I’ve spent the last two days grinding the Bronze Pack Method on FIFA 23 to answer one question: is the Bronze Pack Method still viable?

I started with 7,000 coins, the majority of which I received for quick selling Trent Alexander-Arnold for 5,000.

You might be thinking why would you discard an 87-rated player? Well, this is because Trent’s minimum price for auction was 85,000 at the launch of the FUT23 Web App and it was virtually impossible to sell him for that price.

So, the plan is simple: quick sell Trent, reinvest the coins over and over, make a profit, and then buy Trent back using the ‘quick sell recovery’ option.

But will it work, or will the Bronze Pack Method cause me to lose all of my coins?

What is the Bronze Pack Method?

For those of you that don’t know what the Bronze Pack Method (BPM) is, it’s a very simple, grind-heavy way to try to make coins in FIFA Ultimate Team.

The strategy is very straightforward:

  1. Buy a Premium Bronze Pack for 750 coins
  2. List all of the players for sale
  3. Quick sell all remaining cards
  4. Repeat hundreds of times

The plan is to make a slow and steady profit through sheer volume.

It helps to hit ‘compare price’ when listing players so that you can set a competitive ‘buy it now’ figure.

I don’t like to undercut the other cards to guarantee a quicker sale. Many players will have to be listed at a 150 start price and 200 buy it now price, and there’s no avoiding this. But for players that sell for above this amount, I prefer to list 50-100 coins above the cheapest buy it now.

This prevents the price being driven down by lots of other BPM traders and helps to make more profit at the same time…in theory.

Does the Bronze Pack Method Still Work?

bronze pack listings

I’ve listed a lot of bronze players in a short space of time.

My transfer list is constantly maxed out at 100, and every hour, I’m ready to buy more bronze packs and relist the players that didn’t previously sell. I’ve noticed that 10-20 seem to sell every hour.

You can see here that I’ve already unlocked the ‘List 500’ objective for listing 500+ items on the transfer market, and the game isn’t even out at the time of writing:

player listing objectives

I can see from the ‘List 1,000’ objective that I’ve listed 546 players so far, 500+ of which will have been bronze.

Needless to say, I’ve got a pretty good gauge on how profitable the Bronze Pack Method is in FIFA 23.

Also note that I haven’t claimed any of the objective coins to make it easier to track my BPM profitability.

Here’s what I’ve found so far and what I think about the profitability of this strategy in FIFA 23:

  • You’ll lose a small amount of coins on a decent number of packs.
  • In most packs, you’ll get at least 4 players and you can often sell all 4 for at least 200 coins.
  • In approximately 25% of packs, you’ll make 200-500 coins in profit thanks to packing multiple players that sell for 500+, on top of the 100-200 coins you get for discarding the kits, badges, tifos, contracts and more.
  • In a very small number of packs (estimated at 1-2% of the time) you’ll pack a 1k+ coin player to really help boost your profits.
  • You can get 100 coin rewards within the packs, and sometimes you even get another free bronze pack (tradeable) within your bronze pack. I bought one bronze pack that delivered a valuable player and a free bronze pack, and the free bronze pack then had another valuable player in and 100 coins!
  • It’s worth relisting players that don’t sell 5-10 times over as lots will eventually sell.
  • If you have bronze players that haven’t sold in a couple of days and your transfer list is always full, it’s worth quick selling them to free up the space for profit-generating players.
  • This strategy will be very profitable in the early months of the game.
  • I don’t think this strategy will be profitable at all in the later months of the game.

How Much Profit Have I Made?

At this stage, it’s hard to calculate exactly how much profit I’ve made, but one thing is clear: I have made a good profit.

At the time of writing this, I have 4,287 coins. I know that doesn’t sound very impressive initially – especially as I began with 7,000.

However, I’ve already repurchased my Trent Alexander-Arnold from quick sell recovery for 5,000.

On top of this, I have 100 items currently listed on the transfer market. If they all sold for an average of 200 coins – some won’t sell, some will sell for more – that’s 20,000 coins.

I also purchased players for a couple of the advanced SBCs, including Puzzle Master and Elite Eight.

Finally, I’ve also made a few additional investments in some gold cards that I think will increase in price over the next 1-2 weeks.

If I was to estimate, I’d confidently say I’ve made at least 30,000 coins of profit using the Bronze Pack Method over the course of listing 500+ bronze players.

Whilst this isn’t a mind-blowing figure, it’s nice to see that there’s still money to be made with this long-loved FIFA trading strategy.

After looking at the best silver players in FIFA 23, I might start trying to trade those cards next.