The 22 Best Superhero Games on Nintendo Switch

Last Updated
Feb 22, 2023

Superheroes are ubiquitous in most forms of modern media. As most games are inherently a power fantasy, superheroes are right at home in the gaming industry.

Superpowers put heroes in a unique position to save the world, or sometimes doom it. These abilities are utilized for fighting and solving puzzles in ways distinct to them.

But ofcourse, superhero games becomes much more interesting when your adversaries are also have powers of their own. There’s no reason to hold back when the playing field is even, creating some of the most over-the-top moments in gaming.

The Nintendo Switch library offers a tremendous amount of superhero games. These are the 22 best superhero games on Nintendo Switch, from jaw-dropping bombastic action to mind-blowing puzzle solving.

Telltale Batman: Shadows Edition

Telltale batman

An excellent way to start this list is one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch, Batman – Telltale Series: Shadows Edition. This game is an immersive, dialogue-based point-and-click graphic adventure game that showcases a compelling story and an excellent narrative about the grim world of the Dark Knight.

Shadows Edition is the definitive edition of the game, including all episodes of the two seasons of the game. Additionally, the new Shadows Mode gives the game a moody, noir look, stripping away most colors from the art.

As a Telltale game, you’ll choose Batman’s dialogues and actions that would affect other characters and the game’s progression. There, you can test your decision-making and analytical skills to help you solve mysteries and puzzles.

Overall, Telltale Batman is an excellent example of how superheroes can have depth and substance.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Lego Star Wars

If you are looking for simple fun wrapped in an action-packed game, Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is great candidate. It is an action-adventure sandbox game where you can play your favorite Star Wars characters throughout the film’s catalog.

Surprisingly, the game lived up to the hype as it includes a massive amount of content. There are over 380 playable characters, each with their feel and playstyle. Most of the iconic moments in the films are present here, like the famous battle between Anakin and his Obi-Wan.

Skywalker Saga revamps the combat system by adapting hack and slash elements, complete with new moves such as lunge attacks and parry that rewards mastery. Also, the boss fights are worth mentioning because it brings more depth to the combat system, where each battle sets a different gameplay mechanic.

You can also unlock ships like the famous Millennium Falcon and X-wing but built in legos. You can test the ships for a spin or join in a dogfight as you battle enemies across the stars.

Skywalker Saga is no doubt one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch. The game sets a reminder that child-friendly games can also be complex yet fun.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Ultimate Alliance

It is no superhero list without having Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order. The game grasps the speculative fiction format from head to toe, and it is one of the best superhero games available on the Nintendo Switch.

The game is amusingly fun, especially since you can synergize with your party. Each party member shares a hero bonus if they are affiliated with each other.

For instance, if you team up with Spider-man with the rest of the webheads, you can gain a significant buff where each of your party members will gain a resistance boost.

The combat system is revamped, and added new mechanics in the game. For example, you can combine abilities with the rest of your team members to perform devastating attacks.  

This all-action game makes the game more interesting because of the gameplay loop, where you need to deplete the enemies’ stagger bar. By doing this, you can unleash powerful combos while they are incapacitated.

All in all, Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 shines the most among its predecessors. With a wide variety of characters to choose from and an updated combat system, this superhero game is also a superb all-action thriller.

My Hero One’s Justice 2

My Hero Ones Justice 2

My Hero One’s Justice 2: Deluxe Edition smashes into the Nintendo Switch with an action-packed superhero brawl. The game is an anime arena-fighting game that adapts the well-beloved manga and anime series My Hero Academia.

The game follows the story arcs from seasons 3 and 4 of the anime series that you can experience in the Story Mode. This way, you can play each of the famous moments throughout Deku’s journey. 

My Hero One’s Justice 2 offers 40 playable heroes and villains with exceptional playstyles. Explore the diverse-themed characters and their Quirks that makes them special.

The exciting take in the game’s combat system is the attack triangle mechanics, where it sustains an interruption for each move of the characters. So, for example, you can disrupt regular attacks using counter-attacks, unblockable attacks can overcome counter-attacks, and regular attacks are effective against unblockable attacks. 

The combos are simple and easy to follow, especially the Plus Ultra moves that serves as a super. There, you can chain up combos and unleash a powerful finisher attack.

Overall, My Hero One’s Justice 2 is genuinely one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch, and there’s no doubt this game will satisfy your superhero action cravings.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power

DC Super Hero Girls

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power shakes things up a little bit by toning down the iconic grim and dark themes of the DC universe into a light and colorful experience. This game is an action-adventure open-world game that adapts the series with the same name.

The game follows the adventures of Wonder Woman and her superhero friends, such as Super-Girl and Batgirl, to stop the villains from causing trouble to Metropolis. 

The game is also depicted as a mild simulator game. You need to balance your superhero and social teen life as each superhero have their own fake social media account to manage. Furthermore, you can post selfies and pictures of your character while in action during missions.

DC Super Hero Girls: Teen Power is a decent game, and it is no surprise that this is one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

south park fractured

This South Park game drops the fantasy motif of the last installment and replaces it with superheroes. South Park: The Fractured But Whole is a turn-based RPG that pokes fun of the superhero clichés.

