Defining a third-person game can be a bit hard. If we go by the most basic definition, the game falls under the third-person category if you can see your character.

In other words, either you are controlling your character from a first-person perspective or from a third-person one.

However, things can become a bit trickier when it comes to this subgenre. If we take this definition literally, every platformer, Metroidvania, and most games in existence could fit this category. To make it simple, I decided to use 3D games in which you control a character you can see.

Some games here use an over-the-shoulder perspective; others make you follow your character from behind. Either way, following this loose definition, these are the best third-person games on Steam.

Elden Ring

monster elden ring
GenreSouls-like, RPG, Open world, 3D, Dark Fantasy
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperFromSoftware Inc.
Length56 hours for the main story; 130+ hours for completionists
Release DateFebruary 25, 2022

Elden Ring is known as the Japanese Skyrim and as FromSoftware’s best product up to the end of the PS4 era. This title feels both like a love letter and a goodbye to Dark Souls.

The game has all the elements that made the Dark Souls series great. Dungeons with shortcuts and interconnected areas, excellent level design, great enemy design, tough-but-fair challenges, build variety, methodical approach to combat, and so much more.

As a fan of FromSoftware’s work, there is no way I could leave Elden Ring out of this list. Whether you want to play a powerful wizard or an undying knight, this game will be fun for you as long as you can welcome the challenge.

Elden Ring was praised both by critics and players and has been considered a nearly perfect game, which is no easy feat. Its intriguing story, tight gameplay, and creative boss fights are just some of the many things that make this game mysterious, addictive, and unforgettable.

This is a game that has crossed the barrier and managed to please even those who weren’t Dark Souls fans. So if you haven’t played Elden Ring so far, go do it right now. Saying that this is a great game that left its mark on the industry feels like an understatement. This is how great it is.

Resident Evil 2 Remake

GenreZombies, Survival, Horror, Dark
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Length20+ hours for the main story; 35+ hours for completionists
Release DateJanuary 25, 2019

I still remember the first time Leon drove to Racoon city in a police uniform. Although some things do not happen exactly the same way, Resident Evil 2 Remake managed to recapture the exact same feeling of the old games.

This is one of the games that made Capcom fans feel like the company was finally back to making good games. We all remember the company’s old glory. We all wanted Capcom to make a great return. Luckily, they did.

Resident Evil 2 is a survival horror game in which you have to deal with zombies while trying to escape the city and survive. However, the longer you stay in Racoon city, the more you discover about an ongoing conspiracy, bioterrorism, and over-the-top villains that only make this franchise memorable.

This game is by far my favorite Resident Evil game currently. And although I have played the original again for nostalgia’s sake, it’s easy to recommend this one without complaining about how the original was better.

This was clearly a passion project made by people who loved the original Resident Evil 2 way more than I do, and it shows in every single aspect of it. No wonder the Resident Evil series is among the best horror games on steam.

Resident Evil 3 Remake

GenreSurvival, Horror, Zombies, Dark
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Length15+ hours for the main story; 25+ hours for completionists
Release DateApril 3, 2020

Jill Valentine is a fan-favorite character that has been present since the first Resident Evil game.

Although many fans didn’t like how she was represented in this game, she still is a badass. Jill is the one who survived the first incident. She also survived Nemesis, one of the most powerful monsters created by Umbrella.

Resident Evil 3 Remake is not as long as the original Resident Evil, which is unfortunate. Generally speaking, the Resident Evil 2 Remake is a better game, but it doesn’t mean that RE3R is not good.

Much like the previous title, this is an over-the-shoulder survival horror game with zombies and monsters. However, Resident Evil 3 Remake is a bit more action-oriented. Jill Valentine can dodge and more effectively engage in battles than Leon and Claire in RE2.

Resident Evil 3 might be short, but it can be more thrilling than its predecessor due to Nemesis. If you want a faster RE2R or finished the previous game and want more, Resident Evil 3 Remake will do the trick.

Devil May Cry 5

Devil may cry
GenreAction, Hack and Slash, Violent
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Length12+ hours for the main story; 66+ hours for completionists
Release DateMarch 8, 2019

Dante’s return was when I knew Capcom was back. Honestly, this game is everything that Devil May Cry fans wanted. We once again get to see Nero and Dante swinging and kicking demon ass as the badasses they’ve always been. However, this time, we see it in all the glory Capcom’s RE engine provides.

Devil May Cry 5 is one of the best-looking games to have ever been released on the PS4, and it looks even better on PC. On top of all that, they added a third character.

V, the mysterious new character, was innovative enough to make me want to try him. He doesn’t overstay his welcome and completely changes the pace of this game, showing that good designers can do wonders with good ideas.

