Picture this: you’re exploring through the Lands Between when you hear an ominous loud bell tolling in the distance. Once you find the source of the sound, you’ll see a giant walking stone turtle with a building on top of it. It’s often guarded by a few enemies and there’s no clear way to access it.

However, that special location is the key to getting more powerful weapons and spells in Elden Ring. But, as usual with FromSoftware games, the way to get there and what exactly it does is clouded in mystery.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to bring down the walking mausoleum in Elden Ring. Additionally, we’ll also discuss its important feature while also drawing the distinction between a walking mausoleum with a bell underneath and another variant without such.

Stopping the Walking Mausoleum

down mausoleum

If you took your time exploring Limgrave, you might have found your first walking mausoleum at the Weeping Peninsula. That’s the region south of the staring area, where you’ll find the Oridys’s Rise tower.

The walking mausoleum is patrolling the vast plains in the west area of the region. You can easily hear and see it once you’re at the Church of Pilgrimage or the Minor Erdtree.

If you want to discover how to bring down the walking mausoleum, find the isolated merchant’s shack in the southwest, near the beach’s shore. You can purchase a note from him detailing how to stop the giant stone turtle.

Notes are unique items with important information written on them. These range from tricks to take down certain enemies, tips to locations or items, or sometimes, lore and context.


The note for walking mausoleum is sold for 600 runes, and it reads, “To stop the mausoleum’s stride, you’ll need to clean up around its feet first”. This clue is the key to stopping the walking mausoleum.

Now, straddle on your horse and move under the giant’s feet. There are white spectral corals/skulls latched on the base of its foot. Break these with your weapon to bring down the walking mausoleum in Elden Ring.

break debris

You don’t have to completely clean the giant’s foot of all the debris to progress; as long as you scrape off a good amount, you’ll bring it down. Keep going at it until it stops moving. You’re free to switch to the other side if it raises the foot you’re attacking or if it’s preparing a stomp attack.

It’s important to note that the crusts eventually regenerate, though it takes quite some time before it does. It’s still a vital mechanic to know so you’ll develop a sense of urgency.

Once its legs start to buckle, promptly leave the area under it because it will plop down where it stands. And, that’s how to bring down the walking mausoleum in Elden Ring.

One more thing, the note isn’t exactly accurate because some mausolea hold the crust at the base of the building while it’s still standing up. Therefore, you’ll have to use a Spiritspring or higher terrain to jump on top of it to clear out the spectral debris.

How to Duplicate Remembrances

After defeating Margit, the Fell Omen, who was guarding Stormveil Castle, you’ll have access to one of the major bosses of the game, the Demi-God Godrick the Grafted. Assuming you’re haven’t strayed too far from the path, he’ll be the first Demi-God you’ll beat.

But in any case, defeating your first shardbearer will unlock another room once you get to the Roundtable Hold. It’s the previously locked huge double door in the central area, walk inside and you’ll find Enia, the finger reader, next to the adult version of the baby from Eraserhead.

You’ll be able to trade in Remembrances from specific bosses to her for their signature weapons or spells. For example, Godrick the Grafted’s Remembrances lets you choose between the Axe of Godrick of the Grafted Dragon. Soulsborne veterans better know this feature as soul transposition, a process where you convert powerful souls into unique items.

But you could only choose one per Remembrance, so choose wisely. Fortunately, this is why you stopped the walking mausoleum.

As mentioned earlier, once you bring down the walking mausoleum, you’ll have access to more powerful weapons and spells in Elden Ring. Interacting with the crypt inside the mausoleum allows you to duplicate remembrances, even ones that you’ve converted (or unfortunately consumed for souls).

Simply walk inside the mausoleum and use the statue in the middle. There, you can choose what Remembrance you want to duplicate. You can only do this once per mausoleum, so make sure before you finalize your decision.


Doing so allows you to choose the other option for that Remembrance. Using the previous example, if you converted Godrick’s Axe, you can now choose the Grafted Dragon fist using the duplicated Remembrance.


However, you can’t select a previously converted item in one playthrough. Sadly, you can’t power stance two axes if that’s what you were thinking. You have that option during the new game plus playthrough though.

You may have noticed that other walking mausolea doesn’t have a bell underneath them. This serves as a warning that the particular mausoleum can’t duplicate shardbearer Remembrances or the ones from major bosses. But, you can duplicate the Remembrances of select secret or optional bosses.

As a final note, some players have encountered a bug where they can’t enter a previously downed wandering mausoleum to duplicate their Remembrances. To circumvent this, avoid stopping every walking mausoleum you see unless you need to use it.