There are a ton of adventure games on Xbox Series X / S and it can be tricky trying to decide what the best adventure games on Xbox Series X / S are.

The best adventure games on Xbox Series X / S are those that manage to transport players into a brand new world while also providing fun and enticing gameplay.

The word “adventure” connotes feelings of fantasy, squaring off against dragons in a magical kingdom.

The great thing about Xbox games is that a lot of them don’t conform to the typical adventure archetype. Here’ we’ll cover a mix of platformers, first person shooters, and roguelikes.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the best adventure games on Xbox Series X / S.


GenreDifficult, Cartoon, Co-op, 2D, Platformer
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperStudio MDHR Entertainment Inc.
Release DateSeptember 29, 2017
Multiplayer?Yes, split screen

Cuphead is an amazing game both artistically and with regards to its gameplay. It is easily one of the best platforming games released in recent memory.

Cuphead’s art style is entirely hand-drawn. Every frame of animation you see was drawn by a real person, and you can imagine just how long it took for everything to be completed.

Several bosses in Cuphead have tons of animations, and we can’t stress how amazing it is that the game managed to pull something like this off.

The result is a beautifully artistic and timeless art style reminiscent of bygone Disney cartoons.

Cuphead is a platformer in which you will dash, jump, and shoot your way to victory. Players will select from a variety of fun weapons with different effects before storming into battle against a powerful boss.

Ignoring the run and gun sections of Cuphead momentarily, this game is a series of increasingly difficult boss battles.

Each boss has a unique design and attack patterns which you will need to memorize as you try and take them down.

In some cases, you will fight back on land. However, you are just as likely to engage a boss while flying a plane or while scaling platforms.

Cuphead’s gameplay is pinpoint accurate, and it’s clear to see why such as large speedrunning community has formed around this game.

Cuphead’s DLC, The Delicious Last Course, only adds to the already amazing lineup of bosses found in the base game (including a secret boss for the most dedicated of Cuphead fans).

Ms. Chalice, the newest playable character, also spices up gameplay with different controls for both Cuphead and Mugman. Her starting health being four also helps make things easier for newer players struggling to defeat some of the tougher content with only three hit points.

Cuphead is an amazing adventure littered with fun and exciting boss battles. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest platformers in recent memory.

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

GenreLEGO, Adventure, Open World
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperTT Games
Release DateApril 6, 2022
Multiplayer?Yes, split screen

LEGO games have always blended a perfect mix of fun and surprisingly exciting gameplay, with all the charm and whimsy players once felt playing with LEGO in real life.

Every attack and subsequent death in a LEGO game feels so satisfying, and mowing down hordes of enemies has never been as fun as it is in the LEGO Star Wars games.

The Skywalker Saga allows players to play through all nine Star Wars films, experiencing fun adventures, great humor, and challenging gameplay with some of your favorite Star Wars characters.

The Skywalker Saga allows you to play through each trilogy in any order your choose, reliving the entire story as you choose.

The best thing about the Skywalker Saga is seeing some of your favorite locales and characters reimagined in the LEGO universe.

Definitely be sure to check out LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga for a fun and lighthearted adventure.

Psychonauts 2

GenreStory Rich, 3D, Platformer, Comedy
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperDouble Fine Productions
Release DateAugust 25, 2021

Psychonauts is a cult classic video game that many fans thought would never receive a sequel.

Thankfully, Psychonauts 2 is finally here, and more than lived up to the expectations fans had for it.

Unlike most other platforming games, Psychonauts 2 places a heavy emphasis on its storyline.

This game follows directly after its predecessor. You play as Raz, a young acrobat in training who hopes to become a Psychonaut in the future.

Psychonauts are members of an international task force that uses their psychic abilities in order to stop criminals and other illicit actions within their own psychic forces.

You will learn who was behind the capture of the leader of the Psychonauts and uncover a deep mystery about the history of Raz’s family.

The main gameplay here involves traveling into the mindscapes of various characters, where you will use a variety of psychic abilities to defeat enemies and complete tricky platforming challenges.

Several psychic abilities from the old games return here, along with a healthy heap of new abilities for players to try out.

Seeing each unique mindscape is half the joy of playing through Psychonauts, and newcomers will be surprised at just how crazy things can get.

Definitely be sure to check out Psychonauts 2 if you have not done so already.


GenreAction, Adventure, Roguelike
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperSupergiant Games
Release DateDecember 6, 2018

Hades is easily one of the best Roguelike games on Xbox X / S. This indie title took the world by storm with its unique and addictive gameplay, coupled with a fun and engaging plot inspired by Greek mythology.

Hades features a wide cast of gods and goddesses inspired by Greek mythology. You play as Zagreus, the son of Hades. Players will attempt to escape from the Underworld and hopefully reach Mount Olympus.

