Stuck between choosing good players or young developing players? There are a lot of good sleeper players you can capitalize on to improve your team in MyLeague, MyGM, or even MyCareer.

These sleeper players have a knack for specializing in certain areas of their game to help the team. It gives them a ton of value and become efficient in a team’s cog.

This guide will show you a list of the best sleeper players in NBA 2K22 which can be applicable to all game modes as long as they are available.

What Are Sleeper Players?

“Sleeper players” or “Sleeper picks” are common terms for sports fanatics. It usually means that these players are the most often overlooked players and, they become a valuable X factor for their teams.

It is also a common term in fantasy sports but, this guide will tackle this topic by categorizing them by their impact and value in NBA 2K22.

By value, it could mean that they could become a great asset for a trade because of their potential. For impact, it could be that they are easy to get through trade and can impact the game significantly.

Their play is also way above average in specific fields they excel at. Things such as rebounding (offensive and defensive), 3-point shooting, on-ball defending, and other important aspects you need on your team.

James Wiseman – PF/C

James Wiseman is a criminally underrated big man for any team. He was the 2nd overall pick in 2020 for the Golden State Warriors when the dynasty got halted by injuries.

Instead of trading him for a more developed player, the Warriors chose to use him to boost their defense. This is the reason why his overall rating is still a bit low. Even with all the stars injured during his rookie season, he was not able to shine but, he has shown glimpses of his potential.

His best asset is his size and length combined with his agility. In NBA 2K22, his rebounding is unbelievably good. If you simulate the whole season, he will be able to gobble up at least 2 offensive rebounds per game which should be in the top 10-15 among all players.

Another reason he is a good sleeper player is because of his potential. If you are looking for one of the best young players to trade for, he should be in the conversation.

You will most likely be trading a little more for his overall rating in terms of value. Although, it will benefit your team after a single season. Make sure he gets the minutes so he can grow to around 82+ overall rating after the first season.

De’Anthony Melton – SG/PG

De’Anthony Melton’s perimeter defense is the main reason he made the list. Even with the height of 6’2, he can stop most of the top player’s drive to the basket with his lateral quickness.

On a completely simulated season, he averaged at least 1.3 steals per game. The most surprising stat was his 1.1 blocks per game during one season. For a 6’2″ guard, it sounds impossible.

He is a cheap player to get in MyLeague and his 3-point shot is decent. With regards to overall value, he is probably the best 3-and-D guard in NBA 2K22. His potential is also nice since he is still 23 years old and can develop even better on a longer MyLeague playthrough.

Jonathan Isaac – PF/SF

Jonathan Isaac is another player who specializes in defense. What makes him unique is his defense on the interior and the perimeter. Before his major injury, he was performing like an Anthony Davis on the defensive side of the floor.

In NBA 2K22, his overall rating’s development does not reflect his previous peak. Since he is a young player who has barely reached his prime, his potential can push him to a higher overall rating.

With his long wingspan and his 6’11” height, he can guard all the best inside scorers in the league. He also has the perimeter defense to guard players on the perimeter. In short, he can guard all players so he can excel on defenses that switch every pick and roll action.

Tyrese Haliburton – SG/PG

Tyrese Haliburton is another 3-and-D player you can get for cheap. With a 1-year contract and a high ceiling for development because of his potential and young age, he is a complementary player for superstars who can drive easily to the basket and kick out.

He can take the tough assignments on defense and take the best guard on the other team. This will reduce the stamina consumption of your offensive stars so they can play more effectively.

After a single season, his overall rating will increase to 85 immediately. You can get this higher if you focus on training and player development. Giving him more minutes will also impact his rating.

Malik Beasley – SG/SF

Malik Beasley is on the list because he is easy to trade for. He specializes in scoring and can be a good 6th man for a team. He can lead your bench in scoring especially if you are used to his jump shot or release.

While he is easy to trade for, his contract is not that worth it. You are looking at a player valued at $15 million per year. If you need a decent 3 point shooter and combo guard that is easy to trade for, Malik Beasley could be your guy.

Andre Drummond – C

Andre Drummond

Andre Drummond’s contract is what makes him a great asset. Since he signed with the Los Angeles Lakers to play with his idol, Lebron James, he tried to chase for a ring when he signed that minimum contract.

You only need $1.62 million in cap space to grab his contract. He is in his prime which should mean you are getting the most value from him if you trade for him in the first season.

He is one of the best rebounders in the game. His defense is decent but in NBA 2K22, his 6’10” height is a little short for a center.

If you need to improve your team’s rebounding and need a defensive anchor, Andre Drummond is a good and cheap option.

Jordan Clarkson – SG/SF

The reigning 6th man of the year for the Utah Jazz should need no introductions for fans of the game as a whole. The Utah Jazz is often underrated since their success never translated to playoff wins.

They secured the 1st seed in the tough western conference and Jordan Clarkson was a big part of it. His ability to score on isolation plays is ridiculously efficient. If you need a combo guard, Jordan Clarkson is another cheap option.

His contract is decent to maintain and he is definitely in his prime at this point of his career.

Christian Wood – C/PF

Christian Wood is a slightly better Andre Drummond. In all aspects of the game where both of them excel, Wood is slightly better in each of those aspects.

Wood can rebound the ball well, block at a decent rate, anchor the paint on defense, have great inside scoring, and can hit the occasional 3-point shot.

He is the future of the Houston Rockets and, before he went down with an injury last season, his team was winning games. He still has the potential to increase his overall rating in a MyLeague season.

Moses Brown – C

I would have to apologize for the number of centers on this list. Like Wood and Drummond, Brown outrebounded them with fewer minutes per game.

He is only 22 years old and has a size advantage over most centers with his 7’2″ frame. With literally just rebounding, post defense, and inside scoring, his overall rating is just 78.

His specialty is his rebounding. How special? Well, after 8 separate seasons of experimenting on how to trade for a superstar and how to create a superteam in MyLeague, Moses Brown finishing as a top 10 rebounder in the league in each of the simulated seasons.

There is no question about his skill and he can only improve throughout the years if you are playing multiple seasons in your MyLeague mode.

Jae Crowder – SF/PF

Jae Crowder might be familiar to most of the NBA fans out there. He has been through so many teams throughout his career and he has always been a crucial member of their team’s success.

This is because 3-and-D guys are always needed in any championship team. They are perfect complementary players for good superstars since they can be efficiently used to spread the floor.

They are also the ones who try to stop the opposing team’s best player. Jae Crowder can do this perfectly for a cheap price. His rebounding and scrappiness also help him get a few offensive rebounds.

Final Thoughts

While there might be a ton of players that could make the list, it all depends on your preference. As you play a lot of quick play games and experiment with most of the players in NBA 2K22, you will start to see some players excel in the video game compared to their NBA counterparts.

If you are used to playing a few players, they could easily be your best sleeper pick for any team. It is how you use the players anyway. The players listed here give genuine value.

It is either they are way worth it for their trade value or, overlooked for their potential in terms of development while factoring in the skills they already have.