It is no secret that one of the most important parts of any FIFA 23 Ultimate Team is pace up front. Ultimate Team is played by thousands of gamers trying to win various competitions, searching for a slight edge they can get over their competition.

For many years now, pace has been viewed as an essential aspect of any successful Ultimate Team, especially for a striker. Without pace upfront, you will only be so successful online.

The fastest strikers offer you plenty of options up front, with counterattacks, quick breaks, and plenty of shooting opportunities.

This article will highlight the fastest strikers on FIFA 23 Ultimate Team for you to add to your squad and take your team to the next level. If you’re just starting out on Ultimate Team and barely have enough coins to get by, you’ll be better off checking out the best fast and cheap strikers on FUT.

The Fastest Strikers

The table below shows the top 20 fastest strikers in FUT23, covering all card versions. For players that appear multiple times in the top 20 due to promo cards, the fastest version has been selected.

NameClubOriginRatingPace OVRAccelerationSprint Speed
Ahmed MusaSivassporWinter Wildcards (Objective)86999999
Kylian MbappeP.S.GTOTY97999999
Daniel JamesFulhamWorld Cup Phenoms85989998
Lois OpendaRC LensTOTW85989998
Adama TraoreWolvesWinter Wildcards86979797
Aiyegun TosinFC ZurichTOTW83979697
Sheraldo BeckerUnion BerlinRulebreakers (SBC)86969596
Rafael LeaoA.C MilanWorld Cup Phenoms91969597
Karim AdeyemiDortmundFuture Stars96969795
Erling HaalandMan. CityTOTY HM90969299
Samuel Eto’oIconsPrime92959595
Inaki WilliamsAthletic BilbaoWorld Cup PTG (SBC)86959495
Ousmane DembeleBarcelonaWinter Wildcards87959695
SilasVfB StuttgartWinter Wildcards85959396
Enner ValenciaFenerbahceTOTW85959695
Victor OsimhenNapoliSerie A POTM (SBC)88959198
Emilio ButragueñoIconsPrime92949593
Thierry HenryIconsPrime93949494
Włodzimierz SmolarekHEROFUTMarvelHeroes88949692

The Fastest Icon Strikers

I’ll start off with arguably the most wanted player items in the game – Icons. There are obviously three versions of Icons in FUT23 – Base, Mid, and Prime, but the players in this list made it with their Prime versions.


Ronaldo is the fastest icon striker in the game with an overall pace of 97 and a balanced pace split of 97 acceleration and 97 sprint speed.

He is the controlled acceleRATE type by default and you can’t change that with any chemistry style.

With that much pace, you don’t need a chemistry-style boost in that department. However, if you’re looking for a perfect score, I recommend using the Engine chem style for 99 overall pace as well as very useful dribbling (+8 to Balance) and passing boosts.

Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o was very explosive in his prime, and that is reflected in his pace split of 95 acceleration and 95 sprint speed for an overall 95 pace score in FUT23.

Like Ronaldo, he is also the Controlled acceleRATE type by default, but you can make him Explosive with a Finisher chemistry style. It adds a nice boost to his finishing and dribbling, but nothing to pace.

If you’d rather max out his pace stats and keep him Controlled, I recommend the Hawk chemistry style which also nearly maxes out his shooting and adds a nice boost to the physical stats as well (most notably +8 to Jumping and Aggression).

Emilio Butragueño

Emilio Butragueño might not be as popular in real life as the previous two icons, but he is definitely popular in FUT.

The Spanish striker’s low center of gravity, great dribbling skills, and 94 overall pace make him a menace to stop once he gets on the ball, although he is lacking in the physical department.

Personally, I like the Marksman chemistry style on Butra. It offers that +8 boost to Strength, maxed-out finishing with important boosts to long shots and shot power, and it improves on the already-excellent dribbling.

However, if you’re looking to max out his pace, the best option for that would be the Hunter chemistry style. You still get a nice boost to shooting with that as well, but not in the long shots department.

Thierry Henry

In terms of how the player item performs in-game, I feel like Thierry Henry is a bit disrespected. However, his stats on paper certainly look brilliant.

An overall pace score of 94 with a perfectly balanced split gets us off to a good start, but he can only be used with the Controlled acceleRATE type regardless of the chemistry style you apply.

Speaking of chemistry styles, I think this card needs the Engine due to that horrendous Balance score. It adds a nice pace boost as well, although it does not max out that department.

Fernando Torres

Fernando Torres’ card in FUT23 is certainly usable, but as a Liverpool fan, I wish he performed better in-game.

