be pretty different than standard Minecraft. You will be able to play with your friends fighting by your side or every man for himself.

Best of all, each game can be completely unique, because you will never spawn on the same map.

In this article we will look over the teased features for Minecraft Legends PVP and talk about possible strategies.

Playing With Others

Minecraft Legends is definitely not going to be a singleplayer-only experience. While you can play the main campaign by yourself, you don’t need to.

With cross-platform and cross-gen being enabled for Minecraft Legends, this means that you can play co-op with just about anyone. This will put you and your friends on the same team with the same goal: Defeat the Piglins.

However, there will also be competitive multiplayer.

In the PVP mode you and your friends will be separated into teams. Each team will have the same goal: survive and take the enemy team’s base.

Though, the enemy team will not be your only threat. While you are building and working in order to defeat the other team, you will still have to keep an eye out for the Piglin threat. They are on their own team.

Each team will have multiple players so you will definitely have to strategize.

PVP Strategies

With multiple players on each team, this means everyone can pick up a different role in the team. A role is not something you pick before queueing up, but rather something you and your friends decide.

Depending on how you play, you will likely need people to do the following:

  • Building
  • Scavenging treasure and resources
  • Scouting enemy bases
  • Sieging enemy bases
  • Defending your base

There are likely going to be more roles coming to light once the game launches and people actually begin to experience PVP.

Depending how people decide to play will also depend on the strategies we develop.

One strategy is certainly going to be to give your teammates these exact roles and try to be as efficient as possible with everyone’s respective job.

Having someone as a scout is likely going to be one of the most advantageous strategies. Not only can a scout quickly locate enemy bases, but they will likely find resources on their way there.

A scout will also be able to tell what strategy the enemy may be using to defend their base, so you will be able to play around that.

Mounts can also play be important to this very strategy.

Your scout will have to have a quick mount that will allow them to go in and out fast, without being caught. A regal tiger is a mob you’d definitely want to be on the look out for.

Meanwhile someone who will be building or defending a base won’t need a mount that is as fast.

What to do Next

Playing with friends is certainly a lot of fun in Minecraft Legends. Not only will you likely wish to impress them with your strategies, but you will want to stand out.

Having a good looking character is important to stand out and having skins can make you feel unique.

The Deluxe edition of Minecraft Legends offers several skins upon the game’s release and it might be worth the purchase.