Although I appreciate that Devil May Cry 5 has an exciting plot, the most remarkable thing about this game is its characters. Each of them has a strong and distinct personality. Although often over-the-top, you will remember their names and how they behave.

Nobody forgets characters like Dante, Vergil, and Nero. Add that to one of the best hack-n-slash games ever made, and you know that nobody will forget Devil May Cry 5.


warframe 784x
GenreFree-to-play, ARPG, Looter Shooter
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperDigital Extremes
Release DateMarch 26, 2013

I remember picking up Warframe right after I beat Mass Effect 3. I needed a third-person shooter in a sci-fi setting, and this was the closest thing to it that I could find. Little did I know that this game was very different from what I was expecting.

Warframe is an old looter shooter that is constantly being updated and supported by its developers. This passion project has been around for a long time, and it only gets better.

In this game, you choose a Warframe, which is like an armor, and fight enemies and aliens on different maps. However, these armors are basically the game’s excuse to have you controlling several different space ninjas that can do many incredible things.

Warframe lets you wall-run, slide while shooting, perform long jumps, melee attack enemies, and so much more. There are so many options for customization and how to approach battles that it can be overwhelming at times.

Although Warframe wasn’t always the great game that it is, it is clear that the developers keep learning and adding more exciting things to the game. This is a free-to-play game, so you have nothing to lose by giving it a shot, so I suggest you do it.

God of War

God of War
GenreAction, Story Rich, Adventure
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperSanta Monica Studio
Length15+ hours for the main story; 50+ hours for completionists
Release DateJanuary 14, 2022

Everybody was pleasantly surprised by Santa Monica’s new take on Kratos. After three games of being a yelling god slayer, Kratos decided to give another shot at having a family in a very distant land.

Unfortunately for Kratos, the Norse gods didn’t want to give him any piece either. After the death of his beloved wife, the former god of war takes his son on a quest with a single objective, to take his wife’s ash to the highest mountain as she desired.

This is a game that has you going through Santa Monica’s unique take on Norse mythology. You will see the Bifrost, the World Serpent, some of the Norse gods, new creatures, and so much more.

God of War is a well-written story with a lot of heart and can easily be watched instead of played. However, the gameplay is also pretty good. Kratos’ new magic weapons make him feel very different along with the new over-the-shoulder perspective, but it was a good call.

This feels like a new chapter to the franchise, and it helps make you feel like yelling Kratos is from another era. There are many twists, memorable characters, and a great sense of curiosity and satisfaction once the game is over. God of War is one of the best video games ever made.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

GenreSouls-like, Action, Ninja
Where to Buy?Steam
Length30+ hours for the main story; 70+ hours for completionists
Release DateMarch 22, 2019

This game took a lot of people by surprise. FromSoftware has made a bunch of different games, including the classic Armored Core series. However, Sekiro is the only dissident one since Demon’s Souls came out.

Don’t get me wrong, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a challenging game. Not only that, it follows many design ideas that you see in Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, and Elden Ring. However, this is a game that does not use a Stamina bar and doesn’t make you rely on dodge rolling like the mentioned games.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is all about patterns, but it is also about reacting and parrying. The combat is not as active and fast-paced as the one found in Nioh. Still, it is just as engaging, if not more.

Sekiro is critically acclaimed, although its difficulty level was highly criticized. This is not a game that you can brainlessly finish. You must put a lot of effort into learning the game’s mechanics. Not only that, but you must also understand the way enemies behave, their position, and attack patterns.

This game might not be everyone’s cup of tea. It might also not be what you are looking for if you want another Nioh. However, to those who want a really challenging experience that is extremely tough but still fair, check Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.

Dark Souls: Remastered

GenreSouls-like, RPG, Dark Fantasy, Action
Where to Buy?Steam
Length28+ hours for the main story; 65+ hours for completionists
Release DateMay 24, 2018

I don’t need to let people know that Dark Souls is beyond brilliant. At least to me, the game feels like a 3D Metroidvania game. It has an interconnected world with locked passages, a combat system that demands trial and error, and some of the best boss designs in video games. Not only that, the plot allowed FromSoftware to have one of the best dark fantasy settings ever made.

Dark Souls can be rage-inducing. This game is Demon’s Souls’ spiritual successor, and the series has only evolved since it came out. It can take a while for players to understand what makes this game great. However, the more you play it, the more you get it.

After a few hours of not understanding the hype, it just clicked for me. No matter how mad I was at what had just happened before I died, I was able to try again under the same conditions. If I fail, it is my fault and only my fault.

