4 Best Idle Games for Xbox Series X / S

Image credit: BadLand Games / Microsoft Store

A lot of people who don’t play idle games do not seem to get what they are about. They often don’t see the point in just hitting a few buttons and then having AI play the rest of the game for them. On top of that, many idle games require players to wait a long time before advancing to the next stage, and the wait can be frustrating for some players.

It’s only when you begin playing idle/clicker games do you realize just how much fun they can be. The biggest advantage of idle games is that they require you to spend very little time on the game. As such, they can be great games to play while doing other activities such as cooking, cleaning, and even working (don’t worry, we won’t tell your boss).

Playing idle games on a console can be a bit difficult. For one, most idle games are released for phones or for PCs. Secondly, idle games are usually a bit too basic to warrant a console release. Many games that were traditionally released on consoles have switched over to other platforms due to low sales.

That said, there are a few idle games available on almost every generation of consoles. Here, we have gone ahead and listed the 4 best idle games for Xbox Series X / S.


Vostok is genuinely one of the best games we have played on the Xbox. This is because the game does a great job of providing a good (albeit an incredibly basic) story, balanced gameplay, and humor.

The story places you as the CEO of Vostok corporation, and your only goal is to make as much money for the company through space exploration as possible. The earlier parts of the game mainly have you fighting enemies to raise enough capital.

Once you have that, you have over 40 planets that you can mine, countless enemies you can fight, and bosses to beat. What separates Vostok from the other games on our list of best Idle Xbox games is that it manages to provide an extremely balanced progression system. At no point does the game become too easy or too difficult, and we like it that way.

Lastly, you also get to play a lot of mini-games throughout the story. The games are all inspired by games during the 1980s and 90s and provide a welcome break from the clicker-style gameplay.

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes is as close as you are going to get to the idle games that you see on your phone. The game aims to let all the fighting and progression happen when you are away, and then let you reap the rewards once you come back.

The premise behind the game is extremely basic. All you need to do is to click on the enemies to deal damage. Once the enemies die, you are rewarded with gold which can be used to upgrade your fighters.

The more you upgrade your fighters, the more damage you can deal in a second. The goal is to have as much DPS as possible, with the game’s developers priding themselves on the fact that Clicker heroes can be used to deal quadrillions of DPS.

While there is no story or depth to the game, this is the ideal game for busy people that only have a few minutes to spare each day. Best of all, you will never need to spend enough time playing the game in a single sitting for it to ever become boring.

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms

The next game on our list of the best idle games for Xbox Series X and S is Idle Champs of the Forgotten Realms. The game is based on the extremely popular board game Dungeons and Dragons. As such, you will be able to relate to a lot of the lore if you have ever played the popular board game.

There should be no need to explain that most of the fighting and progression happens when you are not playing the game. Once you have acquired the rewards from fighting enemies and taking them down, you can use them to acquire champions from the D&D multiverse. These champions can then be used to further your progression in the game.

Idle Champions basically plays like an average clicker game. However, you do get to visit a lot of the popular locations from the D&D books and streams. What’s more, many of the adventures in the game are almost completely based on what happens in the books, so fans of the series will surely find something to enjoy.

Even if you have never dabbled into D&D before, Idle Champions may be the perfect game for an introduction. The storylines are quite exciting, and there is very little time investment required to get the most out of the game.

Realm Grinder

To be fair, Realm Grinder isn’t actually available on the Xbox, and nor can you get it from the Microsoft Store. However, the game is available for free in your browser. As such, you can use the browser on your console to play the fully-fledged game.

The main reason for including Realm Grinder on our list is because of how insanely in-depth it is. The game is an idle RPG that places you in charge of a kingdom. The rest should be self-explanatory, but you are in charge of growing your kingdom.

There are numerous different ways for you to expand your empire. You can ally yourself with numerous factions and experiment until you find a strategy that works for you. You are in complete control of what you choose to upgrade, and every decision you make will have an impact on how the game plays out.

Of course, you continue to accrue wealth even when you are not playing the game. However, Realm Grinder is the one game on this list that requires significant input on your end. As such, this is the ideal game for players that are looking for an idle game but also want something that they can actively engage with.