First-person shooter games follow a simple premise. Pick up your weapon, shoot some bad guys, and save the day.

This formula works to create a fun experience but it takes more than that to create a memorable game.

Tight gunplay is important, but having a good story and effective dialogue is the best way to make sure that action feels impactful. A good FPS game should have solid level design and plenty of variety in enemies to seal the deal.

To help you find your next favorite game, here are the 17 best FPS games on Nintendo Switch. We’ve included a mix of classic titles and modern gems, each with stellar gameplay and solid gunplay.

Metro 2033 Redux

Metro 2033
GenreFPS, story-rich, survival horror, post-apocalyptic, action
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthThe main story takes around 9 hours to finish and a full, 100% completionist run will take you just over the 24 hour mark
Developer4A Games
Release date28th February 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

Metro 2033 Redux is a remake of the original Metro game that came out in 2010. This version offers improved graphics and incredible gameplay.

It features a crushingly dark atmosphere and forces you to make difficult choices for the story and during gameplay. It stays faithful to its source material, a novel set in post-nuclear Moscow.

In the story, the last remaining survivors have made their home in the abandoned metro stations underground. You’ll play as Artyom, a young man who must seek help at a large survivor camp.

The game plays very well with claustrophobia and darkness, as you’ll spend a lot of time adventuring through tunnels. The mutant creatures hiding in the shadows are very aggressive and will hunt you down when spotted.

Stealth is essential, as the enemies are deadly and you have limited resources.

The overall aesthetic in this game is exquisite. Weapons look as if they’ve been crafted from spare parts, and you can customize them at survivor settlements. You also have your gas mask on you at all times, which you’ll need to keep in good condition with filters.

Metro 2033 has a bleak atmosphere, excellent world-building, and a tense gameplay loop. It is one of the best FPS games on the Switch store to pick up if you’re into more methodical shooters.

The sequel Metro: Last Light Redux is also available on the Nintendo Switch. The story takes place one year after the events of the first game, and it’s also worth playing.


superhot 784x
GenreFPS, puzzle, action, bullet time, minimalist
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe main campaign takes 2-3 hours to beat and a full completionist run will take you close to 21 hours to finish
DeveloperSUPERHOT Team
Release date19th August 2019
Co-opNo, single player only

Superhot is a creative FPS game where time moves only when you do. You’ll need to make every step count because everyone (including you) goes down in just one hit.

The game is an innovative puzzle game at heart, as you have to quickly create a game plan from the tools in the environment. The fun part is executing that plan— constantly switching between real-time movement and paused time is an addictive loop.

Superhot uses a minimalist art style to keep your eyes focused on what matters most. Environments are white and gray, interactive objects and projectiles are black, and enemies are bright red.

The gimmick of the game is constantly explored with the game’s intricate level design. One of the best levels is where you’re stuck in an elevator, and have to weave between several bullets in an enclosed space.

Combat feels fluid, intuitive, and improvisational. You’ll need to use a variety of melee armaments and guns throughout a single level.

The game doesn’t skimp on its story. It’s much richer that you might imagine at first, and there are plenty of challenges to complement the short but sweet campaign.

There’s no doubt that Superhot is one of the most unique FPS games out there. It’s innovative and enjoyable, with an iconic gameplay loop that manages to not feel gimmicky. It’s worth adding to your Switch collection today.

DOOM (2016)

GenreFPS, action, gory, sci-fi, horror
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthMain campaign takes roughly 12 hours to finish and a completionist run will take you close to the 28 hour mark
Developerid Software, Bethesda Game Studios Austin, and Panic Button Games
Release date10th November 2017
Co-opSimultaneous multiplayer available

We can thank the original 1993 DOOM for pioneering the entire FPS genre. And now, we can thank the 2016 iteration of DOOM for bringing the genre to new heights once again

The main character, Doom Slayer, feels buttery smooth to control. He’s surprisingly fast, accurate when shooting, and can fly across to room to execute demons.

Doom Slayer has to be responsive because DOOM’s combat is chaotic and hectic.

There will be different kinds of demons charging and shooting at you from all angles during every encounter. They hit hard, and staying in good health can be a challenge.

When a demon is low on health and glowing, you can perform a Glory Kill to deliver a melee execution, while also healing up. This simple mechanic encourages active gunplay; there’s no hiding behind cover here, you have to get right up on demons’ faces.

Another subtle design feature that keeps the game interesting is low levels of ammo.

You’ll have to constantly cycle through weapons during combat, including a limited-use chainsaw that can be a solid back-up plan in a pinch. As a bonus, the chainsaw makes enemies drop lots of ammo.

