Godrick, the king of all that is golden, is such a powerful, intimidating foe.

He is the first demigod that you are meant to face. Although he was born frail, Godrick used dark secrets to become more powerful through some sort of human grafting.

This is a lord who uses body parts of strong people, servants, and even trolls, to make himself stronger and therefore be as powerful as expected of a demigod.

Godrick has been a pain for many Elden Ring players, and with good reason. He’s one of the most challenging bosses in the entire game, unless you’re way over-leveled, and he tends to instill rage in even the calmest gamers.

If you want to defeat Godrick in Elden Ring, you’ll need to put in some time and effort, but it can definitely be done!

However, before entering into battle with Godrick, you’ll want to make sure you have some proper gear and that you’re at a decent enough level to withstand his hits.

If you are wondering how to defeat Godrick in Elden Ring, this guide is for you.

How to Beat Godrick, the Grafted

Godrick is a particularly difficult foe and will put your combat prowess to its greatest test. Still, much like we all did when learning how to defeat Margit, you will have to be patient and learn his attack patterns.

In general, fighting against Godrick should follow some basic rules of most boss fights in soulsborn games: don’t be greedy and be aware of his move set.

Although they are helpful, the pieces of advice above are a bit generic, so it’s time to teach you the specifics. 

Here’s all you need to know when entering a fight against this demigod, including how to handle each of his attacks.

Godrick’s Phase 1

Phase 1 Godrick

This is when you have to deal with Godrick’s storm abilities and raw physical power. He will have many quick attacks and intense swings with odd timing.

As it always is in FromSoftware’s soulsborne games, it’s all about paying attention to his patterns, but be especially careful to check how his attacks start. Some sequences might end in a couple different ways, so you might have to guess or wait for when you know that it’s absolutely safe to hit him.

Ax Attack Sequence

Axe Three Attacks Godrick

This is one of the demigod’s most complicated attacks to dodge if you stand in front of it. Godrick will swing his ax a bunch of times, and some of the animations might have a slightly different timing that makes dodging much harder.

If you dodge and move your way to his back, you might be able to avoid some attacks and even land one or two blows before you need to move away.

Circling Wind

Godrick Circling Wind

Godrick swings his weapon around him. This movement causes a strong wind to embrace the demigod and hits you in the process.

This attack might happen at the end of a three-hit sequence that he sometimes performs. Just make sure to dodge away and stay far from Godrick while he is swinging his ax.

Jumping Attack

Jump Attack no roll

This is another attack that comes from above, but it is much easier to dodge. Godrick will hold his ax sideways and try to smash you with it by putting his own weight behind this attack.

You can easily roll away from this attack if you are paying attention to its startup animation.

Lunging Ax Swing

Lunging Strike

Godrick will put his ax behind its body and lunge forward to perform a direct, long-reaching strike.

It can be easily identified if you pay attention. Still, unless you’re really far from Godrick, you will probably be within this attack’s range.

So, unless you are a sorcerer or archer who is really far from Godrick most of the time, you will probably have to learn the timing of this attack and dodge it.

Since this attack is a direct hit and is easy to perceive, rolling to the side is probably the best way to avoid it.


Quake Goldrick2

This attack proves how strong Godrick, the Grafted, is at this point in Elden Ring’s story. He will smash the ground with his ax, causing an area of effect that damages you if you are within it. There is a follow-up attack with an even larger area of effect that deals even more damage.

You can easily avoid it by running away if you recognize the startup animation since Godrick will turn his ax upside down and hold it with both his main hands.

This attack is pretty easy to dodge if you learn the timing of both attacks. Rolling forward through the second attack might grant you enough time to hit Godrick a few times.

Ranged Wind Attack

Godrick directs the summoned winds towards you, turning them into large projectiles he throws at you by swinging his weapon.

Be careful; you can be hit by both the wind and the ax if you are close enough to him. Please note that these attacks do not move in a straight line. Watch for how they travel towards you. The curves are not significant, but they might make it a bit harder for you to dodge them.

Make sure not to dodge the attacks immediately. If you are far enough to him, it will make it easier to identify where the wing gust is going so you can time your dodge better.



I believe this is one of Grodrick’s most recognizable moves, and it is probably the one he uses the most. Godrick will quickly roll to reposition himself.

The roll is followed by an attack made with his left arms if you are close enough to him. If he ends his roll too close to you, pay attention to his left side and dodge or lift your shield when he finishes his roll.

Some of Godrick’s moves have different outcomes. If you are not close enough to him when he finishes his roll, he might jump really high and perform a jump-in attack with his ax.

This attack is very telegraphed, and it is relatively easy to avoid once you get used to it. As long as you pay attention to this move, you will be able to dodge it and learn its timing since there are no weird delays to catch you off guard.

Godrick’s Phase 2

Godrick Phase 2

This fight is arduous enough the way it is. Godrick’s attacks can hit twice because of one of his small hands holding an ax or because he won’t stop attacking.

It might take a while to identify his patterns and how he can delay a few moves. Not only that, Godricks attacks might have similar animations during startup for those who are not very used to the boss fight.