As far as pace goes, his Prime version is in a very good area with 93 overall pace on a Controlled acceleRATE type. If that’s enough for you, then you can apply the Finisher chemistry style for better finishing as well as a few nice dribbling boosts to those relatively low Agility and Balance scores.

If shot power is more important to you than those low scores, go for the Marksman chem style which adds a nice boost to strength as well.

If pace is king for you and dribbling is secondary, the obvious choice is the Hunter chem style.

The Fastest Special Strikers

Moving on to other non-icon special cards in the game, these are the top five fastest strikers in FUT23. Note that I have excluded players whose base gold, silver, or bronze cards are already part of the fastest players that are discussed later on in this article (e.g Mbappe).

Ahmed Musa

Ahmed Musa’s special Winter Wildcard item is the only item in this guide that you cannot get anymore if you don’t have it already. This is because it was a reward for a set of Objectives that have now expired.

The card has a perfect 99 overall score for pace with a balanced pace split, so you can use your chemistry styles to improve other important areas such as shooting, dribbling, and passing.

I should mention that the speed of this card in-game does not exactly match the maxed-out score, but he is still pretty quick. The explanation for this is that the speed of players on the ball in-game is also affected by certain dribbling scores, so that’s something to note.

Lois Openda

Lois Openda’s TOTW card is just shy of a perfect overall pace score due to the 98 sprint speed, but this guy is extremely rapid in-game.

I recommend applying the Marksman chemistry style for important boosts to shot power, dribbling, and strength. If you play a two-striker system and would like to experiment with his passing, you can also try out the Maestro chem style.

Adama Traore

Adama Traore is a yearly cult hero in FUT, and he made an expected special card comeback in FUT23 during the Winter Wildcards promo.

Like Openda, this card has incredible pace, very good dribbling, excellent physical stats, and a Controlled acceleRATE type as well.

I believe that he needs a shooting boost even more than Openda, and the best options fall between the Finisher and the Marskman. On one hand, the Marksman adds a small boost to his poor score for Reactions, but it’s not enough to make a significant difference.

The Finisher significantly improves his Shooting scores in key areas, and the Agility + Balance boosts are nice as well. It is the way to go for this card in that striker position.

Rafael Leao

Rafael Leao is a bit of a unicorn in terms of how his card is formatted in FUT23. His body type combined with that excellent pace score, dribbling, and physical stats makes him unique, but also poses a problem in some ways.

This World Cup Phenoms card has a High and Average body type which is not ideal for nimble dribbling in that striker position where you often have to work with very little space.

He does have 5-star skills which would come in pretty handy in those situations, but the ease at which those skills will come off is questionable due to his body type as well as low Agility and Balance scores.

That said, I recommend applying the Finisher chemistry style for important boosts in those areas as well as Shooting. If you don’t notice a significant difference in how he feels in-game, you might as well go for the Hawk to max out his pace and give him Shooting and Physical boosts as well.

Karim Adeyemi

Karim Adeyemi was one of the most-hyped cards ahead of the Future Stars promo. Although his stats were generally a little underwhelming post-release, his pace scores were certainly not.

I wish there was a chemistry style that offered boosts to pace, shooting, and dribbling because that’s what this card needs.

As it is, the Marksman looks good if you don’t mind leaving him on the Controlled acceleRATE type, but the Finisher is the way to go if you’re on new-gen and would prefer to make him Explosive.

If you want to max out his pace instead, the Hawk chemistry style does so while boosting his Shooting and Physicals as well.

The Fastest Gold Strikers

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Gold

Firstly, let’s start with the fastest elite-level players for your team. As these players have plenty of pace and other benefits, don’t expect them to be the cheapest options on the market. 

However, if you do manage to add them to your team, you will instantly increase your attacking threat online.

Kylian Mbappé

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Mbappe

Let’s start this list with the best overall player in FIFA 23, Kylian Mbappe. When it comes to finding players that fit the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team meta, Mbappe is the whole package. For starters, he has unbelievable pace statistics, with a 97 overall, 97 acceleration, and 97 sprint speed.

Mbappe is the complete striker, as he also has a 92 dribbling score and an 89 shooting score. He is sure to frequently find the back of the net with 93 finishing.

As you would imagine, for such a popular player and the statistically best player in the game, Mbappe will not come cheaply and is sure to rarely be available for a good price.

  • Club: PSG
  • Rating: 91
  • Pace: 97
  • Acceleration: 97
  • Sprint Speed: 97

Sheraldo Becker

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Becker

If you are searching for a gold striker that comes at a more realistic price tag but still provides plenty of pace up front, Sheraldo Becker is lightning fast. He has a 95 pace score, 94 acceleration, and 95 sprint speed.