There’s actually a decent story here about testing forces beyond humanity’s control.

But Slayer, hilariously, ignores all of that. He will often flat out ignore the main plot and continue on his personal quest to slay more demons.

The sequel DOOM Eternal is also available on the Nintendo Switch. In fact, all mainline DOOM games are on the console, including the original DOOM, DOOM 2, and DOOM 3.

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition

GenreFPS, gory, action
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe main campaign takes roughly 8 hours to finish
DeveloperPeople Can Fly
Release date30th August 2019
Co-opNo, single player only

Bulletstorm: Duke of Switch Edition brings this underrated gem to the console. Despite its flaws, it is still one of the best FPS games on Nintendo Switch.

Set far in the future, you’ll play as Grayson Hunt, former leader of an elite black ops team turned space pirates after a disastrous assassination.

Drunk and ten years older, Hunt ends up attacking his former commander’s ship, severely endangering his crew-mates. This leads to both ships crashing on Stygia, an abandoned (and dangerous) resort planet.

Part revenge and redemption story, you have to lead your surviving crew out of the planet.

Bulletstorm is extremely crass and vulgar.

There is an option to decrease swearing and profanity if desired, as it’s not for everyone. The humor is juvenile and gross for the most part, which can be endearing if you enjoy games with a sillier vibe.

In a similar fashion to the dialogue, the gunplay is also over the top. Everything feels like a scene ripped off from a Michael Bay movie because of all the explosions and cinematic set-pieces.

The best feature of the game is the frequent use of the Energy Leash, an energy whip you’ll use to grab enemies and objects, as well as forcefully slam them to the ground.

Bulletstorm encourages stylish combat, like many of its hack and slash competitors. Pulling off creative takedowns will reward you with more currency after the encounter.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein 2
GenreFPS, historical, gory, action, violent, story-rich
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthThe main campaign takes around 11 hours to beat and a full, 100% completionist run will take you close to 34 hours
DeveloperMachineGames and Panic Button Games
Release date29th July 2018
Co-opNo, single player only

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus follows a few months after the first game’s events. While relatively straightforward, it’s still a must-play for FPS fans.

The New Colossus is set in an alternate timeline where the Axis powers won in the second World War. This game follows veteran B.J. Blazkowicz again as he attempts to stop the Nazi regime in the United States.

The plot is strong, engaging, and executed very well. The supporting cast of characters drives the story forward in endearing ways. B.J.’s personal thoughts also showcase his fears throughout the campaign. The dialogue is intriguing and the worldbuilding is powerful.

During combat, B.J. is adept at both stealth and a guns blazing approach. In general, you’ll need to approach levels quietly, taking down key targets.

But if things go wrong (and they will), you’re well equipped to go in with a louder approach.

It is good to take your time and explore levels, especially if you find any upgrade kits. These rare items will help you upgrade your German-inspired guns.

Another great feature in The New Colossus is the ability to dual wield any combination of weapons. You can mix weapons for different ranges or equip the same type for more firepower.

Eventually, you can revisit old areas in the game to look for any missed collectibles. Additionally, new commanders will be present in the area to stop you. The game has plenty of replay value and it’s an essential for any FPS fan’s Nintendo Switch library.


GenreFPS, Lovecraftian, action, bullet time, horror
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe main campaign takes 7-8 hours to beat and a full, 100% completionist run will take you close to 17 hours
DeveloperDavid Szymanski and New Blood Interactive
Release date28th October 2021
Co-opNo, single player only

DUSK is more than your average 90s-inspired retro shooter. While it does pay respect to the classics, it also brings its unique ideas and executes them with restrained focus.

DUSK is a twitch-shooter offering fast-paced gunplay combined with speedy movement. It feels smooth to control, and the core gameplay loop is fun.

The game leans into Lovecraftian horror tropes, complete with a massive cult. There are some truly tense moments in the campaign. The levels are creative and trippy, and there are secrets to find in every single section.

Gunplay is straightforward, but the superb sound design really sells it.

You can dual-wield weapons for more firepower.When you run out of ammo, you can turn DUSK into a hack-and-slash game using melee weapons. You can even deflect projectiles with precise timing.

DUSK is every speedrunner’s dream game. Aside from the swift movement, there are many ways to complete stages outside the intended experience. For example, you can stack barrels to jump over a gate instead of searching for the key.

Finally, the game is highly customizable graphics-wise. You can adjust color palettes to make it look closer to retro titles. This is an FPS experience like no other.

