14 Survival Horror Games Like Resident Evil

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The Resident Evil franchise pioneered the survival horror genre. Since 1996, the series perfectly captured how intense and terrifying fighting monsters and infected creatures can be.

Each of the long-running franchise’s entries captures audiences with engaging gameplay and an often cheesy story. Resident Evil is known for mixing survival horror and action in their games, leaning more towards the latter with each new entry.

What makes this franchise awesome is its emphasis on puzzle-solving. Everything is a puzzle—whether traditional puzzles to managing your resources, and navigating through the expansive layout. 

Because of its exposure throughout the years, the game has been revered as a template for other games of the survival horror genre. Some of them manage to recreate the magic of Resident Evil, while also adding their unique flair to the formula.

So if you’ve played through the Resident Evil catalogue and haven’t had your fill, this is the list for you. Here are the 14 survival horror games like Resident Evil:

Tormented Souls

Available on Windows, PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

To start off this list is this fantastic game that almost embraced every Resident Evil element called Tormented Souls. It is a survival horror game with a fixed-camera position that captivates the essence of an actual horror game.

You play as Caroline Walker as you investigate missing twins inside an insane asylum. There, expect the game will become suspenseful as you battle horrifying monsters throughout your investigation.

Additionally, its gameplay loop emphasizes puzzle-solving mechanics while in a tense state of mind. The game also showcases the need to survive as you battle enemies head-on.  

In terms of storytelling, the game will not disappoint you as the game offers multiple endings. However, there are essential requirements to trigger one of the conclusions for the whole game.

Overall, Tormented Souls is an excellent go-to horror game if you’re in the zone for one. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.


Available on Windows, Linux, MacOS, Stadia, Steam, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Darkwood is the best example of a survival horror genre done right. It is a horror game with a top-down perspective that highlights an ominous soundtrack that complements its dark and unsettling ambiance.

The need to survive is what really shines about this game, as you need to scavenge and look for areas to ensure security for you. In addition, the game allows players to choose their battles as the enemies in this game will annoy you.

What makes the game similar to RE is its storage management system, in which you have a minimal slot for items. This will test your organizational skills to determine what equipment is more important.

Aside from that, you need to maximize the usage of your items as the game provides limited resources. On top of that, you can also craft items for more coverage for your storage.

All in all, Darkwood is an excellent pick for a horror-struck sense of gameplay. This game is considered one of the best games like Resident Evil. 

Hunt: Showdown

Available on Windows, Xbox One, and PS4.

If you love some cowboys taking out a couple of scary monsters, Then Hunt: Showdown is the game for you. The game is an excellent first-person shooter which focuses on an action sense of gameplay sprinkled with slight exploration.

This game reminisces players from the recent titles of Resident Evil games which embraced horror and action fused together. However, the gameplay will gradually become tense as you conclude your hunting.

To supplement that, the game offers a couple of enemies, each with its own characteristics. For example, if you get spotted by a Witch, it’ll send a horde of insects capable of poisoning you. 

Also, What the title truly shines is its multiplayer gameplay which allows you to play with friends. You can also battle against other players as the game is focused on the competitive side.

That being said, this game is an excellent choice for players with a different perspective on horror games. Hence, making it one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Fear the Dark Unknown

Available on Windows and Steam.

Fear the Dark Unknown took inspiration from classic horror games, specifically the first Resident Evil gameIt is an indie survival horror game that shouts terror everywhere.

You play as either James or Chloe as they look for clues about the murder of their mother and wife. The approach to storytelling is an interesting idea as each campaign shares an interconnecting storyline.

The gameplay is also decent as you solve tricky puzzles immediately. Not to mention it has a fixed camera position, which also supplements horror elements.

In addition, you can wield weapons to fight against creatures that dwell in the dark. Along your journey, you can acquire firearms and melee weapons capable of defeating monsters.

Remember that playing this game requires you to focus on your surroundings as enemies will appear out of the blue. Therefore, consider picking your fights each time you encounter an adversary.

All in all, Fear the Dark Unknown is a game that will take you back from the classic era of horror games. However, the game is truly one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Simulacrum Chapter One

Available on Windows and Steam.

Another game to make on this list is this game which is inspired by a classic style of horror called Simulacrum Chapter One. The game is also considered an indie version of Resident Evil from the PS1 with an eerie soundtrack and decent voice acting.

You play as Abigail, who is transported inside a painting from her house for unknown reasons. You are tasked to escape this terrifying world as you uncover the mysteries of your roots.

