Having players with 5-star skills is one of the key aspects of any meta FIFA 23 Ultimate Team.

Alongside pace, 5-star skill is an essential tool you need at your disposal to try and unlock some of the most formidable defenses you come up against in Ultimate Team.

With that in mind, I have attempted to create the best full 5-star skill team in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team to give you an insight into some of the most skillful players in the game.

How The Team Was Chosen

Apart from the obvious minimum requirement of having five-star skills, I considered a few other things when choosing the players that made this list.


Players with higher overall scores in the dribbling department were prioritized. Higher numbers in this area affect how quickly the animations of the 5-star skill moves play out.

Body Type

The best body types for executing 5-star moves include lean, short, and lean, and a host of unique body types. Players with these were prioritized.

Excluded Cards

To make things a bit less predictable, I have excluded icon cards and Hero cards. Many of these cards are available in the game every year of FIFA, so they’re already pretty well-known.

Weak Foot

Players with stronger weak foot ratings were prioritized. The reason for this is obvious – a stronger weak increases the chances of successfully executing a skill move from any angle or position and it makes the player less predictable.

Full 5-Star Skill Team in FUT23

Moving on to the team now, I have gone with a 4-2-3-1 formation because it allows me to include players for every major position on the pitch.

Jack Butland – Crystal Palace

Jack Butland’s 89-rated Winter Wildcard has 5-star skill moves and a 5-star weak foot. His 88 overall score for dribbling is also pretty ridiculous for a goalkeeper.

If you’re the type to toy with your opponents and try to score with your goalie, this is your guy.

Alternative: Darren Randolph (85-rated Winter Wildcard) – West Ham.

Andrew Robertson – Liverpool

Andrew Robertson also got an 89-rated Winter Wildcard promo card with 5-star skill moves, although he only has a 2-star weak foot.

He has a unique body type and an overall dribbling score of 84, which is excellent for the position that he plays.

Alternative: n/a

Cristian Romero – Tottenham

Cristian Romero’s 89-rated World Cup PTG promo card did not start out with 5-star skill moves.

However, it was a live card and received several upgrades as Argentina went all the way to win the World Cup. The 5-star skill move upgrade came with winning the final.

With a High and Average body type and an overall dribbling score of 75, skilling with this guy won’t be the smoothest experience, but you can try!

Lukas Klostermann – RB Leipzig

Partnering Romero in my 5-star skill XI is German center-back, Lukas Klostermann. He is yet another one of the recipients of this skill move upgrade from the Winter Wildcards promo and is one of the fastest center-backs in the game.

Like his partner, his 86-rated card also has a High and Average body type, and he has an overall score of 74 for dribbling.

Juan Cuadrado – Juventus

Juan Cuadrado’s base gold card already had 5-star skill moves from the early stages of the game.

He’s a very attack-minded fullback, so the skill moves combined with his 87 overall dribbling score should be pretty useful. He has a lean body type to compliment all that too, which is nice.

If you completed his 87-rated Player Moments SBC card, you can apply a position change to switch it from RM to RB as well.

Alternative: n/a

Paul Pogba – Juventus

There are a handful of options to choose from in this position, but I went with Paul Pogba because he can play the CDM role as well. Also, his card is just quite unique.

He’s pretty tall (6’3″) and pretty strong, which makes it that much harder to win the ball off him. His unique body type also gives him some nice dribbling animations, and skill moves come off very nicely with him despite his imposing figure.

If you missed out on the SBC, consider the alternatives below:

Alternative: Karim Benzema (92-rated Winter Wildcard) – Real Madrid.

Pedri – Barcelona

Barcelona’s golden boy, Pedri has a couple of 5-star skill move cards in the game. The first was his 89-rated World Cup Phenoms card, and the one in the image above is his 90-rated TOTY Honorable Mentions card.

The 90-rated card is clearly the better one, but the other is also pretty good if you have a smaller budget.

I chose Pedri over the alternative because of his lean body type. It makes him feel extremely rapid and nimble on the ball, which is what you need when trying to execute advanced skill moves.

Alternative: Toni Kroos (91-rated Winter Wildcards SBC) – Real Madrid.

Neymar Jr. – P.S.G

Every Neymar card in the game has 5-star skill moves, which is no surprise as he’s one of the most skillful players in the world in real life.

This means that you can probably afford him no matter your budget, although you may have to adjust your expectations for the base gold card at this stage of the game.

If budget is no issue, then the obvious recommendation is this FUT Centurions card. He has his own custom body type with 5-star skill moves, a 5-star weak foot, and an overall score of 95 for dribbling. Need I say more?

Alternative: Alejandro Gomez (91-rated World Cup PTG card) – Sevilla.

Vinicius Jr. – Real Madrid

Like his national teammate Neymar, every Vinicius Junior card in the game has 5-star skill moves. This TOTY Honorable Mentions card is 5’9″ with a lean body type which makes him feel great on the ball.

Depending on your budget, his relatively cheaper 90-rated World Cup PTG card is a second option. If you’re seriously short on coins, then you can consider his base gold card.

Alternative: Franck Ribéry (90-rated Premium SBC) – Salernitana

Riyad Mahrez

Another FUT Centurions card makes the grade. Mahrez was also an SBC that many people may have missed out on, but if you did him, you have one of the best right-wingers in the game.

He has a unique body type and feels great on the ball, although skilling with this guy might take some getting used to because he’s a left-footer.

If you missed the SBC, his base gold card also has 5-star skill moves and you can get that on the market.

Alternative: Joao Felix (89-rated Winter Wildcard) – Atletico Madrid

Kylian Mbappe – PSG – Skill Level: 5

I don’t need to say much about Kylian Mbappe. He is the cover star of the game, and arguably the best player in it as well.

He has several cards, and all of them are expensive for good reason. No matter the choice you make, you’ll be getting an absolutely broken card.

Alternative: Antoine Griezmann (89-rated World Cup PTG) – Atletico Madrid

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of 5-star skill players that you can add to your team, but the best ones won’t come cheap. 

In defense, 5-star skills could be useful, but pace is still the meta. On that note, it might be worth checking out the cheapest quick center backs as well.

Whatever team you build, you can also significantly improve the performances of your players with the best chemistry styles. It is crucial if you hope to be consistently competitive in this game mode.