Bioshock: The Collection

GenreFPS, action-adventure, story-rich, atmospheric, horror
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthCompleting the main campaign in every game will take you roughly 35 hours and fully completing everything in every game will take you over 55 hours
DeveloperIrrational Games, 2K Marin, 2K Australia, Digital Extremes, and Blind Squirrel Games
Release date29th May 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

BioShock: The Collection compiles remastered versions of the first two legendary BioShock games, along with BioShock Infinite. It also includes DLCs for all titles.

BioShock 1 and 2 are both bleak, philosophical, and atmospheric experiences. Both take place inside an underwater city called Rapture after its societal collapse.

There are standard firearms and a few makeshift weapons. However, the standout feature of BioShock are the powers you can obtain during the campaign. These range from offensive spells to utility advantages to help overcome your enemy.

BioShock Infinite is the polar opposite of its predecessors, taking place in a city above the sky. For reasons you’ll discover throughout the campaign, Columbia literally broke away from the United States and went airborne.

BioShock Infinite’s story deserves many praises, especially the back and forth between Booker and Elizabeth. In-game, Elizabeth is a great NPC companion who is valuable during combat.

There’s a bigger emphasis on combat and gunplay in the third game. Combat encounters are fun because of the free traversal via sky hooks or choosing what tear to open for the situation.

All three of these games make up some of the best FPS Switch games around, and they’re essentials to pick up no matter your first-person shooter experience.

Overwatch 2

Overwatch Combo
GenreFPS, hero shooter, action
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe estimated time for getting every achievement in this game is 80-100 hours
DeveloperBlizzard Entertainment
Release date4th October 2022
Co-opOnline, up to 12 players supported

Overwatch 2 provides an addicting team-based competitive experience. Part MOBA and part shooter, the game is one of the most popular FPS experiences around.

There are over 32 playable characters on the roster.

Heroes fall into three categories: tank, damage, and support. Each team will have two per category.

The game does an excellent job at giving these heroes a strong personality narratively, thematically, and mechanically.

The game’s objective depends on what map you end up playing on. For example, Control maps are like King of the Hill, where a team has to hold the objective for a certain time.

Overwatch 2 is a fair competitive experience and fun casual shooter to play with friends. The MOBA element allows players who aren’t skilled at aiming to still find enjoyment in the game.

Void Bastards

Void Bastards
GenreFPS, roguelite, strategy, simulation
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthMain storyline takes 8-9 hours to beat and a full, completionist run will take you 24-25 hours overall
DeveloperBlue Manchu
Release date7th May 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

Void Bastards is an excellent mixture of genres. It is a roguelite, strategic first-person shooter that’s also part immersive sim, bundled up in a comic book aesthetic.

There is no main character in Void Bastards due to its permadeath system. Instead, you’ll play as the one of the millions of rehydrated prisoners inside a stranded vessel. These characters have gene traits that can positively or negatively change your play style.

The main goal of the game is to repair your main ship through scavenging parts. It’s your job to plot out where you’ll go in the game’s branching map.

When you choose a ship to dock into, that’s when you’ll get to truly experience this game. The ship’s layout is procedurally generated, but it doesn’t feel stale or repetitive. It helps that the game has sharp dark humor that’s usually told by your AI companion.

Another part of the strategy is choosing your loadout before the mission. The more you play the game the more you’ll know what you’ll need to bring for better chances of survival.

The actual gameplay is refreshing and free like an immersive sim. It’s up to you if you want to use a stealthy approach or a louder one.

Either way, you have to thoroughly explore the ship in order to bring back more loot. It is also important to think on your feet during different scenarios, like finding the ship’s generator to restore power.

Borderlands Legendary Collection

GenreFPS, looter-shooter, action
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthThere is currently no accurate data on how long this collection takes to beat in its entirety, but it’s made up of 3 games and DLC so there’s a lot to work through
DeveloperGearbox Software and 2K Australia
Release date29th May 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

Borderlands Legendary Collection combines three great games into one convenient package. You’ll get Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with every additional content (except Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary for Borderlands 2).

Borderlands is a looter-shooter that embraces how excessive it is. All the loot is procedurally generated, which affects traits like damage and rarity. Loot drops so often that you will end up replacing your gear constantly.

The franchise also incorporates a light RPG system where you can gain experience and level up. You’ll get to allocate points to skill trees offering passive and active bonuses.

You can choose any character you want for your playthrough. While these characters serve as archetypical classes, the skill trees give different variations to play them. Additionally, they also have their distinct personalities.

For the Nintendo Switch, you can go through the whole campaign with another player through local split-screen co-op. Additionally, you can play with up to four players online.

Playing with others increases the difficulty of the enemies, but gives more opportunities for precious loot. Whether solo or with friends, Borderlands is undoubtedly one of the best Switch FPS games out there.