Besides the fantastic level design and gameplay, Dark Souls also has an interesting take on questing. The NPCs will do their own thing no matter whether you help them. Sure, some might be locked and unable to move, but others will move and travel no matter what you do. You might be a part of their journey or not. 

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin

Dark Souls II
GenreSouls-like, RPG, Action, Dark Fantasy
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperFromSoftware, Inc
Length35+ hours for the main story; 100+ hours for completionists
Release DateApril 2, 2015

I understand that Dark Souls II is not the most polished game of the franchise. Still, although I agree that the original Dark Soul is the better game overall, Dark Souls II is my favorite.

This game happens long after the first game ends. We can’t know how long after because time is convoluted in this universe, and it might have been thousands of years.

Dark Souls II establishes the idea of the cycle. The First Flame fades and is reignited over and over again throughout many eras. 

This game made me feel like an archeologist. I was constantly trying to understand how it was connected to Dark Souls, and all I could do was speculate. However, this game was cleverly designed in a way that you can infer a lot from its environments.

Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin comes with three DLC quests, each better than the other. The level design in Dark Souls II is not generally significant. However, the DLC levels are the clear exception. Each place is more interesting than the previous one. They are all filled with new challenges, bosses, and lore.

Dark Souls 3

dark souls 3 784x 1
GenreSouls-like, RPG, Dark Fantasy, Action
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperFromSoftware, Inc.
Length30+ hours for the main story; 95+ hours for completionists
Release DateApril 12, 2016

Although the gameplay of Dark Souls 3 is by far the best one, this is my least favorite Dark Souls game due to its plot. That being said, it still is one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Time is convoluted, but it only exists while the First Flame burns. Since the First Flame is fading, time and space are getting messier and nearly impossible to understand. At the end of Dark Souls, reigns from different places in time and space start merging.

This game feels apocalyptic, and I do believe that it was the idea. Dark Souls 3 drops a few references to acknowledge the existence of Dark Souls 2, but it mostly ignores the second game.

The lore is directly tied to the gods of Anor Londo and what needs to be done now that the First Flame can’t be reignited.

Dark Souls 3 also has some great DLC content. It shouldn’t be surprising, though. Dark Souls is one of the few franchises where buying DLC is always worth it.

Dead Space

Dead Space
GenreHorror, Shooter, Sci-fi, Space
Where to Buy?Steam
Length11 hours to beat
Release DateOctober 20, 2008

This game is old, but don’t let it prevent you from experiencing one of the best survival horror games ever made. This is a game like Resident Evil 4 when it comes to some gameplay elements. However, although the inspiration is clearly seen, Dead Space is very much its own thing.

Dead Space has some Lovecraftian elements, like cults, an alien tablet that nobody understands, a life-form beyond our comprehension and technology, etc. But besides all that, this game is also terrifying.

The developers knew exactly what they were doing when they put this game together. They nailed the environmental storytelling, the presented threat, and the claustrophobia of being in a dead ship. 

In this game, you play as Isaac, an engineer. He is not supposed to be dealing with enemies, but he has no choice. It even shows in the way you control him. Controlling Isaac doesn’t feel like you are in a third-person shooter cause you’re not meant to feel that way.

You are always wondering when you will be attacked, and it can cause you to jump from your chair due to a pipe that blew up or a lamp that fell down. There’s genuine horror in Dead Space. It pleasantly surprised me that someone could combine sci-fi, over-the-shoulder action, survival horror, and cosmic horror in a single game and execute it so marvelously.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition

GenreOpen world, RPG, Adventure
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperBethesda Game Studios
Length25 hours for the main story; 210+ hours for completionists
Release DateOctober 28, 2016

I don’t need to tell you about Skyrim, but I’m going to anyway. The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim is probably one of, if not the, most successful and known RPG video games in existence.

This is a game with over 90% positive reviews on Steam and a 94% score on Metacritic. This game provides a tremendous amount of freedom, from who you play to how you tackle the world.

You can engage in many side quests and play them in a number of different ways, abuse your stealth skills, kill everyone in your path, and so much more. Besides, there are dungeons to explore and dragons to defeat.

This is a very engaging game that can feel infinite sometimes. Although it is limited, Skyrim has so many mods that you can play it forever. Many people started playing Skyrim when it came out and never stopped.

The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim Special Edition is a remastered version with better graphics, new water shaders, and more detailed textures. I recommend getting this one if you don’t have Skyrim yet.

Yakuza 0

yakuza 0 784x 1
GenreStory Rich, Action, Beat ‘Em Up
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperRyu Ga Gotoku Studio
Length30 hours for the main story; 140+ hours for completionists
Release DateAugust 1, 2018

Yakuza is a legendary franchise about the life of criminals in the Japanese mafia. This goes from how they interact and influence society to how they manage their own lives while dealing with this dangerous lifestyle.