As you would expect, his shooting and dribbling are not as strong as Mbappe’s, but at 77 and 75, respectively, he is still a threat upfront.

He might be hard to link up from a nationality perspective coming from Suriname, but he plays in the Bundesliga, so there are plenty of top-quality players you can link him with for chemistry points.

  • Club: Union Berlin
  • Rating: 76
  • Pace: 95
  • Acceleration: 94
  • Sprint Speed: 95

Daniel James

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers James

One extremely cheap gold option you could use upfront is Daniel James. While playing up front is not his preferred position, James has the pace required to cause center backs all kinds of problems.

He has 95 pace overall, with 96 acceleration and 95 sprint speed. His shooting skills are lacking compared to other fast strikers, but he plays in the Premier League, which is great for many teams’ chemistry, and the right chemistry style could easily improve this statistic.

  • Club: Fulham
  • Rating: 77
  • Pace: 95
  • Acceleration: 96
  • Sprint Speed: 95

Iñaki Williams

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Williams

If you are searching for a Spanish striker from La Liga that has extreme pace, look no further than Inaki Williams. He has an overall 94 pace, 94 sprint speed, and 93 acceleration. He also has excellent shooting and dribbling at 78 and 4-star skills.

This range of abilities, alongside his incredible pace, make Williams a fantastic option for almost any team, especially one that focuses on Spanish teams and players for their chemistry points.

  • Club: Athletic Bilbao
  • Rating: 81
  • Pace: 94
  • Acceleration: 93
  • Sprint Speed: 94

Noah Okafor

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Okafor

The final quick gold player on this list is another player from the Bundesliga, Noah Okafor. The Swiss international plays for RB Salzburg and has a 93 pace statistic, with 93 acceleration and sprint speed.

Alongside his excellent pace statistics, he also has very respectable dribbling, shooting, and physicality.

He also boasts 4-star weaker foot and skill statistics, making him a fantastic, relatively cheap option for your team.

  • Club: RB Salzburg
  • Rating: 75
  • Pace: 93
  • Acceleration: 93
  • Sprint Speed: 93

The Fastest Silver Strikers

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Silver

Of course, not everyone can afford to go out and purchase Kylian Mbappe! If you can’t quite afford a top-level fast gold striker, there are also some fantastic silver players for you to pick from. 

As you would expect, these players are slightly weaker in certain areas, which is why they are silver players, but they still offer just as much pace on the field.

Tom Barkhuizen

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Barkhuizen

The first silver player to consider for your Ultimate Team is Tom Barkhuizen. Barkhuizen is an exciting player, as he can play anywhere from right-wing-back to striker, which makes him very versatile. 

He has fantastic pace statistics, with 93 pace, 92 acceleration, and 93 sprint speed. Barkhuizen is an English player playing for Derby County in the third tier of English football. 

Many players opt for an English-based team for their Ultimate Team, which means he is an ideal addition to any team for improved team chemistry.

As a silver player who prefers playing at right midfield, he does not have the best shooting statistics, so he might not be the ideal striker on this list.

  • Club: Derby County
  • Rating: 68
  • Pace: 93
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Sprint Speed: 93

Linton Maina

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers maina

Another player that prefers to play out on the wing, but can also be a very handy option upfront, is Linton Maina.

He has a 93 pace score, incredible acceleration at 94, and 92 sprint speed. Maina also plays in the Bundesliga, so if your Ultimate Team contains many Bayern Munich or Borussia Dortmund players, he could be a very useful and relatively cheap option for your squad. 

  • Club: 1. FC Koln
  • Rating: 70
  • Pace: 93
  • Acceleration: 94
  • Sprint Speed: 92

Won Sang Um

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Sang

Won Sang Um is a great option for anyone who wants to inject some pace into their attacks. He currently plays in the K-League, which makes it a little trickier to pair him with other players and improve team chemistry, but if you have players like Son Hong Min in your team, Won Sang Um could be a great addition.

He has excellent pace at 93, with 92 acceleration and 93 sprint speed, and can play up front or out on the right. His dribbling is also very good at 73 and has a respectable 66 shooting statistic.

  • Club: Ulsan Hyundai
  • Rating: 72
  • Pace: 93
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Sprint Speed: 93

Aiyegun Tosin

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Tosin

Aiyegun Tosin is an out-and-out striker who plays in the top Swiss league for FC Zurich. As with other players on this list, he has incredible pace with a 93 score, 92 acceleration, and 93 sprint speed.

However, as an out-and-out striker, he also has slightly higher shooting statistics compared to other silver players on this list, with a more than functional 72 finishing score.