Immortal Redneck

Immortal Redneck
GenreFPS, arcade, action, roguelite
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe main campaign takes 18-19 hours to finish and completing everything in the game will take you around 61 hours overall
Release date10th May 2018
Co-opNo, single player only

Immortal Redneck is an FPS roguelite that plays like an old-school arcade shooter.

The story follows a redneck tourist who became a mummy in ancient Egypt after an unfortunate accident. The explanation for this seemingly random circumstance is at the apex of the pyramid, which will take a while to reach.

The game is quite punishing but it feels fair. Losing over and over again doesn’t feel too bad when the core gameplay loop is snappy and fun.

You’ll have to clear every enemy in the room before proceeding to the next. There are numerous, weighty weapons to find that will help you accomplish this.

Spending gold to upgrade your skill tree gives you permanent bonuses. Also, there are scrolls you can pick up that grant you temporary modifiers for your current run. The catch is you won’t know its contents unless you pick it up.

There are a total of nine classes (called Favors) in Immortal Redneck to spice up gameplay. These Favors have different starting loadouts and unique abilities. For instance, one of them grants the player an extremely useful grappling hook.

Due to the frantic twitch-shooter gameplay, make sure to use the Nintendo Switch’s motion controls. It makes the experience much better overall.

Hypercharged: Unboxed

Hypercharged Unboxed
GenreFPS, party, action, family-friendly
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe main campaign takes 6-8 hours to finish overall
DeveloperDigital Cybercherries
Release date30th January 2020
Co-opSingle system, local wireless, and online, up to 8 players supported depending on game mode

Hypercharged: Unboxed goes to great lengths to recreate massive toy warfare from the perspective of a kid. It has been made with a lot of love, and it is one of the best FPS games on Nintendo Switch because of that.

The game lets you take control of plastic toy soldiers as you fend off hordes of enemies while protecting several objectives. You can play alone accompanied by bots, but it’s much more fun to play with friends.

You have to protect the HYPER-CORE against waves of enemies. Before they come, you have a chance to place barricades and traps to stop their advances.

The maps are the best thing about Hypercharged. They are incredibly detailed, well-thought-out, and often feature overwhelming verticality. Common areas like bedrooms become full war zones in this game.

You’re encouraged to explore the whole map during and between waves. There are coins, batteries, weapons, and collectibles to find on every level.

After matches, you’ll get points based on your performance during the mission. You can earn new weapons, traps, and customizable parts for your plastic action figure avatar.

There are PvP maps in the game if you’re also interested in that, and the option to play the game from a third-person perspective.

This game is wholesome fun for the whole family as you fortify your positions and blast away at spinning-top toys.

Star Wars: Republic Commando

Star Wars Republic Commando
GenreFPS, sci-fi, strategy
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthMain storyline takes 9 hours or so to finish and completing everything in the game will take you 10-11 hours overall
DeveloperAspyr and Lucasfilm Limited
Release date6th April 2021
Co-opNo, single player only

Star Wars: Republic Commando is a tactical shooter set in the Star Wars universe. It follows a squad of Clone Commandos called Delta Squad on three missions during the Clone Wars.

You’ll take control of the Delta Squad’s leader “Boss” and you’ll command the three other troopers through the campaign. The squad is surprisingly competent and you can really rely on them as a natural extension of your arsenal.

You can command them to do certain actions and they’ll respond dynamically, like correctly finding cover from enemy gunfire. If you’re not controlling them, they’re independent enough to hunker down.

Delta Squad is the heart and soul of the game, and they’ll effortlessly carry the story. It is top entertainment just listening to their conversations and reactions to the game’s events.

As for you, you’ll be using different sci-fi weapons as featured in Star Wars. You can even pick up the explosive Bowcaster used by the Wookiees.

Enemies are a sufficient challenge; coming in waves and hitting hard. You have to rely on clever use of the environment and managing your squad.

Republic Commando is a short but thrilling adventure, and it’s worth picking up.

Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet
GenreFPS, story-rich, action-adventure, Metroidvania, funny, sci-fi
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store
LengthThe main campaign takes 7 hours to beat and a full, 100% completionist run will take you just over the 17 hour mark
DeveloperTyphoon Studios
Release date21st May 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

Journey to the Savage Planet is an experimental sci-fi adventure where you’re stranded on a vibrant, alien planet. This title is a unique experience that FPS fans must pick up if they want to add more variety to their Switch library.

Your primary task is to scan, analyze, and catalog all the alien lifeforms, flora, fauna, and other interesting objects on the planet. All your data is sent back to your employer Kindred Aerospace, the fourth best interstellar exploration company.