Yakuza is not a franchise trying to show you the most realistic approach to the theme. It does take some liberties to tell its stories. However, many concepts, personalities, and plots are rooted in how things are in the real world.

This is a testosterone-filled game, so it might not be for everyone. The developers are well aware that Yakuza games are a niche product, but that’s the people they want to please with this.

This game has RPG elements such as quests and character development, but you also have action sequences and action combat. There’s nothing quite like Yakuza games. If you are curious, there is a good chance you will like it.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

hellblade 784x
GenreAtmospheric, Psychological
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperNinja Theory
Length7 hours to beat
Release DateAugust 8, 2017

This is a game that is a bit tricky to recommend. Hellblade was designed in a way that shows what it’s like to go through psychosis.

Hellblade is so cleverly designed that you can only progress through the game once you start thinking and seeing the world the way Senua does.

You start to rely on the voices in her head and her need to find patterns. After all, you don’t progress unless you follow her brain’s rules.

This game is also a horror adventure. Although everything is happening inside Senua’s head, you fight enemies, get scare-jumps, and deal with puzzles while the voices aid or get in the way.

This is a high-quality game produced by indie developers, and it shows. They managed to make a lot from little, and the result is brilliant.

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is not a perfect game by any means, but it is a work of art. It manages to be a fun game that helps players understand more about these challenges and maybe be more empathetic to those who face them daily.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Shadow of Mordor
GenreOpen world, Action, RPG, Fantasy, Adventure
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperMonolith Productions
Length15 hours for the main story; 30+ hours for completionists
Release DateOctober 1, 2014

This game was a pleasant surprise. Although it doesn’t follow every single aspect of Middle-Earth’s lore, it respects it enough to deliver something fun and thematic.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor puts you in the shoes of Talion, an undead ranger who is kept in the mortal realm by sharing a body with the maker of the One Ring. Talion becomes this thing after he is sacrificed with his family in a dark ritual.

Celebrimbor, a grumpy elf who clearly sees himself as a superior being, is what grants Talion many of his supernatural abilities. That way, Talion becomes an immortal one-man army in his path to revenge.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor is what you get when you mix Assassins Creed and Lord of the Rings. You can be stealthy, but you can also be an unstoppable force and finish off dozens of orcs on your own. It’ll depend on how good you are.

Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina
GenreMechs, Action, Robots
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperMarvelous Inc.
Length15 hours for the main story; 35+ for completionists
Release DateFebruary 14, 2020

I like mecha games, and I love the aesthetics of Japanese mechas. Still, I’m not necessarily enthusiastic about all things with a mecha.

There are many games with cool robots that didn’t capture my attention. This is not the case with Daemon X Machina. This game is a love letter to Armored Core, but it is also its own thing.

On top of all that, Daemon X Machina is unapologetic anime. Being that way doesn’t usually make me like a game, but I certainly respect this game’s self-awareness, and it makes me like it more.

Daemon X Machina has you playing as a freelancer paid to fight off AI threats and new life forms. You do it while controlling a mech suit unit which they call Arsenals.

I love how customizable your arsenal is. You can change its arms, legs, torso, head, painting patterns, colors, weapons, etc. I had a lot of fun making my arsenal look and fight precisely how I wanted it to.

This is a niche game, but I haven’t seen anyone who likes mecha complaining about it.

Code Vein

code vein 784x
GenreSouls-like, Anime, JRPG, Action
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperBandai Namco Studios
Length25 hours for the main story; 55+ hours for completionists
Release DateSeptember 27, 2019
Multiplayer?Yes, online co-op

Many people describe Code Vein as an anime version of Dark Souls, and they are not necessarily wrong gameplay-wise.

This is an action RPG that borrows many elements from Dark Souls. It has a stamina bar, and it demands you to know a lot about enemy placement. Code Vein also has enormous bosses, a lot of pattern learning, and more.

This game is also known for incentivizing cooperative play, and this is something that I personally find very nice and seems unique to Code Vein.

You will not like this game just because of its visuals, but you might enjoy it quite a lot if you like anime and Dark Souls.

This game was well by players and has a 72 score on Metacritic. The graphics are good, the story is comprehensible, and the combat is fun. Code Vein also grants players a lot of freedom by allowing them to change their classes when they want. If you are willing to face the challenge, Code Vein is an excellent game.