As I said, the game is similar to old Resident Evil games but with less fighting prowess against enemies. However, the game shines the most in the puzzle-solving mechanics present in each area of the game.

In addition, these puzzles took the form of a riddle where you need to find answers with your exploration. But, of course, These are also pivotal to the game’s story.

Overall, Simulacrum Chapter One is an excellent alternative pick if you are in the mood for horror games. Hence, it is one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Ebola 2

Available on Windows and Steam.

Ebola 2 is a game that embraced the whole formula of old and recent titles of Resident Evil. It is a first-person shooter horror game that captivates the charm of RE with smooth rendering and an eerie soundtrack.

The story is also similar to the premise of the main subject of this list. Again, you play as Leo, which forcedly called for a job while having a day off in a city overrun by infectious beings.

Gameplay-wise, it is identical to RE7, which adapted a first-person perspective complete with a handful of firearms at your disposal. In addition, the game also neglects an auto-save feature to add some challenges to your progress.

Moreover, Ebola 2 also has a couple of puzzles to solve, from decoding codes to locating keys to unlocking doors and closets. Not to mention a lock-picking segment inspired by the said game.

With all that being said, this game is truly a superb choice if you’re a Resident Evil player. Hence, making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Dead Rising HD

Available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Wii.

Capcom’s over-the-top and amusingly fun game Dead Rising HD deserves a spot on this list. This game is a remastered version of the previous one that captures the essence of a survival and action genre in one package.

The story takes place when a photojournalist Frank West as he, covers a shopping mall crowded with zombies and lunatic owners combined. You investigate each of them as they live a mundane but sadistic life using the undead.

Dead Rising’s gameplay has an interactive touch, where you can use weapons around the environment, such as shovels or bicycles, to fight against zombies. Additionally, your trusty camera also comes in handy.

Using Frank’s camera can earn PP or prestige points to purchase skills. For example, taking pictures of NPCs or surroundings as a subject will grant you points for it.

The game is centered on a skill-set system to empower your character. Completing a case will grant you experience points as a sign of improvement. 

Also, it requires you to check your in-game time. This is because each mission and event in your case file is designed in a schedule that can expire.

Overall, this game is a delight for players of extreme violence with a touch of survival elements. Hence, this game is one of the best games like Resident Evil.


Available on Windows and PS4.

This classic gem from the PS2 makes its appearance on this list, and Manhunt is an absolute hit for players. It is an ultra-violent survival action game developed by Rockstar Games, known for making games with mature themes.

You play as James Earl Cash, a death-row inmate that was given a second chance by a corrupt warden to star on a gory show produced by them. There, you execute and hunt enemies that are deployed only for creepy entertainment.

Manhunt matches Resident Evil’s signature horror elements and setting but is surrounded by crazy and unhinged people. The gameplay is similar to RE but has a few changes and a fast-paced movement.

The game’s main attraction is that you do not need to fight toe-to-toe; instead, you must finish your opponents when they’re unaware of your presence. In addition, a little bit of imagination is crucial as you can blend or use the environment as your cover.

You can also wield weapons from sharp to blunt objects such as knives and baseball bats. Moreover, like in RE, the game offers a finisher move when you attack them in stealth mode.

That said, Manhunt is a magnificent pick if you enjoy some Resident Evil experience. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Onimusha Warlords

Available on Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Imagine a Resident Evil perspective focused on the samurai culture; then Onimusha Warlords is the game for that. This is a survival hack and slash game with a fixed-camera point of view to create real challenges.

Its gameplay is also similar to Resident Evil entries; however, it sticks to more action feel with a dash of role-playing mechanics. Furthermore, the game also provides some delicate puzzles to solve along the way.

What makes this game brilliant is its addition of special attacks with each of its unique animations. For instance, obtaining a magical weapon will result in a stance that can deal massive damage to opponents.

Moreover, dealing with enemies can be a burden at times. Therefore, understanding your strengths and weaknesses is necessary as you have finite resources.

With the release of the remastered version, Onimusha is a classic game that aged like a fine wine. And, if you are having trouble with the fixed-camera perspective of the game, don’t worry, as the version also provides an over-the-shoulder 3D position.

Overall, this game is a must-have, especially since it belongs to the best hack and slash games on the switch. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.


Available on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

Prey is your game if you like some Resident Evil 7 gameplay but with a sci-fi twist. This game is a first-person sci-fi thriller that captivates the charm of an actual survival game where each moment of it will put you in a tight spot.

The story occurred in an alternate timeline when an alien race called Typhon invaded a space station. There, you play as Morgan Yu as you try to survive inside the dangerous place infested by them.

