VCs are easy to get but, hard to grind for. Since you will be needing a ton of VCs for specific game modes like MyCareer, online play, and MyTeam, you will be grinding VCs for the most part.

There are a lot of ways to get VCs in the game. You can even get them without playing. All of these methods will be compared and discussed thoroughly in this guide.

While the best VC farming method can be a little subjective based on a player’s preferred game mode, this guide will show you how to earn more VCs in NBA 2K22.

What Are VCs?

Points recap

VCs or “Virtual Currency” is the main currency used in NBA 2K22. These VCs are used on each game mode in the game and they can also be earned through each game mode as well.

Experienced players of the game will know how valuable VCs are. This is because it is hard to grind while being easily expended.

Just one player build alone will cost you upwards of 250,000 VCs if you want to push for a 99 overall rating. Experimenting with other builds like a Stephen Curry, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, or Kobe Bryant build will cost you VCs to build each one.

What Are VCs Used For?

Other than building your player’s rating, you can also use VCs to buy some drip for your player. You can customize your player’s clothes and profile where other players can see it when you play online.

You can also use VCs to purchase animations for your player. Things like dribble, dunk, and layup packages can make your player unique from others.

Celebrations and taunts are also popular choices for those who play a lot of online content.

The most VC-heavy game mode is MyTeam. If you are looking to complete a perfect team or just collecting every single card in the game, it will cost you millions of VCs.

Although you can still play it without spending a single dime, you will be grinding for hundreds of hours to get what you want though.

Best Way to Get VCs

After playing MyLeague, MyCareer, Quick Play, and a few MyTeam games, there is only one game mode that stands above the rest.

The best way to grind VCs is by playing MyCareer while mixing in a few quests in between.

When you first start playing MyCareer, the VCs you earn will still be a little low. It will only increase once you reach around 10 games into the regular NBA season.

Choosing your shoe brand

You can speed it up if you know how to get endorsement deals. These deals allow you to gain more VCs per game. Depending on the incentives and event bonuses, there is no question that MyCareer gives the most VCs.

The faster you unlock these endorsement deals, the faster you get to earn more VCs. Getting drafted as the first overall pick and becoming a starter for your team quickly will help speed the process too.

To estimate the VCs being earned, there must be a standard first. Let us assume that the standard performance of your MyCareer games is averaging a double-double while getting a teammate grade of A or higher.

Since you get additional VCs for every good play or just scoring the basket, VC earned will always be different each game. Incentives you get from endorsement deals play a major factor too. Specific performance-based incentives like “Pick & Roll Scores” can be done as many times as possible during the game.

This can give you around 40-60 VCs if you focus on it. There are other endorsement incentives you can finish every game too. Things such as 30-point games, 15-assist games, and stat-based incentives can boost your VC game too.

Make sure you complete them all to maximize VCs. On average, you should earn around 1300-2100 VCs per game in MyCareer. This is on 12 minutes per quarter but, you can simulate your time on the bench anyway.

This is why it is much more efficient than other game modes. It was also mentioned before that you can combine finishing quests while playing MyCareer.

Just check your current quests – mostly your dailies and weeklies. If you want to be casual about it, just focus on finishing the quests that involve the game mode you play.

Most of the quest objectives are not that specific as you can complete objectives like “Grab 50 rebounds in an NBA game”. Pay attention to the rewards if they are worth doing. Some of the quests do not give VCs.

Earning VCs in Other Modes

Simulated one 12-minute quarter game

Playing normal NBA games in MyLeague, MyGM, and Quick Play can also earn you some decent VCs. A 12-minute per quarter game can earn you at least 1,000 VCs each.

The best feature about this is that you can still gain VCs when you simulate a boring game to the end. The VCs you earn will be adjusted accordingly to the number of minutes you played before simulating.

As you can see, the 1,000 – 1,200 VCs earned seems measly compared to MyCareer games mentioned above. Compare it to the number of minutes you played and the gap will be much larger.

When you play regular NBA games in other game modes, you are required to play the whole quarter to earn your VC. In MyCareer, you are simulating the time you are sitting on the bench. It saves you a lot of time if you start adding it all up.

If you are just in it for the VCs, MyCareer paired with quests is always the way to go. These game modes are just supplementary as they do not even require that many VCs to spend.

Regularly playing with your friends in quick matches will give you a ton of VCs without even noticing it.

Other Ways to Get VCs


Loading Screen

You can also get VCs from answering questions on the NBA 2K TV loading screen. Every time you enter a loading screen before a game, you might see some question pop up, and answering it correctly will give you 100-200 VCs.

As a good tip before going to the loading screen, you can have Google ready so you can type in the question immediately. These questions are easy for basketball fanatics but, there are also some questions that involve the video game and not real basketball trivias.

Spin the wheel

Spin the Wheel

When you explore Cancha Del Mar, you will find the Game Room on one of the floors. Here, you will be able to spin the wheel to get some rewards. You can possibly get some VCs here or even hit the jackpot.

You can spin the wheel daily but, there is no guarantee you will be getting VCs or even something you are slightly interested in. Then again, it is free and you can do it on a daily basis.

Final Thoughts

There are many ways to get VCs and the most obvious one was not mentioned. It involves spending a lot of money to buy it yourself from the 2K Store. Since you are here looking to get VCs, it might be a good idea to invest a few dollars to buy some VCs.

This is only if you do not have the time to spare on the methods mentioned above. You can definitely feel the long tedious grind when trying to get your player to a higher rating.