The 25 Best Steam Games to Play With Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend

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There are many video games that can be played with other people, but couch co-op games are not as common.

If you invite someone over to play video games, like a friend or a significant other, telling them to bring their own console or PC might not be the best way to do so. If you are trying to get your partner to play with you, there are more effective ways to do it — it generally involves couch co-op games and a list of good titles to pick something that will fit their expectations.

Couch co-op is not dead yet, even though it certainly is uncommon. Still, there are many games out there that have a cooperative mode, and I’m sure you didn’t even know that some can be played that way.

Thinking of that, we decided to list the best games to play with your significant other. We acknowledge that the reasons behind picking one of these games might vary radically.

Your partner might be a videogame veteran that doesn’t like RPGs, but you are trying to get them to try one, or maybe they love RPGs but dislikes adventure games. Perhaps they don’t even like video games, yet they’re willing to give it a shot, but now you don’t know what game to pick.

Well, it doesn’t matter because this list has many games, and at least one of them should be able to help you out. So take your time, read through it, and pick a co-op video game, because these are the 25 best Steam games to play with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

LEGO DC Super-Villains

Lego games have been successful for a long time, and it shouldn’t be a surprise. They are games that have many fan-favorite characters of different franchises. Sometimes they even have all the characters.

On top of that, Lego games are fun parodies that reenact scenes of movies and comics in a very light-hearted, satirical tone or are just straight-up funny and original.

The gameplay is often quite simple. You control a few characters that have to cooperate and use their exclusive abilities to solve puzzles and fight enemies.

When playing cooperatively, each player controls a different character. They can independently move to other areas of the screen, which makes combat much more fun and facilitates solving puzzles.

Although LEGO DC Super-Villains is the last Lego videogame, you can just buy any other Lego game — preferably one that is about a franchise you and your partner like — and have a blast with it.

If you like DC Comics, LEGO DC Super-Villains is one of the most polished and well-designed video games with the Lego name on it.

Portal 2

Portal is legendary, and so is Portal 2. The sequel takes everything that is good about the original and expands on it.

However, there is also a way to play Portal 2 cooperatively. If you think that things get much more manageable, think again. Having to count on someone else to fire a portal gun and know where to place their portals in order to progress might get a bit frustrating at times.

Still, it is a lot of fun to share the Portal experience with someone, especially with your significant other.

Therefore, if you are looking for a fun puzzle game where you, most of the time, get to take your time and slowly progress while solving some of the most fun and complex puzzles ever made, just give Portal 2 a shot.


This game is charming and surprisingly fun. I doubted that I could ever have fun with a game about cooking, but I was so wrong.

Overcooked is a marvelous experience when played cooperatively. Sharing your kitchen with someone else adds to the sense of urgency and makes things very funny.

However, this is also one of those games that can spark some animosity between people. Playing with your partner might be the most fun thing in the world if both of you are in sync and can share responsibilities, but being disorganized will only make one of you get in the way of the other.

This game is not about brainlessly doing chores but about coordination, smart cooperation, fast decision-making, management, and teamwork — which is absolutely crucial.

If you can work with your significant other in a game that can become quite frenetic and hard, try out Overcooked or its sequel. You’ll have a blast.

Stardew Valley

Currently, Stardew Valley is the most popular endless RPG out there. This is a game that will always keep you busy, and if you play it with someone else, you will have many things to do together.

In Stardew Valley, you just moved to Pelican Town and started taking care of a farm that once belonged to your grandfather. Thankfully, unlike Overcooked, Stardew Valley is very relaxing.

Even though the game is very engaging, you will rarely have an intense sense of urgency that will cause you and your partner to start complaining.

There is so much to do in this game that you will always need a hand, which makes the cooperative split-screen mode so good.

Besides all the basic farm chores and crafting, the game also has some dungeons that you and your partner can explore together.


Cuphead is a beautifully designed game about running and gunning that mainly focuses on boss battles. It’s often considered one of most creative and best bullet hell games on steam.