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Batman Arkham Asylum
GenreAction, Stealth, Superhero
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperRocksteady Studios
Length11 hours to beat
Release DateMarch 27, 2010

I remember the first time I played Batman: Arkham Asylum and could not stop thinking about how I felt like Batman. This game does make you feel like the best detective in the world and a scary, competent fighter with a lot of combat toys.

In Batman: Arkham Asylum, you control Batman while he tries to discover what is going on inside an Asylum for the Criminally Insane. This is the place where they keep Gotham’s worst villains, including the Joker. 

I loved every second of this game. Controlling Batman makes you feel like a ninja, but it also makes you feel smart. When you are surrounded, you will end up going for hand-to-hand combat. The combat system also makes you feel how much of a badass the bat can be. 

Batman: Arkham Asylum was not recently released, but it seems to have aged decently. It also has an exciting and well-designed gameplay loop that doesn’t overstay any of its elements. 


GenreSouls-like, Action, RPG, Dark Fantasy
Where to Buy?Steam
Length35 hours for the main story; 95+ hours for completionists
Release DateNovember 7, 2017

Nioh is a Souls-like game, which means that it is an action RPG with a stamina bar. As the name suggests, it also means that Nioh was inspired by FromSoftware’s Dark Souls. Although all that is true, Nioh is so different that it is way more than a clone.

This game has you playing as a western on Japanese soil. The main character is William Adams, who is searching for the man that imprisoned his spirit guardian.

You will also come across many different weapons and spirits that you help you in this journey. The story is not the most significant thing about this game, but I appreciate that it is there.

In Nioh, your energy bar is not really stamina but Ki. Players can use this resource in ways that are not possible in FromSoftware’s games. For instance, you can change postures to diminish the amount of Ki spent, which allows you to keep swinging your swords.

Batman: Arkham City

Arkham City
GenreAction, Open world, Stealth, Superhero
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperRocksteady Studios
Length13 hours for the main story; 50+ hours for completionists
Release DateSeptember 8, 2012

I enjoyed every moment of Batman: Arkham City. They manage to take everything they established in the previous game and use in an open world map.

You get to climb buildings, drop on thugs from rooftops, and fight dozens of enemies on the street. There are also stealth and investigation sections to make the gameplay loop less repetitive. This makes Batman: Arkham City one of the first games with elements that would show in many other open-world games.

Sometimes it can be hard to see anything original about Batman: Arkham City. Mainly because many games used similar ideas and principles but changed the theme. Shadow of Mordor, Spiderman, Horizon, and so many other games used many elements that appeared here first and might have been in games that came out before.

However, it is still nice to see one of the first games that managed to put it all together. Also, thematically speaking, you do feel like Batman in this game, which is always nice when a game is trying to sell you that exact fantasy.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

GenreAction-Adventure, Souls-like, Sci-fi
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperRespawn Entertainment
Length17 hours to beat
Release DateNovember 15, 2019

If anyone had told me that EA was going to publish a souls-like Star Wars game, I would not have believed it. In fact, I could barely believe it when this game came out. Could it be any good? Yes. It is an excellent Star Wars game, actually.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is indeed a souls-like game, but maybe not in the way you think. There are similar elements, but don’t expect a stamina bar. Yet, you do get a force bar that drains when you use stronger attacks and force powers.

This game feels souls-like in other ways. Knowing enemy placement is necessary to advance safely. Trial and error is a big part of this game, both in regular fights and boss fights. There is also the way you collect experience points or the game’s version of it, and how you lose it, which is reminiscent of Dark Souls.

That being said, this is a Star Wars game. You play as a Jedi, and you get to deflect blasters, duel against inquisitors, force push people, and so much more.

This is an easy-to-recommend game if you like Star Wars or Dark Souls, but it is mandatory if you like both.

Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition

Devil May Cry 4
GenreAction, Hack and Slash
Where to Buy?Steam
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Length10 hours for the main story; 60+ hours for completionists
Release DateJune 23, 2015

This game is not perfect, but I still love it. This was the first time when players saw the hot-headed Nero. We all knew that they were setting him up to be a new protagonist, but what we really wanted to know was how he was related to Dante.

 Nero grew on us over time, and most Devil May Cry fans welcome his addition to the franchise. Nero introduced many gameplay elements that were exclusive to him, like revving his Red Queen sword or grabbing enemies with his Devil Bringer arm.

Players can also go through the game with other characters in the Special Edition. Although there is not much storytelling, you get to play as Trish, Vergil, and Lady if you want to.

The game is from the PS3 era, and DMC5 is a vast improvement, but Devil May Cry 4 has laid the bricks for it to happen.

Despite all its problems, which aren’t many, this is a game with frantic combat, a good soundtrack, memorable characters, and the comedy and self-awareness we like to see in this franchise.