There are only a few endorsement deals available in MyCareer mode. This is a way to limit the way players can exploit getting VCs.

However, there is a lot of grinding involved when you want to get your endorsement deals and reap the rewards.

This guide will show you how to get endorsement deals in NBA 2K22 MyCareer and also teach you which contracts to sign while negotiating the deals.

What Are Endorsement Deals?

Just like in real life, they work the same way in NBA 2K22. The only difference is that you are getting paid in VCs instead of money. This is one way to boost your average salary of VCs per game.

In fact, it is probably the biggest boost to the VCs you earn for each game if you are aware of the incentives as you play. All of these endorsement deals have no conflicts with each other so you do not have to worry about that in NBA 2K22.

These endorsement deals are all negotiable once your name gets bigger so you have more chances of increasing the VCs you earn per game.

Increasing Marketability

When you look through your NBA 2k22 endorsements, you will see your player’s marketability grade. You will need to increase this to unlock more endorsement deals. This gives the companies a better reach and they will give you better rewards on the deals as you increase your marketability.

There is only one way to increase your marketability. It will only be through increasing your fan base.

How to Increase Fans

The best way to unlock endorsement deals and earn more fans is by doing your best every game. Each stellar performance will earn you up to 10K to 25K fans in a single MyCareer game.

This will give you the leverage over the brands to give you a better deal when you start earning more fans. To increase your fans as fast as possible, it will be through making highlight plays consistently.

The fans you receive for each play are completely random. However, some big highlight plays can earn you more fans for each play.

To put it into perspective, getting a steal into converting a fast break can give you around 800 to 2500 fans. It can either be assisting on the fast break or making a highlight dunk or even a posterization on a defender.

Most of the actions increase your fans per play. However, some plays can also reduce the fans you currently have. This works the same way as increasing your teammate grade. You can check out the guide to learn more about the specifics of each play.

What Do You Get From Endorsement Deals?

When you start unlocking your endorsement deals, you will receive messages from the specific brand to negotiate the deal. They will give you a certain amount of VCs for appearing at their events.

These events are just random and you will automatically attend one after playing a few games. You will just receive a notification or a message on your phone when you have VCs to collect from the event.

How do you collect VCs from endorsement deal events?

To get VCs from the events you attend, you will have to go to the Purser’s Office in the main lobby of Cancha Del Mar. You can access it on the 4th floor using the elevator.

All your endorsement checks will accumulate here so always remember to pick this up as it is quite a big chunk of VCs for your progression. This is one of the biggest boosts you can get when you try to increase your rating to 99 in NBA 2K22.


For each endorsement deal, they will try to offer you incentives for your performance in each game playing MyCareer. However, not all deals will include an incentive unless you counteroffer to add an incentive in the deal.

Before signing the contract with the brand, you can see their offer if they have any incentives included in the deal. If not, I suggest you counteroffer by reducing the VCs you get from the events and adding incentives.

These incentives are better than getting one big check from the Purser’s Office because you can have the freedom to grind these during the games. Since most of the incentives have no cap or limit, you can focus on doing them while in the game so you can earn a lot of VCs per game.

As you can see from the image above, you can choose the “2 VC for Pick & Roll Scores” and you can literally do that on every possession. Your performance will determine how much you earn but, it should be bigger than other rewards if you add it all up.

You can even negotiate the number of incentives you have. You can add 2-3 incentives in the deal so you can earn more VCs per game.

However, some of the incentives are not worth it if you add more than one incentive. For example, the picture above only shows you non-repeatable performance incentives during the game. This means that you can only get it once a game.

Compared to the others, it will not be as efficient. You can earn up to 45 to 60 VCs per game on runners and floaters if you just focus on doing them during the game.

It would be wise to choose which incentives to push for depending on where you are good at. Just remember that negotiating unfairly can cause the brand to completely stop the deal. Always try to match their first offer when adjusting the deals.

Store discounts

For some players who care more about aesthetics, including this in the deal can be beneficial for you. It will save you a lot of VCs if you do buy a lot from the stores. You can choose the particular brands you like before including the store discount deal.

How to Renegotiate Endorsement Deals

Once you learn how to get endorsements in 2k22, it’s time to think about what to do when you actually land a deal.

To renegotiate endorsement deals, go to the endorsement page and choose the brand you are looking to renegotiate. Each brand will have a requirement of meeting a certain number of fans before making another deal.

You can look through each brand but, you will also be notified when you reach these milestones anyway. Just play the game normally and you will be able to increase the rewards you have from each endorsement deal you have.

Final Thoughts

These NBA2k22 endorsement deals will be a crucial boost to the amount of VCs you earn in MyCareer. You can even earn more than 2k VCs per game because of the limitless incentives.

Earning more VCs is always a good idea as all the game modes revolve around spending VCs. However, these deals are specific to playing in MyCareer. If you spend most of your time playing MyCareer, this will be the best boost to earn more VCs.

If you ever choose to request a trade and play for another team, these deals will still be active.