The Oridys’s Rise tower is locked to outsiders with an impenetrable magic seal. Normally, you’d need a Stonesword Key to break open the imp statue seal, but that’s not the case here.

Instead, the nearby imp statue has a message you can read. It tells players to seek three wise beasts and nothing more. You have to decipher the code to open Oridys’s Rise with no further guidance.

The three wise beasts are actually magic turtles (or, if the in-game messages are believed, a dog). The three spirit turtles are hidden near the tower. This guide will show you where to find the three wise beasts to open Oridys’s Rise tower.

Where to Find Oridys’s Rise

The Oridys’s Rise tower is at the Weeping Peninsula. The island is located in the southern region of the Lands Between. Don’t worry if you’re still starting out; the Weeping Peninsula is a great place to gear and level up fast in Elden Ring.

Starting from the Site of Grace at Waypoint Ruins—the area where you can buy sorcery spells from Sorceress Sellen— follow the main road south while crossing the Bridge of Sacrifice.

Don’t go uphill to the Forlorn Hound Evergoal. That’s a mystic prison containing Bloodhound Knight Darriwill. If you want to challenge it, make sure to bring down wolf knight from the tower in Mistwood Ruins, as defeating the boss is part of his questline. Additionally, he can also help you vanquish the challenge boss.

Continue down south while avoiding the enemies at the wreckage. Eventually, you’ll come upon a Site of Grace at Castle Morne Rampart. There’s a merchant nearby if you want to peruse his wares.

Avoid this area at nighttime. There’s a strong boss mounted on a black stallion named the Night’s Cavalry. But, if you were able to defeat the Tree Sentinel earlier, this fight would be a piece of cake for you.

From the Site of Grace, look for the wind updraft near the cliff. Then, use your horse torrent to soar into the cliff above. You would have seen the Oridys’s Rise tower on your way up.

Gallop towards it and interact with the message on the imp statue to start the puzzle. Now, you have to seek the three wise beasts to open Oridys’s Rise.

Seek the Three Wise Beasts

After interacting with the message, you can start to unlock Oridys’s Rise. The three wise beasts are actually magical turtles and they’re all nearby the tower.

In fact, one of them is closer than you think. Assuming you’ve just read the message, look behind you to find the first spirit turtle. You have to hit them with your weapon, so go ahead and do that to break the first guardian of the seal.

For the second turtle, move towards the entrance of the tower. Walk up the stairs and look to your left. Use the broken step as a landmark.

From there, you’ll find the second wise beast trying its best to blend in with the foliage. Jump down and greet it with your weapon.

The third turtle is literally invisible, but thankfully you’ll be able to spot it by being perceptive.

Go to the back of the tower. There’s a shallow pond there with a few skeletons to fight. After disposting them, stand away from the pond so that you’ll see it all at once.

Look for the splashing near the center of the pond; that’s the third turtle. Go up to it and check with your weapon. After destroying all three turtles, you should have opened Oridys’s Rise.

Go climb the tower to the highest room. There’s a treasure chest there with a significant reward for casters.

You’ll receive a Memory Stone. This item increases your memory slot, which is what you use to memorize spells. So for the casters out there, make sure to open Oridys’s Rise early for an extra spell slot.