Players will come into contact with the other Olympians who will bestow gifts upon you. Each character is very memorable, thanks in part to the great character writing in Hades.

The gameplay is typical of other roguelikes, incorporating hack and slash combat where players gain items and strength the further through each dungeon they progress.

In Hades, the player can use a combination of their main weapon, a special attack, a dash, and a magic ability to defeat enemies.

Hades has received huge commercial success for its gameplay, art direction, music, and narrative design. It was even named game of the year in 2020!

If you haven’t played Hades yet, there is a branching adventure here for you. All you have to do is take that first step.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

GenreRPG, Adventure, Action, JRPG
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperRyu Ga Gotoku Studio
Release DateNovember 11, 2020

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is yet another entertaining entry into the esteemed Yakuza franchise.

In Yakuza, you play as a member of the Japanese underworld. As such, gameplay involves fighting, smashing up clubs, flirting with attractive women, and avoiding the law at all costs.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is considered to be somewhat of a soft reboot for the series as a whole.

In this game, you play as a completely new character involved in a completely new storyline.

You play as Kasuga, a man who has devoted his life to crime after his life was saved by a yakuza when he was a child.

However, things soon take a turn as Kasuga is asked to take the fall for a murder he has not committed.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon is a great place to start for newcomers as no prior knowledge of Yakuza 0-6 is required at all!

Assassins Creed Valhalla

GenreAction, Open World, RPG, Adventure
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperUbisoft Montreal
Release DateDecember 7, 2022

Assassins Creed games have become less and less interested in providing an enjoyable gaming experience over the years. Instead, the series has suffered from the Call of Duty and Pokémon effect, feeling the need to put out at least one game a year in order to ensure a steady influx of revenue.

Assassins Creed Valhalla, on the other hand, is a step in the right direction for the Assassins Creed franchise.

The gameplay in Assassins Creed Valhalla continues the tried and true stealth and action that Assassins Creed has become known for.

Group combat is decent enough with new inclusions that allow you to dual wield (including shields). However, the real fun comes from stealthily skulking one’s way up behind an enemy to effortlessly land the killing blow.

In this game, you play as Eivor Varinsdottir, a Viking raider hoping to lead his people to victory against the Anglo-Saxons.

The weapons available to you have also been upgraded to include both greatswords and flails as well. The game really makes you feel like a bloodthirsty Viking every chance it gets.

Definitely be sure to check out Assassins Creed Valhalla if you haven’t had the chance yet. You won’t be disappointed.

Monster Hunter World

World 2
GenreCo-op, Multiplayer, Action, Open World
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperCAPCOM Co., Ltd.
Release DateAugust 10, 2018

Monster Hunter is quite a hard game to get into, but due to its increase in popularity outside of Japan, the developers have started introducing more and more elements tailored toward newcomers.

Even so, things that others dislike about the franchise (such as the lack of any health bars for its bosses), have grown to define Monster Hunter as a whole.

Those who persevere with the game and master its combat will be in for an incredibly enjoyable experience.

The game is a series of increasingly difficult boss battles. Players will need to prepare before each fight. This involves gathering items, strengthening your weapon, and filling your stomach.

Each monster has unique abilities, unique movement options, and a certain landscape in which you need to fight them.

Depending on whether your target is land or aquatic-based, your fight will play out completely differently.

Each monster is incredibly unique, drawing inspiration from various mythologies. Some of these designs are really cool, and decorating yourself in armor based on these monsters is a joy.

Thankfully, there are plenty of weapons to help you take down these hulking beasts, from katanas, to dual blades, and even gunblades.

Depending on your preferred playstyle for melee or ranged combat, you will find a weapon to suit your needs.

Several quality of life improvements have been added in Monster Hunter world that did not appear in several earlier games.

Vaulting and mounting is a great inclusion to the world of Monster Hunter. Lots of bosses take a long time to both stagger and take down, so additional options to speed up combat are always appreciated.

Additionally, it was very tedious running between each numbered zone in older Monster Hunter games trying to find a boss. Your canine companion makes exploration a lot faster.

Monster Hunter is great as a solo adventure but even more fun if you team up with some friends to take down an enemy.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

GenreAction, 3D Platformer, Adventure
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperToys for bob, Beenox, Activision Shanghai, Hardsuit Labs, Iron Galaxy, Studios
Release DateOctober 19, 2022

Crash Bandicoot is a franchise that has been through some highs and lows over the years. Starting off with three of the tightest games in all of platforming, the popular IP was subsequently milked dry.

There were standouts such as Crash Tag Team Racing and Crash Twinsanity, but for every good Crash game, came a slew of mediocre cash grabs.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a return to form for the orange marsupial.

This game includes just as many tough platforming challenges and interesting gimmicks as the first three games, without any new additions feeling shoehorned in.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time improves on the original foundation created in the original trilogy while also adding new quality of life improvements.

