The Best Starter Pack to Pick in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team

Getting off to a good start in Ultimate Team isn’t essential, but it always helps to make the game a little bit more enjoyable if you can take small advantages to ensure your squad is ahead of the curve.

Many people don’t realize this, but the first opportunity you have to set your squad up for success is by picking the best starter pack. There is, objectively, a couple of packs that are better than the others.

I’ll answer exactly which starter pack you should pick in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team – and why – below.

Which Country Should You Avoid?

In previous editions of FIFA, Brazil were the best starter pack to pick. However, I believe this is no longer the case in FIFA 23. In fact, I think it’s the opposite; it could be argued that Brazil are the worst starter pack, but I’m happy to debate in the comments if you have a counter argument!

Why would we recommend Brazil in years gone by?

The reason was because they can help with the advanced Squad Building Challenges (SBCs) – challenges that award some lucrative prizes – a little better than the other countries do.

Because there is no Brazilian domestic league on FIFA, players are naturally spread out across a great number of different nations, which helped with a number of puzzles.

However, in FIFA 23, the advanced SBCs no longer give tradeable prizes and this seriously hinders how useful they are, especially in the early game.

In addition to this, coins are quite tricky to get when you first start playing. This is probably by design so that more people are forced to put real cash on, but we recommend never buying packs with real money.

Because coins are tricky to get early on, and because you must complete the ‘foundation’ SBCs to unlock the advanced section, it’s better that you have players from nations that are a better fit for completing the foundation challenges.

As we’ve already established, Brazilian players don’t have a domestic league on the game and their players are spread out all around the world.

In the foundation SBCs, you actually need players from the same league to fit in with the new chemistry requirements.

With this in mind, I believe the best starter packs to pick in FIFA 23 are:

  1. England
  2. Germany
  3. Italy

These are ordered with the best at the top.

The reason I think these nations are best is because most players from their nations tend to play within the national league of that country, e.g. English players play in England, German players play in Germany, and so on.

You’re not going to get any amazing players in the starter packs as they only give you common players, so you don’t need to worry about missing out on any players that are highly valuable. England does have some half-decent common players, too.

Ultimately, the starter pack you pick really doesn’t matter too much, but if you’re looking for small advantages, you now know what I recommend.


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