In order to beat the campaign in Minecraft Legends, you’ll need to make sure that you’re staying on top of your resource management.

Managing your supplies and Allays is one of the best ways to make sure that your Villages are well-protected and that you don’t lose any Wellhouses to the Piglins. This can be tricky, though, as the resource system in the game isn’t that straightforward.

To help you keep on top of your game, here’s a quick guide on how to increase resource space in Minecraft Legends and how to add more Allays to your team, too.

How to Get More Inventory Space

The location where you’ll be doing all of your upgrades in Minecraft Legends is the Well of Fate. This zone is the home of the talkative Hosts, and it’s right in the center of the map.

If you’re not there yet, you can fast travel there easily by selecting it on the map.

Once you’re there, open up your Songbook.

Tab over to the improvements section, and look for the ‘Improvement: Allay Storage’ melody. This is the first improvement that you’ll need to build in order to increase your storage.

Each time you build this improvement, you’ll be able to carry this many extra resources:

  • 500 Wood
  • 500 Stone
  • 150 Lapis
  • 150 Prismarine
  • 150 Gold

It will cost you 100 Stone, 100 Prismarine, and 10 Gold to build the improvement structure. It’s a little pricey, but it is worth it.

The Songbook will tell you if you’re missing any resources at the bottom of the page, and you can tab over to the Journal to learn more about any resources that you’re missing, like Prismarine.

To build the ‘Improvement: Allay Storage’ upgrade, make sure you’re in range of the Well of Fate and add the melody to your hotbar by selecting it in the Songbook.

You’ll then be able to build the upgrade structure in the same way that you’d put up a regular building during a battle.

Once built, the upgrade will automatically take effect and you will be able to carry more resources in the game.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to secondary items like Piglin Keys, although there doesn’t appear to be a cap on how many you can carry of those at once.

This isn’t the only item upgrade that can help you get more inventory space, either.

There are specific upgrades for each major resource type. You can select them and build them in exactly the same way as the ‘Improvement: Allay Storage’ upgrade shown above.

Each specific upgrade lets you carry 150 more of your chosen resource.

They also come with additional benefits.

For example, the ‘Improvement: Gather Redstone’ upgrade gives you an extra 25 Redstone the first time you create it and also allows Redstone to spawn in Swamp or Allay chests.

The type of chest that the resource will appear in depends on the biome that it is usually found in in the overworld.

These upgrades are less expensive than the original improvement shown at the start, so if you’re really struggling with a particular resource, I’d recommend starting with the individual ones.

How to Get More Allays

While you’re at the Well of Fate, it’s worth upgrading your Allays too.

The ‘Improvement: Abundant Allays’ upgrade will give you two new Build Allays and two more Gather Allays.

This upgrade will cost you:

  • 100 Stone
  • 50 Prismarine
  • 10 Gold

It’s not as expensive as the other upgrades in this article, and I’d recommend building it as soon as possible. It increases how much you can gather at a time, and this can be absolutely life-saving when trying to take down a Piglin horde outpost.

What to Do Next

Once you’ve set up your inventory system and Allays, make sure to read up on the different kinds of ore veins in the game and how to farm resources effectively.

In particular, take a look at some of the gold farming methods that exist in the game.

As you progress through the campaign and upgrade your various troops and your Golems, upgrades and improvements will get a lot more expensive. It’s important to keep an eye on how much you have and take the time to gather more when needed.