Crash now has a shadow underneath him so players can accurately see where they will land.

This simple addition makes life so much easier as deaths no longer feel cheap or caused by software limitations and oversights by the developers.

There is a mountain of collectibles to be grabbed here from crates, gems, and crystals. Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time has perhaps the most content of any Crash Bandicoot game in the entire franchise.

Arguably, there is too much content here to the point that more casual players will feel alienated and demotivated when trying to acquire 100% completion.

The game also becomes more replayable when you factor in the various time trial missions or alternate missions. You will have to replay certain stages with either new objectives or new conditions, all under a different art style.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time lets you play as several different characters, including Cortex, Coco, and Dingodile.

Considering you will be replaying so many stages for 100% completion, it is nice to be able to switch things up with a differing playstyle every now and again.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time is a spectacular platforming adventure game and one you shouldn’t miss out on playing.

Halo Infinite

halo 1
GenreAction, Adventure, FPS, Open World
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
Developer343 Industries
Release DateDecember 9, 2021

Halo Infinite is a glorious return to form for Master Chief and company. Halo games have received a mixed reception since as early as Halo 4, with Halo Reach being, debatably, the last objectively overall good Halo title.

However, regardless of your opinions thus far, it cannot be stated enough how amazing of a game Halo Infinite is.

Inclusions such as the grappling hook feel like a simple addition but go above and beyond to speed up gameplay and improve movement options.

The main missions of Halo Infinite do follow a relatively similar formula. You will explore a vast open world to certain objectives where you will push a button, blow something up, or take out a powerful enemy.

However, the varied enemy types, tons of interactable items scattered about the environment, and vehicles to help reduce the tedium of traveling make up for any downsides.

The story of Halo Infinite is confusing, to say the least. Since Halo 4, 343 Industries have been introducing so many new races and story beats that it can be hard to keep track of sometimes.

However, most of the pre-rendered cutscenes of other Halo games have been removed in favor of in-game cutscenes. For better or worse, this cutscene style works well for Halo Infinite, as its main draw is the gameplay.

Another great appeal point for Halo Infinite is its multiplayer mode. If you can believe it, Halo Infinite’s multiplayer is completely free-to-play!

There are tons of new maps, weapons, and game modes to try out in Halo Infinite, with some of the most refined, explosive, and fun multiplayer of any Halo game.

Halo has always been about adventure. Unlike other FPS games in which you shoot your way through various missions, Halo has always managed to incorporate open-world combat since the first game.

Now that the game has gone fully open world, the adventure of Master Chief and Cortana only continues to expand.

Definitely be sure to check out Halo Infinite if you haven’t done so already.

Elden Ring

GenreSouls-like, RPG, Open World
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperFromSoftware Inc.
Release DateFebruary 25, 2022

Elden Ring has taken the world by storm. The game manages to seamlessly combine a rich fantasy setting with brutally difficult boss fights in a way unlike any other games before it.

The game can get very tricky, and players should feel no shame in looking up a few Elden Ring guides. However, if you can power through the hundreds of deaths, there is a truly fantastic experience to be had here.

So much so that many believe Elden Ring is one of the strongest contenders for the game of the year 2022.

Elden Ring is a game for masochists. It was designed from the ground up to be as difficult and unforgiving as possible (much like other From Software titles such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne).

You know a game is hard when not only can the bosses end your life in a single hit, but the basic enemies roaming about the land can do so as well.

Those unprepared when entering into a new area or an area rife with enemies will soon realize that Elden Ring is, in fact, not a Dynasty Warriors game.

However, the game is not impossible, and all bosses have a set number of attacks and movement options.

Players will need to study the enemy’s patterns and devise the best strategy for taking them down.

Elden Ring’s fantasy setting lends itself very well to the feeling of going on an adventure. Not only do enemies include ogres, demons, and knights, but NPCs are also derived from various mythologies.

Speaking of NPCs, the game encourages you to not only beat your sword over the head of anyone who passes your way but to interact with those who do not pose a threat.

Elden Ring has several different endings and depending on the choices you make and the factions you ally with, your experience will be completely different during each play-through.

Additionally, thanks to the several different classes and weapons you can choose from in Elden Ring, the game becomes even more replayable.

Choosing to fight up close and personal using a sword will result in a completely different experience and playstyle than if you were a spellcaster.

It’s very enjoyable to go back and replay boss fights using different weapons. You may discover that certain enemies which are near impossible to defeat using a sword fall in seconds after being pelted with magic.

Elden Ring is a game designed for masochists. You will die a lot, but it is up to you if you let these deaths ruin your experience. Those who push through to the bitter end will be met with one of the best conclusions in gaming history.

Definitely be sure to check out Elden Ring if you haven’t done so already. It is by far the best adventure game currently available on Xbox Series X / S.