The Xbox Series x can achieve some staggeringly immersive titles, but it’s also great for multiplayer. Nothing beats playing in the same room sometimes. The best local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S are some of the most fun on the platform.

The Xbox has the height of online multiplayer and couch co-op, sometimes in the same game. The multiplayer titles here are diverse, you’re not just limited to party games. There are story-driven titles, fighters, adventure games, and still some great hectic party games. They’re as varied as gaming gets. 

A high-end console like the Xbox Series X/S can push local co-op in a way that wasn’t possible before. Some of these co-op games can be just as impressive as single-player titles. 

These are the best choices for co-op. There should be a pick that’s going to work for everyone here. A lot of the games are even included on Games Pass. We’ll head in reverse order, with the top Xbox co-op games at the bottom here.

10. Streets of Rage 4

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S - Streets of Rage 4
Genre:Action, Beat ’em Up, Classic, Side Scroller
Developers:Dotemu, Lizardcube, Guard Crush Games
Release Date:April 30, 2020
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2-4), Online co-op (2)
Average Playtime:3 hours

Streets of Rage 4 is one of the best local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S, especially if you’re nostalgic for the arcade titles of the 90s. This game brings back the classic Streets of Rage gameplay, but with some updates.

Just like the originals, Streets of Rage 4 is best played as local co-op. It’s a sidescrolling beat-em-up. It’s a clear sequel to the older games, but gameplay is updated. It’s a natural continuation of Streets of Rage.

Players progress through the game going from screen to screen. You’re fighting against wave after wave of enemies. You can use weapons and items you pick up along the way. That’s with normal attacks. The goal is to rack up enough hits to get into a combo and start really racking up points.

The game has five different playable characters, with some drawn from previous Streets of Rage games. These come in retro styles. It’s a nice throwback to the game’s routes.

The story mode is the main attraction where those playing local co-op try and push through every level. At the end of each, you get a rank based on your performance. Get higher combos for a better rank. 

Streets of Rage 4 features an art style that is reminiscent of the older games but cleaned up enough to look amazing on the new consoles. If you’re looking for a retro-style brawler, this is perfect for Xbox. 

9. Lego Star Wars -The Skywalker Saga

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – Lego Star Wars -The Skywalker Saga
Warner Bros Interactive
Developers:TT Games
Release Date:5 April, 2022
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2)
Average Playtime:19 hours

The Lego Star Wars games have strangely carved out a niche as some of the best Star Wars titles. The most recent installment is the definitive edition. In local co-op, the fun is really stepped up.

This title is more than yet another port of the iconic original games. These revisit each of the Star Wars films. Although, it’s a new take compared to past games. Even if you’ve played before, they feel about as fresh as the second time watching Empire Strikes Back.

 This game goes through all the original films, the prequels, and even the sequel trilogy. You’re getting the full story, or you’re free to stick to your personal favorites here too! Half of the fun is seeing the hilarious Lego-themed parodies of all of the iconic scenes. 

The Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga is playable in co-op the whole way through. All of the levels work for local multiplayer, so you can experience the entire game with friends. 

Gameplay is pretty varied across all of the levels. There are the space dogfights you expect from Star Wars. However, some planets have more open world exploration areas. There’s a lot of puzzle solving mixed in. Like other Lego games, it has the unique mechanic of letting you rebuild things with Lego pieces to progress.

This is a great pick for local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S. It’s a mix of gameplay styles and a lot of fun, especially for Star Wars fans. 

8. Halo Master Chief Collection

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – Halo Master Chief Collection
Xbox Game Studios
Genre:First-Person Shooter
Developers:343 Industries
Release Date:December 3, 2019
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2-2), Online co-op (2-4)
Average Playtime:43 hours

The Halo Master Chief Collection brings together what is debatably Microsoft’s most iconic games. All Halo titles from Combat Evolved to Halo 3 are remastered here. 

The Halo series of games have always been some of the most popular forms for local co-op on Xbox. Split-screen competitive is fun. However, two players can get through the campaign together too and experience the classic Halo story. 

The Master Chief Collection is most known for bringing back classic online play. However, if you want to experience that real nostalgic Halo effect, some local co-op is going to be great. You can play local multiplayer on split screen alongside the campaign. 

Playing together is one of the best ways to experience the Halo campaign. The game isn’t too different in this collection. There’s a graphical bump for every game. Halo 2 has also had a much bigger overhaul to celebrate its anniversary. The campaigns are some of the most fun for Xbox Series X shooters.

This is one of the best local co-op games for Xbox Series X/S. Especially if you have plenty of nostalgia for the early days of Halo.

