Faith has received a significant buff in Elden Ring. Previously, Faith spells were used to support the player, either through life-saving healing miracles or through blessing the weapon to increase its attack power.

That’s still a fun and valid playstyle for the Paladins out there. But Faith in Elden Ring can have more destructive spells to offer. For one thing, Pyromancy, hard-hitting spells based on fire, are now considered incantations and thus relies on Faith.

Dragon incantations are new Faith-based magic that lets you imbue yourself with the power of a dragon. These savage spells cause mayhem through the battlefield by spewing flame, rending your foes, and even tearing them apart.

Since these spells are so strong, there’s a heavy price to pay for them—and I’m not talking about runes. This guide will show where to buy dragon incantations in Elden Ring and what you need to purchase them.

Where to Purchase Dragon Incantations

You can buy dragon incantations in Elden Ring inside the Church of Dragon Communion. Unfortunately, the island is found in the southwestern part of Limgrave, and it’s inaccessible through regular travel.

To get to that island, you first have to go through the Coastal Cave in Limgrave.

Starting from the Church of Elleh, make your way west, to the ocean. Find a safer way to descend to the shore without dying. 

Head south and keep an eye out for the mouth of the cave. You’re near there if you get attacked by a group of Demi-Humans. At the same time, you’ve also gone too far if you meet the wandering merchant.

The Demi-Human chiefs are gatekeeping you away from buying dragon incantations. So, you have to dispose of them to pass through the cave. They’ll also drop the items you’ll need to alter armor in Elden Ring.

When everything is done, don’t take the shortcut to teleport you back to the entrance. Instead, push forward and make your way to the island.

The Church of Dragon Communion is on the highest point of the island. But don’t expect a grand institution; it’s only ruins now.

Head inside and look for the red offering bowl underneath the fossilized dragon. This shrine is where you can purchase dragon incantations in Elden Ring. You can only interact with the shrine during nighttime, so use the nearby Site of Grace to skip the day.

Interacting with it will show you the spells you can get, along with their description and stat requirements. Dragon incantations heavily rely on your Faith attribute, so you need to pump more points into that take advantage of it. A few points into Arcane also help with more caster-oriented spells.

You can’t purchase these spells like you can with buying sorcery spells. Instead, you’ll need Dragon Hearts to purchase dragon incantations.

I won’t be spoiling the locations of all dragons in Elden Ring, but I’ll remind you of the area of one that you should have seen by now.

To the east of the Church of Elleh is the Agheel Lake. This shallow but wide lake is home to the menacing Flying Dragon Agheel. You could take your chances with it if you want to buy dragon incantations at the offering shrine.

As a bonus tip, return to the Church of Dragon Communion at nighttime. Use the Site of Grace near the ruins to pass the time.

Then, look for the glowing light on top of the ruins overlooking the ocean. There, you’ll learn of a hint on where to find more dragons in Elden Ring.

Cathedral of Dragon Communion

There’s another location to buy dragon incantations in Elden Ring, but it’s located in a dangerous area. The Cathedral of Dragon Communion is the Caelid region of the Lands Between.

It’s a barren land, completely infected in scarlet rot. You might have seen this region earlier when the transporter chest in Dragon-Burnt Ruins sent you to Sellia Crystal Dungeon.

The Cathedral of Dragon Communion has more dragon incantations in stock, so it might be a good idea to visit it first before spending your precious dragon heart.

Start from the Smoldering Church, it stands at the eastern border of Limgrave and Caelid, right after Summonwater Village. From there, follow the main road east, passing through the Minor Erdtree.

When the road curves south, stay on it. Remember that this is a dangerous area so you have to avoid the giant monsters blocking the path. I suggest activating every Site of Grace you see for a safety net in case you perish.

After Caelam Ruins, you’ll have to go a long stretch without any landmarks. Just remember to watch the main path and follow it south.

When the road starts curving to the east again, keep an eye out on the southern portion of the landscape. As soon as you spot a colossal gray sleeping dragon, you’re near the area.

Save your stamina and gallop towards the dragon. Once it wakes up, use your dashes to skip right behind it. The Cathedral of Dragon Communion should be there.

Before anything else, find the Site of Grace nearby and activate it. There’s a strong infected knight patrolling the cathedral, and you wouldn’t want to get sent back to your last checkpoint if you die.

Also, as a reminder, pass the time to nightfall as you can’t commune with the dragons without that condition. Deal with the knight, and check out the new dragon incantations you can buy.

Final Thoughts

As someone who always leaned towards Faith magic and the Paladin lifestyle in older titles, I love these new damage-oriented additions to Faith.

Faith and miracles naturally pair well with strength for a good reason. Its damage buffs scale well with the high raw damage of strength weapons, and curative miracles provide a margin of error for those wielding armaments with both hands.

But now, Faith can step up as the major damage attribute with the addition of dragon incantations and pyromancy. Now you know where to get dragon incantations in Elden Ring, you’re going to see that they are very fun to use and facilitate a barbaric shapeshifting fantasy. It’s a welcome change to see magic that leans on the primal side and away from the arcane.

I haven’t unlocked every dragon incantation yet, but what I have so far suggests it’s best to enable melee combat. The dragon-based spells are usually brimming with raw power, but lack range. I highly recommend collecting a few dragon hearts and buying dragon incantations to see for yourself.