The most fantastic thing about the game is how it complements its already solid and fun mechanics with a hand-drawn art style that looks exactly like colored versions of 1930s cartoons. The game looks so much like something just out of the 30s that its animation is mesmerizing.

The great thing about Cuphead being a great videogame on top of being a great piece of art is that you can play it cooperatively with your partner, and you can both complain about how hard the bosses are. At the same time, you get to admire how beautifully animated the enemies are while they kill you both over and over again.

Honestly, Cuphead is a blast. It might take some time to get used to, and the game can be a bit punishing, but slowly getting better at it is just part of the process, and it is really nice to share that with someone.


Magicka is a hilarious experience. This might be one of the few games out there that becomes much more difficult when playing with someone else helping you.

The game isn’t harder when played with someone else because it throws more enemies at you. From what I remember, it all remains the same, but the game acknowledges that the most common reason for a wizard’s death is another wizard.

You will probably not be doing that on purpose, which makes the whole thing super funny, but you will probably be killing your partner, and they will most likely be killing you accidentally. Many times this will happen while you two try to help each other.

Thankfully, you only lose progression if you both are dead. So as long as one of the wizards remain alive, the other can resurrect and keep playing. That way, you don’t get so salty when you die, and you both can laugh at the ridiculous ways you can get killed in this game.

Metal Slug

If you want something simple and easy to understand, go with Metal Slug. This classic Shoot’em Up is basically about firing at everything that moves while dodging bullets.

You can’t go wrong with any Metal Slug; they are all quite enjoyable. Just pick a character, save some prisoners who will provide better guns, and fire at everything and everyone.

Metal Slug can be played cooperatively without needing a shared screen due to the arcade nature of this platform shooter, and it is pretty fun to have someone covering your back and blasting enemy soldiers with you.

Wild Guns Reloaded

This game is one of my favorite games from the 16bits era, and I remember spending hours playing and replaying it with my friends. Wild Guns Reloaded is a remake of the original Wild Guns that brings a few tweaks and makes it even better than before.

This version of the game is meant for widescreen, which allows you to see more enemies, more bullets, and more of the stage.

Besides, it has new stages and two entirely new characters that change how the game is played.

Wild Guns is a weird game, and it might take some time to get used to the controls, but the steampunk meets wild west theme and the solid gallery shooter gameplay make it one of the most memorable cooperative experiences in video games.

River City Girls

River City Girls is a fun game with a twist on a beloved franchise. Riki and Kuni get themselves in trouble and need to be rescued. Luckily, their girlfriends are just as badass as they are.

This game is such a treat. The gameplay is fun and reminiscent of the original, but it was obviously improved. You get to see so many tropes and fight funny stereotypes that it is hard not to enjoy the silliness of this game.

There are so many moves, magical abilities, weapons, and enemy variety that the game remains refreshing while you punch your way through the stages.

Like most beat’em ups, it has a shared screen cooperative mode, and it is seriously fun to play it with someone else.

Dynasty Warriors 7

Not everyone is into the aesthetics of Dynasty Warriors and the Musou style of gameplay, but I argue that anyone who gives these games a shot will end up enjoying them.

Dynasty Warriors 7: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition is a Musou game that takes place in the old three kingdoms of China.

The game has a chaotic story with drama, betrayal, war, and all you’d expect from a Chinese drama. However, it also embraces much of the Wuxia choreographic style and goes crazy with it.

Each character can single-handedly defeat dozens of ordinary soldiers.

This game also features a split-screen cooperative mode that lets you and your partner slash through hundreds of enemies together.


If you like Musou games but prefer Japanese History over Chinese, Samurai Warrior 5 is the game you are looking for.

In this game, you will find everything that you would find in a Dynasty Warriors game. There is a solid plot based on actual Japanese history with lots of emotionally charged moments, twists, and extremely powerful characters that can cut through hundreds of enemies.