7. Tiny Tina Wonderlands

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – Tiny Tina Wonderlands
2K Games
Genre:Action, Adventure, RPG, First-Person Shooter, Looter
Developers:Gearbox Software
Release Date:March 25, 2022
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2), Online co-op (2-4)
Average Playtime:16 hours

Tiny Tina wonderlands is a bit different from the more casual co-op games on Xbox Series X/S here. It’s perfect for fans of DnD. This is a game that mixes co-op adventure with shooting gameplay.

This is a first-person shooter and a spin-off from the popular Borderlands series. It mixes a healthy dose of RPG and fantasy roleplaying games into the normal Borderlands world with all the character that comes with that franchise. It’s even better in split-screen too.

Players travel around the game in an overworld, interrupted by random encounters for combat, along with completing quests. Players get to use custom characters made from six different classes. If you enjoy the actual role-playing part of RPGs, there’s a lot for you here. The classes really open things up! You can let your imagination run wild. 

Through procedurally generated loot, you can get access to a wide variety of weapons. However, players can also cast spells. These have magical effects like turning enemies into barnyard animals. 

Tiny Tina Wonderland features the same level of characters in its world as Bordlands. It even features some big names for voice talent, like Andy Samberg and Will Arnett. 

Wonderlands isn’t for everyone, but it’s a unique mix of styles. There are shooter elements, DnD like adventure, and it all works great in local co-op. 

6. A Way Out

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – A Way Out
Release Date:March 22, 2018
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2-2), Online co-op (2-2)
Average Playtime:6 hours

A Way Out is a fairly unique entry in the top Xbox local multiplayer games, it’s a style of game that normally doesn’t work for multiple players. This is a full narrative-driven game. It’s built specifically for two players, rather than one. It’s one of the best Xbox games for couples since it’s an experience that only works with two.

A Way Out has a real focus on storytelling. There are some action set-pieces and strategy throughout. However, everything is based on working together. 

A Way Out is played in split-screen, the whole game is designed around this. You’re not going to be panning around trying to deal with a limited view in areas designed for full screen. It’s strange how much of a difference this makes, but it pays off.

The split screen can have some weird effects at times. Time passes at the same rate but sometimes players are separated. This means you can sometimes have a cutscene on one half of the screen and active gameplay on the other. It might take some getting used to, but it’s a different way to play.

A Way Out’s story is centered around a prison break. There are twists and turns as it goes, with characters having secrets to discover. The gameplay has players take advantage of teamwork, with each having a role to play. You’ll need coordinate and cooperate. It’s one of the best local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S if you want a strong story.

5. MultiVersus

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – MultiVersus
Warner Bros Interactive
Genre:Platform FIghter
Developers:Player First Games
Release Date:July 26, 2022
Find at:Microsoft Store
Multiplayer:Local multiplayer (2-4), Online multiplayer (2-4)

MultiVersus is a platform fighter that’s hit just about every platform now. While it’s good for online play, nothing beats offline action for tense fighting games. 

This is one of the games like Super Smash Bros to try out its signature platforming and fighting mix. Out of all of these though, this title is probably the biggest so far as it’s already broken records for play numbers in its opening weeks.

The game has players picking from a wide roster of characters. They’re all drawn from Warner Bros properties, so you have Bagman, Shaggy, Game of Throne characters, and more mismatched names. New characters get added all the time too. Each comes with its own unique move sets to match.

Unlike most fighting games, there isn’t a set health bar for players. Instead, you rack up damage on each other which makes it easier to get knocked back and launch off the stage. The goal is to push them off the platforms to take a stock.

Unlike a lot of platform fighters, the preferred way of playing in MultiVersus is duos. It’s perfect for local co-op. You can go up against each other to practice your skills and play together as a team online or offline. You can play the whole game with local co-op. All without fighting each other. 

If you’ve not played a platform fighter before, this is the perfect one to jump in with. Even in early access, it’s quickly becoming one of the best local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S.

4. It Takes Two

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – It Takes Two
Genre:Action, Adventure, Cooperative
Release Date:March 26, 2021
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2), Online co-op (2)
Average Playtime:13 hours

It Takes Two is a game made entirely for multiplayer! It’s not even playable solo. The title lets you play online, but it works best when you’re in the same room.

This is a game with an emphasis on character. You’re playing as a soon-to-be-divorced couple who find themselves turned into toys. They’re trying to navigate a miniaturized world. There are a lot of cut scenes and dialogue in here to build the two characters up and give players a fuller experience than just some fun levels.

Gameplay in It Takes Two is different for every level! Most are based around platforming and puzzle solving, but it gets creative. Most levels give each player a unique ability. You have to work together and combine your skill sets to get through the game. 

