Much like the M4, the MCPR-300 is an easy-to-use, practical rifle. Not only is it good in its base form, but the MCPR-300 can also become surprisingly better with the right attachments.

When looking for the right attachments for a Sniper Rifle, you must know what exactly you are going for.

For instance, there’s no need to increase the damage of a weapon that can take down an enemy with a single shot.

This guide will walk you through the best MCPR-300 Loadout in CoD Modern Warfare 2.

The Best MCPR-300 Class Setup in MW2

MCPR 300
  • Barrel: 19″ Silentfire Barrel
  •  Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser
  •  Optic: None
  •  Stock: None
  •  Underbarrel: None
  •  Ammunition: .300 Mag High Velocity
  •  Magazine: 5-Round Mag
  •  Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip
  •  Receiver: MCPR-300
  •  Muzzle: None

This loadout will keep the damage high enough to take down someone if you hit their upper torso or head. It also provides significantly better Aim Down Sight Speed, Handling, and Accuracy.

The 19″ Silentfire Barrel is one of the most important attachments in this build since it’ll be responsible for both the extra accuracy you need and the sound suppression.

As a sniper, you do want to remain unseen by your opponents if possible.

This is an all-rounder class setup. It provides enough damage, Aim Down Sight Speed, and Handling.

This allows you to be somewhat mobile, good at hiding, and excellent at taking down enemies.

Barrel: 19″ Silentfire Barrel

A short barrel with an integrated silencer. It reduces sound signature and recoil while increasing bullet velocity.

This barrel having an integrated silencer makes a suppressor muzzle redundant and, therefore, unnecessary. It also guarantees that your shots will be as accurate as possible.

The extra bullet velocity and sound suppression cost you some Aim Down Sight Speed. However, the other attachments will make up for that.

Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser

A bright laser from FSS. This attachment supports aiming stability and speed, as well as sprint-to-fire speed.

Unfortunately, this laser shows up as a red beam when you are aiming, which can be bad for camping if that’s your thing.

Since I don’t recommend or play as a camper, I do think that this attachment works amazingly with the MCPR-300.

That said, if you do want to hide and snipe people, you might consider going for the Schlager Peq Box IV.

It might not have all the stat bonuses that the FSS Ole-V Laser has, but it does give you extra Aim Down Sight Speed without removing anything from your sniper rifle.

Ammunition: .300 Mag High Velocity

The .300 Mag High Velocity is pretty much what the name suggests, tapered rounds designed to increase projectile velocity.

It slightly decreases the damage of your shots in exchange for bullet velocity, which significantly increases your accuracy and range.

Magazine: 5-Round Mag

The 5-Round Mag is, as the name suggests, a magazine that carries 5 rounds of .338 magnum ammunition.

We are going for this attachment to make the sniper rifle lighter. As a consequence, we gain some extra Movement Speed, Aim Down Sight Speed, Sprint to Fire Speed, and Reload Quickness.

All those stats are significantly increased in exchange for having to reload sooner, so I say it’s more than worth taking.

Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip

This attachment is a smooth rubber grip with finger grooves that increases control when sprinting and aiming. It improves sprint-to-fire and aiming speed.

As far as stats go, you get more Aim Down Sight Speed and Sprint to Fire Speed but lose Recoil Control.

Since recoil is not something you usually worry about when using a sniper, having less recoil control for more accuracy is fine.

Fastest ADS MCPR-300 Class Setup MW2

Alternative MCPR 300
  • Barrel: 17.5″ Orca Barrel
  •  Laser: FSS Ole-V Laser
  •  Optic: None
  •  Stock: FSS Merc Stock
  •  Underbarrel: None
  •  Ammunition: None
  •  Magazine: 5-Round Mag
  •  Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip
  •  Receiver: MCPR-300
  •  Muzzle: None

This loadout is a variation of the previous one. However, it prioritizes your Aim Down Sight Speed and Sprint to Fire accuracy.

The idea here is that you can use this loadout in a chaotic map to aim and shoot as quickly as possible.

That said, I’d avoid using this loadout in maps like Mercado Las Almas or other closer-quarter combat maps. For those situations, I’d recommend the best Lockwood MK2 loadout.

The MK2 can one-shot people on the chest and has unmatched Aim Down SIght Speed, but it will never have the range and precision of the MCPR-300.

Perhaps the wisest thing to do here, in case you just love sniping people, is to have different loadouts, each with one of these guns.

Please note that neither of these weapons is necessarily the best sniper for quickscoping in CoD Modern Warfare 2, but it doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to use them that way.