He might be tricky to pair with other players for chemistry points, as he is a Benin international playing in the Swiss league, but Tosin brings plenty of qualities to your team for a very generous price.

  • Club: FC Zurich
  • Rating: 69
  • Pace: 93
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Sprint Speed: 93

Martin Boyle

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Boyle

The final silver card on this list is another traditional center forward, Martin Boyle. Boyle is an Australian international who plays for Hibernian in Scotland. He has excellent pace at 92, with 93 acceleration and 91 sprint speed.

He also has strong dribbling statistics at 73, a 70 shooting score with 75 shooting power, and 71 finishing.

For the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team meta, Martin Boyle is a fantastic choice for any team. He might not be the easiest to match up with from a chemistry perspective, but he offers plenty of benefits to any team.

  • Club: Hibernian
  • Rating: 71
  • Pace: 92
  • Acceleration: 93
  • Sprint Speed: 91

The Fastest Bronze Strikers

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Bronze

Even those with the smallest budget can make trades that help them get closer to the FIFA 23 Ultimate Team meta. Here are five strikers you can use to increase the pace of your attacks.

Elliott List

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers List

When it comes to bronze strikers, Elliot List is a really good option for any squad. For starters, not only does he have a blistering pace, with 94 acceleration and 92 sprint speed, but he also has other excellent attributes that gamers are looking for.

He has respectable dribbling and shooting statistics for a bronze player, 3-star skills, and weak foot abilities. 

This makes List an excellent choice for any players strapped for cash.

  • Club: Stevenage
  • Rating: 64
  • Pace: 93
  • Acceleration: 94
  • Sprint Speed: 92

Kayden Jackson

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Jackson

Another solid option for your Ultimate Team squad is Kayden Jackson. He offers plenty of pace up front and very respective other attributes that you require in a striker. He has 91 pace, with a 90 acceleration and 91 sprint speed.

He is also an English striker, so if you pair him with List, you are guaranteed to gain some Chemistry points, allowing you to implement the best Chemistry Styles to hide some of the apparent weaknesses in these bronze players.

  • Club: Ipswich
  • Rating: 64
  • Pace: 91
  • Acceleration: 90
  • Sprint Speed: 91

Trent Buhagiar

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Buhagiar

If you prefer to look abroad for a bronze fast striker in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team, you might want to consider Trent Bihagiar for your team. He also has a 91 pace score, 92 acceleration, and 90 sprint speed.

He is also slightly better with his weaker foot than others on this list, with a 4-star score.

However, he is weaker at shooting, which is an important statistic for any striker. He is also an Australian, playing in the A-League. This makes him much harder to pair up with other great players and improve team chemistry, and he doesn’t help the new chemistry system.

  • Club: Newcastle Jets
  • Rating: 62
  • Pace: 91
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Sprint Speed: 90

Nikola Mileusnić

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Mileusnic

However, if you opt for Trent Buhagiar in your team, you might consider pairing him with Mileusnic. One benefit of Nikola Mileusnic is that he is also Australian and plays in the A-League.

He is also extremely quick, with a 91 pace score, 90 acceleration, and 91 sprint speed. 

An added benefit for Mileusnic is that he also prefers to play at left midfield, so if you change formation to only have one striker, you can still keep his pace in your team by moving him out wide.

  • Club: Brisbane Heat
  • Rating: 63
  • Pace: 91
  • Acceleration: 90
  • Sprint Speed: 91

Abo Eisa

FIFA UT Fastest Strikers Eisa

Another player who prefers to play at left-midfield, but can do a fantastic job up front, is Abo Eisa.

He is another player currently playing in England, which is good for many teams’ chemistry scores, and he has extremely impressive speed statistics. He has a 91 pace score, with 92 acceleration and 90 sprint speed.

However, he does lack the shooting skills that the other bronze players have on this list, so he might not be the best attacking option. 

However, if you deploy him on the left wing or the left of a front three, he could be a real threat cutting inside onto his preferred right foot.

  • Club: Bradford
  • Rating: 62
  • Pace: 91
  • Acceleration: 92
  • Sprint Speed: 90

Final Thoughts

Now you have plenty of options that should help improve your attacks’ pace, no matter your budget. 

If you opt for a bronze or silver player, you will notice that their shooting or dribbling statistics are probably a little lower, and you might miss more opportunities.

However, if you get one of the better players, you will find plenty of opportunities to score, and soon enough, you will start reaping the rewards of having blistering pace up front.

If you’re looking to build a full meta team, check out the best meta players in FIFA 23 Ultimate Team next.