Its gameplay loop lets you explore items and weapons that can help you overcome enemies in each encounter. Additionally, you can build weapons by using materials you scavenge from aliens.

Crafting is also one of the vital points of the game. Prey is a challenging game where you must maximize your equipment and items to sustain its viability.

In addition, it provides complex puzzles to solve, each of which will put your mind to work. Furthermore, exploration is necessary, as you can look for clues and open secret doors.

That said, Prey is a game that will never disappoint if you thrive in more challenging gameplay. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil

Dead Space 2

Available on Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Another sci-fi horror game added to this list is this creepy but amusingly fun game called Dead Space 2. It is a third-person survival horror game that serves as the sequel to the original game.

The sequel’s story follows the events that happened in the first one. Again, you play as Isaac Clarke, that arrived on a space station located on the destroyed moon of Saturn that happens to be infested by Necromorphs.

DS2’s gameplay loop gives players an element of surprise as each encounter and discovery will put your awareness to the test. In addition, this game is a real challenge as enemies are sturdy and annoying.

However, there are weapons in the game to match against these bothering creatures. For instance, your primary firearm, the Plasma Cutter, is your handy tool for defeating Necromorphs.

Also, resources are available to attain your survival; however, these resources are limited. Therefore, conserving power nodes is the most important thing to do. 

Power Nodes are consumable items that are crucial for upgrading weapons and stability. These nodes can be found in any area, but remember to leave one as a backup.

All in all, Dead Space 2 is a delight for Resident Evil aficionados. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.

The Evil Within 2 

Available on Windows, PS4, and Xbox One.

The Evil Within 2 is an excellent alternative pick when you love some Resident Evil playability. This is a third-person survival horror game with a splash of action complete with a fantastic narrative. 

This is the sequel of the first Evil Within game which follows the events of the previous one. Again, you play as Sebastian when he discovers his deceased daughter is still alive from a horrible past.

Evil Within 2 is heavily focused on the survival aspects of gameplay and stealth mechanics to match the fluidity of the action. The game also includes resource management, where you need to utilize your items to gain a chance of survival.

As I said, resources are limited in this game, as items are not always available to sustain your health and stamina. Therefore, sneaking is the most viable thing to do so you can conserve bullets and lessen the damage taken.

That way, stabbing your enemies will somehow gain you loot to have an advantage of going on to the next one. However, the game also doesn’t offer a mini-map; be aware of your surroundings when you arrive at a new location.

Overall, if you love some complicated challenges that surprise you, then The Evil Within 2 is your game. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Last of Us Part 1

Available on PS4.

It is not a proper list without having this magnificent game called The Last of Us Part 1. It is a survival horror game with an excellent direction to storytelling and magnificent action pieces.

The story sets off when the world is plagued by a virus that turns humans into infectious beings called Clickers. There, you play as Joel, as he is accompanied by Ellie, which contains a cure that can stop the spreading of the virus.

What makes this game awesome is that you can use your environment when the fight gets tough. In addition, the game offers a listening mode where you can identify enemies in every corner.

To supplement that, some battles are not in favor of you, so you need to be cautious at times when it comes to encountering enemies. Using this will give you time to prepare for a fight or plan a way to escape. 

Also, this is not an easy game to play, as items and consumables are limited. With several strong enemies scattered, you must maximize your resources to keep yourself alive.

That said, Last of Us Part 1 is the best alternative pick if you seek different levels of challenges. Making the game one of the best games like Resident Evil.

Silent Hill 2

Available on Windows, PS3, and Xbox 360.

To finish off this list is this instant classic that gives players their nightmares called Silent Hill 2. This is the direct sequel of the classic horror game that serves as a contender for Resident Evil games.

The story centers around the town of Silent Hill, a place that brims with a hostile atmosphere. You play as James Sullivan, which receives a letter from his late wife informing him that she is still alive.

The game also adapted a fixed-camera perspective, supplying the horror theme of the game. Not to mention the suspenseful gameplay that will send you screaming each moment because of unexpected scenarios.

SH2’s main attraction is its exploration, where you are capable of roaming around the vast area of Silent Hill for you to discover. Additionally, the game provides radios in each corner to warn you about the danger ahead.

Also, remember to pick your own fights as well, as your character is vulnerable to challenging monsters. However, if you wish to fight, there are a ton of weapons to use as an advantage, such as a handgun or a cleaver.

Overall, this game is a fantastic choice if you are in the mood for some Resident Evil experience, and it is considered one of the best games like Resident Evil.


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