This game also features shared screen cooperative gameplay, which is why it is on this list.

Not that you don’t have to either play Dynasty Warriors or Samurai Warriors. I’m sure you and your girlfriend will have fun playing either.


Tunche is a charming Beat’em Up game that takes place in the Amazon. The art is hand-drawn, and the overall visual design of the game is very cute.

Interestingly, this game is also a roguelike, so it might take a while before it becomes repetitive. It also has five different characters, each with their own unique abilities, adding a lot of replayability to the game.

Although it might not be for everyone, some people are not into games with realistic art, gritty visuals, or your usual buff beat’em up characters, so Tunche’s art style might be an excellent way to introduce someone to the genre.

Either way, this game was very well received on Steam, and it can be played cooperatively; and it is a good game overall, so there is no reason not to give it a shot.

Streets of Rage 4

Streets of Rage is such an iconic Beat’em Up franchise. It started back in the 16bits era, and it disappeared for long years.

Thankfully, it is finally back. This absolutely gorgeous hand-drawn game has charming visuals and fantastic gameplay that it is hard not to praise it too much.

The characters are all different from one another, and they are all fun to play as. The streets feel alive and dangerous, there’s a good variety of enemies, and the mechanics make it possible to find cool combos and use special moves in the coolest ways.

Like all the previous games of this franchise, you team up with someone to beat up criminals, so call your significant other and go play some Streets of Rage 4 with them.

Trine: Ultimate Collection

Trine is such a lovely series. In all Trine games, you control a Wizard, a Knight, and a Thief who work together to solve puzzles and fight enemies along the way.

Trine is essentially a puzzle game that has you constantly switching characters to figure out who needs to do what so you can progress in the game.

Things get much more fun when played cooperatively because the other player can control one of the three characters.

On top of that, Trine: Ultimate Collection comes with all four Trine games, and it is definitely worth it.

The Takeover

The Takeover is not an old Beat’em Up franchise but a love letter to old games of the genre such as Streets of Rage and Final Fight.

The game has an art style that uses rendered images, like old Killer Instinct games. There are three main characters and a secret one.

The plot is quite simple; a little girl was kidnapped during a moment when all the bad guys decided to take over the city, and now you have to punch everybody on your way to prevent that from happening and get the little girl back.

The game is fun and allows for button combinations, different combos, and the shared screen co-op that makes Beat’em Up games much more fun.

Aces Wild

Aces Wild is a hidden gem. If Beat’em Ups is your girlfriend’s thing, introduce them to this little game that most people have never heard about.

This game is crazy and different from most of what you’ve seen in the genre, which makes it beyond awesome.

You fight through many enemies with weird attack patterns and unique movements. You have to master your dodge and your character’s strengths so you can continue hitting the enemies with long combos to become even more powerful.

Few games made me have more fun cooperatively than Aces Wild. This is one of those games that makes you feel powerful but makes you work to apply that power effectively.

The game doesn’t become any easier when in co-op mode. However, when everything gets crazy, at least you’ll have someone to either help you or die with you.

Darksiders Genesis

This is a very known franchise that has some of the best Zelda-like games that often tweak the gameplay enough to feel fresh.

Darksiders Genesis is the debut of Strife in the Darksiders franchise who teams up with his best sibling, War.

This is an isometric action-adventure game that can be played alone, with a single-player switching between characters, or cooperative via split-screen.

The game is fun to play for many reasons. Not only is the gameplay good, but the characters are also distinct, and the dynamic between those two is often quite hilarious.

Playing through this with your girlfriend certainly is an excellent way to spend your time. The plot is not genius, but it is different, both characters are fun, and there is a lot to do in the game.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is a good game that allows cooperative play from the get-go.

If you are playing alone, you get to switch between characters, but it is much more enjoyable if played in co-op mode due to the importance of each character.

Since they are both important to what you must do in order to advance, it feels great to count on teamwork in the split-screen mode.

This is an action game with many mysteries and good gameplay that is fun to theorize about while surviving the undead.