The planet is an open world, and you’re free to explore its colorful and lush environments. Even missions can be completed somewhere else if you search well enough.

It’s a genuine joy to feel lost and enjoy the unguided wandering.

Aside from that, you have to collect resources to craft new equipment. These new items let you venture into inaccessible areas. Journey to the Savage Planet could really be considered a Metroidvania due to the focus on non-linear exploration and utility-based keys.

For combat, you’ll use your reliable pistol to shoot down hostile lifeforms on the planet. You’ll continually upgrade your pistol as you find better sources.

Journey to the Savage Planet has dark and snarky humor that touches on mega-corporations. Additionally, you can enjoy exploring with another player. It’s a lot of fun.

Ion Fury

Ion Fury
GenreFPS, retro, gore, cyberpunk, arcade
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthThe main campaign takes around 10 hours to finish and a full, 100% completionist run will take you just over the 31 hour mark
DeveloperVoidpoint LLC and General Arcade
Release date14th May 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

For better or worse, Ion Fury is a retro shooter through and through. Everything from the gameplay to aesthetics makes it seem like it could be sold next to classic titles like Duke Nukem.

Aside from graphical improvements, Ion Fury strays away from modern sensibilities. As a result, it’s extremely challenging with no objective markers to tell you where to go.

Gunplay is fast-paced and chaotic. You have to deal with multiple enemies and projectiles while evading hazards. All your guns have alternate fire modes that help take down the opposition.

The game world is mesmerizing yet it stays true to the 2D sprites that it takes inspiration from. The levels are massive and labyrinthian, with lots of secret paths to discover.

Even the soundtrack is authentic. The developers used module music like the nostalgic tracks created by the FasTracker 2.

If you’re looking for a real challenge, this is the game for you.

The Persistence

The Persistence 2
GenreFPS, roguelite, stealth, survival horror, sci-fi
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthThe main campaign takes around 11 hours to finish and completing everything in the game will take you close to 20 hours
Release date21st May 2020
Co-opNo, single player only

The Persistence is a sci-fi roguelite FPS with horror elements and an emphasis on stealth. While it started as a VR game, it’s now one of the best FPS experiences on Nintendo Switch.

The Persistence is also the name of the titular colony starship, caught in a black hole. To get the ship back up and functional, you’ll assume the role of a clone of Zimri Eder, the ship’s security officer.

Several of the ship’s cloning machines malfunctioned, creating mutants with extraordinary and lethal abilities. As a result, all the enemies are dangerous, and you should treat every encounter as a life or death scenario.

Expect to lose over and over again. Each time you do, you can transfer your consciousness into another body with different abilities.

Each new run isn’t a waste of time as there are tons of persistent upgrades to collect.

While exploring the ship, you’ll come across stations where you can purchase weapons and their upgrades. If you lose, you won’t keep these, so make sure that you don’t overcommit if the run feels shaky.

The game encourages a stealthy, methodical approach because of your small amount of ammunition and grueling enemies. Performing stealth takedowns even rewards you with upgrade resources.

The expansive ship’s layout is procedurally generated in every run. So memorization won’t get you to the end, but skill and intuition will.

Finally, The Persistence features an asymmetrical co-op system. Your friend can take control of an AI called Solex using an IOS or Android. Then, they’ll be able to assist you by interacting with the ship’s machines.

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Call of Juarez
GenreFPS, Western, bullet time, action, story-rich
Buy fromThe official Nintendo store or Amazon
LengthThe main story takes 5 hours to complete and a full, 100% completionist run will take you around 14 hours
Release date10th December 2019
Co-opNo, single player only

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger blends fictional events with real-world personalities during the days of the Wild West. This is one of the most underrated FPS games on the Switch.

The story follows an old legendary bounty hunter named Silas Greaves. The game’s events are told through his anecdotes as he recounts them to a group of strangers in the saloon.

This narrative device extends to gameplay as well. Silas’ stories are exaggerated, leading to the group questioning him. He then changes facts about the story, meaning that the game’s events also adapt.

During combat, you’re encouraged to be as suave as Silas thinks he is. You’ll get more points for scoring creative and accurate shots.

Concentration Mode slows down time and helps you take down multiple enemies at once. This also extends to evading bullets, where you’ll get a cinematic close-up if you narrowly dodge a bullet.

These points are used to level up a skill tree corresponding to three categories of weapons: revolvers, close range, and long-range. It’s your choice to allocate these talents based on your preferences.

Another way to earn experience is by finding hidden collectibles called Nuggets of Truth. These cards hold factual tidbits about historical events and figures of the American frontier.

After the campaign, you can go through it again on New Game Plus mode or go through the different fun levels in Arcade mode.