Elden Ring’s game design philosophy is something that astonishes me frequently.

The idea that game developers will create content they don’t expect all players to experience seems exclusive to FromSoftware. By doing so much of the game to be skippable, they make their world feel alive and the game to feel pleasant to explore.

There’s always a mystery to be found that someone else might have missed. With each mystery, there’s a different reward. More lore, secret spells, unique weapons, and much more.

By exploring the map, I found what seems to be a completely skippable village. In the end, I was rewarded with a new spell and the powerful Twinblades named Godskin Peeler.

If you are looking for one of the most powerful Twinblades in Elden Ring, this is definitely it.

It looks cool with its asymmetric design, but it’s more than a visually appealing weapon. The Godskin Peeler allows players to summon a black flame tornado that makes you feel badass while dealing lots of damage in an area of effect.

If you are looking for how to get the Godskin Peeler twinblades in Elden Ring, look no further. This guide has everything you need to know.

Where to Find the Godskin Peeler

Windmill Village

You will find the Godskin Peeler in the northern area of the Atlas Plateau, in a place called Windmill Village. You can get there by just following the road on the capital outskirts.

There will be plenty of sites of grace for you to touch on your way there, as you can see in the image. You can ignore most of the enemies on your way there.

You must know how to activate the Grand Lift of Dectus in order to reach this area of the game, meaning you will have to find both pieces of the Dectus Medallion.

Once you finally reach this area of the map, touch the Windmill Village site of grace and keep advancing to the higher side of the village.

You will find a bunch of women dancing. Don’t attack them unless you are ready for a fight. Most of the NPCs here are not aggressive, at least at first, but some of them can suddenly attack you. If they do, all the other NPCs will become aggressive as well.

Godskin Peeler Dancing Ladies

Be careful and pay attention since they can quickly swarm you and take you down before you can react to what is happening.

Once you reach the top area of the village, things become a bit harder. There’s a boss fight waiting for you. You will be facing a Godskin Apostle. According to the game, this is what they are:

The apostles, once said to serve Destined Death, are wielders of the god-slaying black flame. But after their defeat by Maliketh, the Black Blade, the source of their power was sealed away.

Although it is said that their power was sealed away, this Godskin Apostle does use his black flame on you.

Godskin Apostle

Not only that, his weapon summons a black flame tornado, and that’s one of the reasons you want it. This boss is the current wielder of the Godskin Twinblade, and that’s why we’re here to defeat him and take his weapon.

This boss fight shouldn’t be too difficult unless you are too under-leveled. If you need to level up fast for this challenge, you might want to defeat the giant dragon for some easy runes or farm in the Lenne’s Rise site of grace. Also, using Torrent to hit and run is incredibly helpful in this battle.

If you know how to get the Latenna the Albinauric spirit ash, it helped me a lot with this boss. You can also try to summon the Jellyfish spirit ash. It doesn’t have the same damage output, but it lasts a bit longer.

Once this boss is defeated, you will get his Godskin Peeler twinblade and a Scouring Black Flame incantation.

Boss Defeated Godskin Peeler

As I have mentioned before, the Godskin Peeler’s innate ability is the black flame tornado the boss uses against you. This is by far the thing I like the most about this weapon.

It gives you access to the god-slaying black flame even if you are not a caster. However, this weapon does require Strength 17 and Dexterity 22, so it won’t fit all builds.

If you know where to get smithing stones to upgrade it enough, this weapon can be devastating, especially against multiple enemies.

Final Thoughts

Godskin Peeler

The Godskin Peeler is a sinister weapon with an equally sinister name and one of the coolest innate abilities in the game.

In order to get it, you just need to find the Windmill Village on the northern area of the Atlas Plateau and defeat the Godskin Apostle boss who is on the top of the village.

Thankfully, this is not a difficult task if you already have access to this area of the game.