The Best Full 5-Star Skill Team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

As you are probably already aware, having 5-star skills is one of the key aspects of any meta FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Alongside pace, 5-star skill is an essential tool you need at your disposal to try and unlock some of the most formidable defenses you come up against in Ultimate Team.

With that in mind, we have attempted to create the best full 5-star skill team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to give you an insight into some of the most skillful players in the game.

To fit in as many skillful players as possible, we have opted for a 3-5-2 formation.

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, there are no 5-star skill goalkeepers, right-backs, or center-backs. We have selected the best alternative for each of these positions.

Full 5-Star Skill Team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Manuel Neuer – Bayern Munich – Skill Level: 1

Unfortunately, there are no 5-star skilled goalkeepers in FIFA 23. In fact, there are not even any 2-star skilled goalkeepers in FIFA 23. With that in mind, we have selected Manuel Neuer, as he has excellent other meta attributes, such as kicking, passing, and diving.

Maxence Lacroix – Wolfsburg – Skill Level: 2

Sadly, there are also no 5-star center-backs to choose from in FIFA 23. Instead, we will focus on another aspect of the FIFA meta at the back, which is pace. Maxence Lacroix has plenty of pace, especially for a center-back.

With an 87 pace statistic, 78 defending, and 77 physicality. He also plays in the Bundesliga with Neuer, which is good for your Team Chemistry.

Lukas Klostermann – RB Leipzig – Skill Level: 2 

As mentioned, there are no five or 4-star skill-level center-backs to choose from, so we have gone for the next best thing by selecting another rapid center-back from the Bundesliga. He will help improve your team chemistry, and with an 86 pace rating, he will be a perfect defender for any Ultimate Team.

Fikayo Tomori – AC Milan – Skill Level: 2

Before we get to the 5-star skill players, our final defender on this team is Tomori. Tomori is a rapid defender and made our fastest center-backs in FIFA 23 article. He plays in Italy, which is important for other players on this list. 

He has 86 pace and defending statistics and an 81 physicality score, which makes him excellent for any Ultimate Team defense.

Paul Pogba – Juventus – Skill Level: 5

Next on the list at central midfield is one of the most popular and divisive players in the game, Paul Pogba. After his move to Juventus, Pogba has still maintained his fantastic 5-star skill rating.

Pogba’s skill has never been in question. Fans tend to worry more about how much effort he will put in for each game. However, as the man in charge, you can make him work harder than he would in real life.

However, he only has a 67 pace rating, slightly lower than desired. However, he does play for Juventus with Cuadrado, which is good for your Team Chemistry.

Thiago – Liverpool – Skill Level: 5

Thiago Alcantara is the first Premier League player to make an appearance on this team, and after an impressive start to his career at Liverpool, it is no surprise that he has a 5-star skill level.

Alongside his excellent skill rating, Thiago also has an unbelievable 90 dribbling statistic and an 87 passing skill level.

As with Pogba, Thiago is not the fastest midfielder you can choose, so you will need to find different ways to beat your opposition than raw pace, but with his dribbling and skill level, that should be no problem.

Martin Odegaard – Arsenal – Skill Level: 5

The next player on this list also comes from the Premier League, and after a career resurgence at Arsenal, it is no surprise that Martin Odegaard has a 5-star skill rating in FIFA 23. 

Alongside this statistic, his pace is a little quicker than his midfield counterparts, and he has excellent dribbling and passing statistics at 84 and 86.

These statistics make Odegaard a great player for making defense-splitting players and add to your Team Chemistry as he plays in the Premier League with Thiago.

Ousmane Dembele – Barcelona- Skill Level: 5

While we might not have lots of pace in the center of midfield, Ousmane Dembele brings it in bucket-loads on the wing with a 93 overall score.

He also has a 5-star skill rating, playing for Barcelona in La Liga. Alongside his pace statistics, he also has an 87 dribbling statistic and a 77 shooting statistic.

One added benefit of having Ousmane Dembele on your side is that he has a 5-star rating for his weaker foot, so you can take on the defender on the outside or cut inside and take a shot.

Kingsley Coman – Bayern – Skill Level: 5

On the other wing, we have opted for Kingsley Coman, another player from Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga, which is great for Team Chemistry.

Coman also has a 5-star skill rating and 92 pace overall, with an impressive 94 acceleration. Alongside his pace and skill, Coman also has an 87 dribbling statistic and a very respectable 77 shooting attribute.

All of this combines to make Coman a very tricky player on offense that your opponent is sure to be worried about.

Christopher Nkunku – RB Leipzig – Skill Level: 5

We have chosen another french international playing in the Bundesliga as the first striker in this 5-star skill team.

Christopher Nkunku has a 5-star skill rating, as well as 88 pace and dribbling, 83 passing, and 81 shooting. These attributes make him an ideal option upfront for any 5-star skill team that is trying to meet the FIFA 23 meta.

Kylian Mbappe – PSG – Skill Level: 5

Would a 5-star skill team be complete without the man himself, Kylian Mbappe?

Not only is his skill statistic tremendous, but he also has 97 pace, 92 dribbling, and 89 shooting. Regarding the FIFA 23 meta, he is the perfect player.

He is not affordable for many players on Ultimate Team. If that is you, you can opt for a cheaper player with 5-star skills, such as Memphis Depay or Roberto Firmino.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of 5-star skill players that you can add to your team, but some of these players will not come cheaply. 

As there are not as many 5-star or 4-star defenders, it might be worth replacing these options with the cheapest quick center backs to save some money that you can spend on more expansive players further up the field.

Whatever team you choose, ensure you balance your team’s shortcomings by using the best possible chemistry styles, and you are sure to be competitive online.


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