It isn’t just puzzle solving though, there are also races and even more open levels where you can complete objectives in any order. It Takes Two’s biggest highlight is variety. Every area feels fresh in this one of the best local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S.

3. Overcooked! All You Can Eat

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S – Overcooked
Genre:Casual, Simulation
Developers:Ghost Town Games and Team17 Digital Ltd.
Release Date:November 9, 2020
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local multiplayer (2-4), Online multiplayer (2-4)
Average Playtime:10 hours

The Overcooked series is one of the most fun co-op experiences on any console! These are chaotic party games where you play as chefs who work in some of the most bizarre kitchens. This new installment on Xbox Series X/S collects all the previous games and DLC in the series.

Overcooked can be played by one to four players, but the game only really comes alive with more than one. You’re playing as little chefs in a restaurant. Duties include prepping ingredients, cooking a variety of food, and washing up dishes.

You’re scored on how many quickly you fulfill the orders. You also lose points when you take too long with an order, with the goal being enough points in the time limit to progress. You’ll need to communicate and cooperate. Cooking any one dish requires quite a few tasks to be completed.

Overcooked keeps things interesting with its great variety of food. The dishes can get pretty complicated towards the tail end of the games. There are also crazy concepts for levels. 

The chefs in Overcooked will cook in a hot air balloon, crash it without missing an order, and then turn the wreckage into a still functioning kitchen. They’ll toss ingredients across two moving vans to keep pumping out those orders. This is quite a challenge for players.

Overcooked is wacky fun, it’s easily one of the best local co-op games on Xbox series X/S. If you’ve never played, then this collection is the definitive edition.

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shredder’s Revenge

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S –TMNT
Genre:Adventure, Beat ’em Up, Casual, Side Scroller
Developers:Tribute Games
Release Date:June 16, 2022
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2-6), Online co-op (2-6)
Average Playtime:2 hours

Shredder’s Revenge might feel like an odd pick for universal local co-op games, but it’s a fantastic title. This is another throwback to older arcade titles. In this case, it’s the iconic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game. Other Konami titles like the Simpsons game were pretty close, so a lot of players will likely get a nostalgic feeling from Shredder’s revenge.

The gameplay is a side-scrawling brawler. You progress through the New York sewers and other locations from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. You’ll have to take down iconic enemies from the series as you go, like Foot Clan, Bebop, and Rocksteady, eventually even Shredder.

The game is a clear sequel to the original Ninja Turtles world with those same nostalgic designs. However, it doesn’t have the biggest plot. Everyone can follow along without too much backstory required, the name kind of explains what you need to know. These mutant turtles with ninja skills, how complex can it be?

Shredder’s Revenge is it isn’t just for nostalgia pandering. This is a refreshingly modern take on a rarely seen genre, it’s one of the most impressive beat-em-ups to come out since that style had its heyday.

Players can progress through the story mode to go through the game in a more modern way, or you can stick with the harsher arcade conditions. That modes a bit harder. Since it was designed to get more quarters in the machine, it can get frustrating.

Even the visuals are a treat here. They feel like a modern interpretation of that classic Konami arcade style. The sprite work is amazing, This is an impressive title that still feels authentic to its roots while fresh.

There’s single player here but also local co-op, playing with friends is probably the best way to get through the title. It’s one of the best local co-op games on Xbox Series X/S.

1. Cuphead

Best Local Co-Op Games on Xbox Series X/S - Cuphead
Studio MDHR
Genre:2D Platformer, Run and Gun
Developers:Tribute Games
Release Date:June 16, 2022
Find at:Microsoft Store and Amazon
Multiplayer:Local co-op (2-6), Online co-op (2-6)
Average Playtime:10 hours

Cuphead is one of the best multiplayer on just about any platform. It started on the Xbox though and it still stands out on the platform, especially with recent DLC additions.

Cuphead is a boss-rush and sidescrolling game set in a world inspired by the golden age of animation. Two players can join as Cuphead and Mugman. Two hapless cups that can’t stay out of trouble. 

The game kicks off with Cuphead gambling away the souls of himself and his brother. This leaves them with only one option, a deal with the devil. This sets them off on a journey through Inkwell Island. They’re trying to collect the souls of his other debtors to try and earn back their freedom, or potentially turn the tables.

Each of these souls has to be won in a boss fight. All fights have multiple stages. These are tough battles; it’ll take a few tries to memorize the boss patterns and figure out where you can get your extra hits in. It is rewarding to take them down though.

Cuphead is tricky, but better with a friend. You get to share the frustration and joy when you finally clear a boss. Players can even parry each other’s rising ghosts after death, giving a revive that can help you just make it over the line. It’s a clear advantage to bringing along a partner.

This is one of the best games on Xbox. With other people playing too though, it’s even better.