However, things get even more complicated when you take nearly half of Godrick’s hit points. This is when he calls upon the Truest of Dragons to borrow its strength and use it against you.

Godrick will chop his big hand off and attempt his last grafting by attaching a Dragon’s Head to his arm. Once he does that, many moves from his first phase will also deal fire damage, like his circling wind and ranged wind attacks.

That’s not all, though. Godrick will gain brand new attacks that he can only use during Phase 2.

Godrick’s Fire Breath

Godricks Fire Breath

Godrick will make his dragon head arm spill fire on you. There are a few different versions of this attack.

If Godrick shoots fire forward and moves his arm in an arc, you can roll through the fire as long as you are dodging to the side instead of backward or forward. Please note that much like when you are fighting Flying Dragon Agheel, staying very close to Godrick will make him miss you entirely.

Alternatively, Godrick can make the dragon head throw its fire breath on the floor, spreading it around him. If that is the case, just make sure to dodge, run away, and wait for him to do something else.

Dragon Bite

Dragon Bite Godrick

If you are in front of Godrick at a certain distance, he might try to grab you with the dragon’s mouth. This attack is not that hard to avoid, but you must be paying attention.

If you get hit by it, you will be grabbed, take a lot of fire damage, and be left prone in a very disadvantageous situation. Besides, it deals quite a lot of damage.

That being said, dodging it might leave the demigod vulnerable, giving you some time to land a few hits.

General Tips and Tricks

Jump Attack 2

You can definitely do certain things besides learning the enemy’s patterns and how to dodge. Using the right gear, understanding their weaknesses, and even getting some runes might help you significantly when it comes to fighting a demigod or any other boss.

Avoid Godrick’s Resistances

Godrick is not immune to any status effect, so you can hit it with Scarlet Rot, Frost Bite, Blood Loss, and Poison.

It doesn’t matter if you use spells, Dragon Incantations, or special arrows. If any of those status effects are part of your build, and as long as your build is specialized, you can use them effectively against Godrick.

If you know how Bleed works in Elden Ring and you incorporated it well in your build, it might help you a lot against Godrick.

Just be careful when using Magic, Fire, Lightning. The demigod absorbs 20% of all those damage types and 40% of Holy damage. Meaning that it might be okay as a buff but not as your primary source of damage against Godrick.

Use Magic and Arrows

If you decide to use spells or bow and arrow, this fight will most likely be much easier for you.

Don’t get me wrong, he can be defeated with melee attacks. I didn’t even use a shield against him.

However, a ranged build probably means that, although you will be deleted by any of Godrick’s attacks, you don’t have to stand near him at all.

A ranged build allows you to damage the boss from a safe distance, so you just need to keep that going as much as you can and run away when the demigod gets close to you.

It is essential to stay aware of his lunging attacks, rolls, and jumping attacks since he might use one of those moves to close the gap and one-shot you.

Level Up

If you don’t know how to level up fast in Elden Ring and you just can’t be Godrick, this might be the time to learn.

Most soulsborne veterans will tell you not to start farming for no reason. Some players think it might break the game if you are too strong during the first area; others say that farming might just take away the challenge that the game is known for.

I sort of agree with both. However, videogames are here for us to have fun. There’s no point in getting stressed and frustrated unless you really like to die dozens of times fighting the same boss.

If you want to become more powerful, go ahead and defeat the giant dragon for some easy runes, get to level 50 or something and come back to fight Godrick.

Upgrade Your Gear

If you feel like you leveled up enough, but you can deal enough damage to win the fight, you might want to try upgrading your gear.

You might want to check if you are able to upgrade your weapons at the Church of Elleh.

Sometimes, upgrading your gear can grant a boost that not even 10 attribute points will do. There will be a significant change in your damage output with a couple of upgrades.

Note that some weapons have better scaling once they are upgraded, so you might want to do it as soon as you find a weapon you like and design as long as you want to design your build around it.

Final Thoughts

Goldrick Final T

The lord of all that is golden is not much of a god at all. If not for his grafting, Godrick would have been a frail ruler. He was a fool, murderous ruler who should get what he deserves if you follow our tips.

Once defeated, you will get a huge bonus as long as you know how to use a Great Rune since Godrick’s increases all your attributes by 5 points.

In addition to that, you also get Godrick’s Remembrance that you can use to make a dragon head that works like a gauntlet or the demigod’s own ax. In addition to all that, Godrick also drops 20000 runes.

Please, don’t get frustrated if you die a lot when fighting this boss. If you are here, you have already fought Margit, the Fell Omen. He is much more challenging than Godrick, so ignore the fact that Godrick is imposing and go for it with no fear. 

Although you get taken down quickly in this game, and quite often if you are like me, it doesn’t necessarily mean Elden Ring is super hard. 

You can start over right away from the last place where you rested, so there’s really no big deal unless the nearest site of grace is far from the boss.

I know that Elden Ring is not the easiest of the games, and I certainly understand how frustrating it can be to be beaten ten or twenty times when fighting a boss. However, learning is part of the experience, and the sense of accomplishment after defeating a boss is genuine.

So, take all the tips and tricks you found here and apply them to your game when trying to defeat Godrick. That pseudo demigod has to go.