Wrestling games are not as popular nowadays as they once were. However, WWE and all the other wrestling games still have a large and loyal fanbase.

The only problem is that there are only a few studios working on wrestling games. As such, it is quite surprising if there are more than a couple of wrestling games released each year.

When it comes to the Xbox Series X and S, there aren’t a lot of wrestling games to choose from. However, the consoles have been out for a long enough time that there is a sizable collection of games. Wrestling enthusiasts may have trouble deciding which of the games should they play next. That is where we come to your aid.

Here, we have listed the 5 best wrestling games for Xbox Series X / S. This list includes new games, classics, and those that attempt to recreate the feel of retro games of the genre.

WWE 2K23

wwe 2k22 784x
GenreSimulation, Sports, Multiplayer, PvP, Wrestling
Where to Buy?Xbox Store or Amazon
DeveloperVisual Concepts
Release DateMarch 17, 2023

WWE 2K23 is a true return to form for the series. First of all, the visuals have received a massive upgrade and look outright stunning on the Xbox Series X.

Players can take on two MyRISE adventures, one male and one female. On top of that, there is also a MyFACTION mode that allows you to build your own faction and participate in events.

Lastly, the MyGM mode gives you unlimited control over a franchise. You can set up rivalries, match types, and storylines to make your franchise better than the competition. Of course, you can also play as one of the superstars in the matches themselves. The possibilities are limitless, and you get to control it all.

RetroMania Wrestling

retro 784x
GenreAction, Sports, Wrestling, Indie
Where to Buy?Xbox Store
DeveloperRetrosoft Studios
Release DateFebruary 26, 2021
Multiplayer?Yes, split screen

The second game on our list of the best wrestling games for Xbox Series X and S is RetroMania Wrestling. The game makes no attempt to hide the fact that it is replicating the wrestling games from the 90s, and it does a great job at it.

The game uses a retro art style but manages to make the matches feel a lot more compelling and in-depth due to its use of the Xbox controller and all its extra buttons.

The only flaw that we could find in the game is that it is a little lacking in terms of content. There are only 16 wrestlers for you to play with, and there is no online multiplayer. However, the option of local multiplayer is present and can provide a hit of nostalgia if you and your friends used to play wrestling games in the 90s.

Action Arcade Wrestling

action arcade 784x 1
GenreAction, Arcade, Wrestling
Where to Buy?Xbox Store
DeveloperVICO Game Studio
Release DateOctober 15, 2019
Multiplayer?Yes, split screen

Think of all the things that come to your mind when you see the name Action Arcade Wrestling. That is exactly what the game is about. However, just remember that, unlike other titles that often tend to simulate wrestling games from the 1990s for a ‘retro’ vibe, Action Arcade does no simulation of any sort.

Instead, the game tries to be as over-the-top as it possibly can be. There are over 30 wrestlers in the game, and each of them is made to look as preposterous as possible. Players can shoot lightning bolts at their opponent too, which is something that encapsulates this game incredibly well.

Lastly, you can create your own wrestlers. It is also possible for you to upload your wrestler once created and let others use it in their matches. Of course, you can go online and use someone else’s wrestler too.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

wwe 2k battlegrounds 784x
GenreAction, Sports, Fighting, Wrestling
Where to Buy?Xbox Store
DeveloperSaber Interactive
Release DateSeptember 18, 2020

2K Battlegrounds is 2K’s attempt at arcade wrestling. While the main series tries to stay as realistic and true to the world of WWE as possible, Battlegrounds focuses on providing players with as much fun and over-the-top action as possible.

When you start playing the game, you realize just how exaggerated everything is compared to the standard games. This is not to say that Battlegrounds is style over substance, as you will find a lot of exciting game modes including Royal Rumble and the Battlegrounds challenge.

There is a story mode where the story unfolds through a comic strip as well. However, perhaps the crown jewel of the game is the online mode, where you can compete against one or more players using your favorite superstars.

This is also the game that we would recommend for casual local multiplayer, mainly because of how hilarious the matches can turn out to be compared to other games on this list.


aca neogeo 784x
GenreWrestling, Retro
Where to Buy?Xbox Store
DeveloperSNK Corporation, Hamster Corporation
Release DateMarch 25, 1993

The last game on our list of the best Xbox wrestling games is ACA NEOGEO 3 COUNT BOUT. This is a game that was initially released all the way back in 1993 but is available for purchase on the Microsoft Store.

The aim is simple: You have to become the greatest wrestler in the world. To do this, you have an arsenal of moves at your disposal. While the game lacks key features such as online multiplayer, you can compete against other players by posting your high scores on the leaderboard.

We wouldn’t recommend this game to players that have not played the original. This is mainly due to the outdated graphics and control scheme. However, this is a great wrestling game for an older gamer looking to replay the game that they used to play decades ago. Of course, it is also worth checking out if you enjoy older games that harken back to a simpler time.