It Takes Two

There is a reason behind this game’s fame and relevance; it is absolutely wonderful.

The game is about a couple, which in itself might be already a good game to play with your significant other, but it is also an innovative experience that manages to make both players feel needed and equally important throughout the entire campaign, which is quite rare in modern games.

It Takes Two is generally a 3D platformer, but it will frequently change and twist the gameplay to keep your experience fresh and fun.

It sometimes completely changes how the game is played during some sections just for the sake of never boring you.

It Takes Two is an award-winning cooperative game that has been praised by players and critics, so if you have someone to play this game with, just do it.


Haven is an Action RPG that allows you to play with someone else when doing exploration and combat. What makes this game interesting to play with your partner is the fact the game itself is about a couple.

It might not be the best cooperative game out there, and it certainly isn’t an award-winning RPG, but the fact that this is a game about a couple that has been together for a while reflects in many ways the relationship of many people out there.

The more you play with your partner, the more you will be in sync when it comes to combat and exploration. Haven is a cute game with a heartwarming story and is a perfect choice to play with your significant other.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition

Divinity: Original Sin Definitive Edition is by far one of the greatest RPGs released in the past few years. The game is an homage to older games such as Baldur’s Gate, but it stands on its own and uses that familiar scheme to deliver something fresh and spectacular.

Besides being a fantastic game on its own, Divinity: Original Sin 2 Definitive Edition has a local co-op mode that will seamlessly split the screen and rejoin based on how close the characters are to each other.

If you are trying to get someone — or in this case, your partner— into RPG games, I’d say that playing divinity in co-op mode is probably a good way to do so.

There aren’t many RPG players out there that can be played with someone else locally, so I strongly suggest you try out this one.

Unravel Two

The sequel to the beautiful Unravel is a significant improvement when it comes to puzzles and platforming challenges, and it is a blast to play it with someone else.

Although you can play the game all by yourself, the game is clearly designed to play with someone else.

The other player can be used as an anchor to the others so you can swing and climb in ways that you wouldn’t be able to by yourself. This inevitably forces players to coordinate their actions, which results in a genuinely bonding experience in an already enjoyable game.

Unravel Two is just good looking as its previous installment, but it is undoubtedly a better game, and it is a great experience to share with someone.

A Way Out

A Way Out is a prison break drama that can be played cooperatively and was developed by the same people behind It Takes Two.

There are some really extraordinary moments with great cinematography in this game. They have significantly different visuals depending on which side of the screen you’re looking at since each player will have a different perspective on the scene that is playing out.

The plot is well written, and it becomes even more interesting when you notice that each character has different conversations with NPCs. There are also some really neat moments when you have to cooperate with the other player to get things done.

The gameplay is more like many minigames that can be both refreshing and annoying due to the frequent changes that do not always stick the landing. Even so, it is worth playing, especially if you are into cinematic games with well-told stories.


Biped is a charming puzzle game that relies on a quite funny gimmick; players have to independently control each leg of the robot character they are playing.

So, if you want to walk, you literally have to learn how to use each of the analog sticks — or whatever you are using to play the game — to control each leg.

This creates many hilarious moments when being played cooperatively since you and your partner will need to solve puzzles together and coordinate your actions in a game that makes movement already somewhat complicated.

The graphics are decent, the art style is cute, and the gameplay is fun and can be played slowly, making it a perfect stress-free experience to share with someone.

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is one of those retro-inspired games that aim to look like what we remember from old games rather than looking exactly like them.

The game borrows a lot from many different titles of the 8bits era and does so the best way it can — it uses things from that era, but it frequently adds a modern twist. 

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is incredibly fun and is packed with hours of enjoyment.

This platformer also features a shared screen mode, so you and your partner can both explore the world of Shovel Knight and fight bosses together.

Shovel Knight is not a complex game, and the simple mechanics might only make it a better choice to play with someone when you are just trying to relax a bit and have some fun.


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