After the events of the last game, the kids along with your character are scheming to profit from the superhero craze. You and your new friends battle their way to save their superhero movie franchise.

The game’s unique take is the character classes, where you can pick your initial class. In addition, you can change classes on the fly and gain abilities from other classes as well.

The game combat system retains its turn-based mechanic but with a tactical twist. You’ll position your team in a grid while setting up powerful combos.

Overall, The Fractured but Whole is a game that looks funny on the surface but has a complex concept to the gameplay.

Mega Man 11

Mega Man 11

Megaman 11 is the latest installment of Capcom’s beloved game series that still maintains its status today. It is a run-gun action platformer with exciting boss battles and intricate level designs.

Play as the Blue Bomber as you stop Dr. Wily’s evil plans with the help of his robot army. You get to meet and fight the diverse and colorful robot masters.

The game brings back the old gameplay mechanics but adds a few tricks to add more spice to the combat. In addition, you can also acquire special abilities by defeating the robot masters.

The main highlight of the game is not only its challenging gameplay loop, but the new Double Gear system. You can use up to two gears with each significant purpose, such as the power and speed gear.

The power gear lets you charge up your mega buster to unleash a powerful attack while you can slow your surroundings using the speed gear. Furthermore, these new mechanics make the game more amusing than ever.

It is safe to say that Megaman 11 is one of the best superhero games on the platform. Keeping up with its predecessors, it is also a crushingly difficult game.

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the Forgotten Land puts the beloved protagonist into a realistic dystopian world. The game is an action platformer that maintains its cutesy atmosphere, fun gameplay, and soothing soundtrack.

You play the titular character as he is accidentally transported into the New World. Help Kirby as he saves the Waddle-dee from the dangerous creatures called the Beast Pack.

Forgotten Land retains Kirby’s famous sucking capabilities and his copy ability. A new mechanic called Mouthful Mode, lets you transform into the object, like using a broken down car.

The game is a casual and fun platformer with some surprisingly challenging boss fights. Because of this, The Forgotten Land is one of the best superhero games available on the Nintendo Switch.

No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3

Get ready as you enter the crazy world of No More Heroes 3. The game is an action-adventure hack and slash game that serves as the third sequel of the franchise. 

You play as the top-ranking assassin Travis Touchdown where you climb your ranks to be the best galactic superhero. Save your city from an alien invasion and gain your way up to the top.

This hack and slash uses different combat elements with light and heavy attacks. Also, you can perform finishers, where you can perform a German suplex to an enemy if it gets stunned.

The game introduced the death skills where each ability serves as a powerful attack or utility. These abilities can slow or drop-kick enemies to give you an upper hand.  

You can freely explore the city of Santa Destroy, where you can look for collectibles for crafting. Not to mention, you can gain power-ups by consuming food to give you an extra boost.

Quick-time events are also present in the game and mini-games that you can earn money to use for upgrading abilities. Also, a unique take on resource management is that you need to charge up your weapon’s battery during battle.

Furthermore, No More Heroes 3 still retains its action-packed gameplay making it one of the best superhero games on Nintendo Switch. So, give the game a spin and be the top superhero in the galaxy.

NEO: The World Ends with You

neo the world ends with you

NEO: The World Ends with You is the sequel of the action JRPG originally released for the Nintendo DS. Inspired by Kingdom Heart’s gameplay, it’s a fun anime-styled game complete with an astounding soundtrack.

You play as Rindo Kanade, a teenager from Tokyo who participates in the deadly Reaper Games and recently died for unknown reasons. You must complete missions and hunt Noises, a hybrid of animals, to come back to life. 

The gameplay looks bland on the surface, but you are in for a treat once you play it. The game has an addictive gameplay loop that will never bore you for a second.

Every character in your party is designated to each button of your controller, as you can use them simultaneously while battling against Noises. You can also take control of your other party members when you recently used his ability. 

The exciting take of this game is the Pin system. Pins are items that contain Psych abilities that you can equip to each character. You can also switch pins to use different psyches. 

Collecting pins are essential to the game as you can gather them by defeating Noises. Not to mention, you can stack the encounter of Noises to increase the drop rates of pins. 

Neo: TWEWY drops the beat each time you play this game, making it one of the best superhero games. Now, go and get your hands on this one and experience some superhero action. 

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall

Megaton Rainfall depicts a realistic battle between superpowered forces by measuring collateral damage. It is a first-person action game that feels like a Superman simulator making it one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.

This impressive game is an absolute blast for players, especially if you are a fan of speculative fiction. Play as a superhero protecting the world in the midst of an alien invasion.

The first-person perspective shines in this game, where you can immerse yourself while playing. For instance, you can hear the shouting of the civilians each time you face enemies in the city. 

The gameplay is simple but amusing, as you can explore around the world and fight enemies when you encounter them. Not to mention, the exploration of the game lets you unlock secrets and achievements. 

The game is addicting because there are many possibilities that you can do, especially since your character is equipped with various powers to use. For example, you can fly through the earth’s surface using your supersonic flight or blast enemies with your megaton blast.

You can also collect Xenopheres from exploring or fighting an intruder. In addition, you can gain abilities such as time manipulation and telekinesis to add to your armaments.



There is no surprise that indie games take inspiration from the classics, and Smelter is an absolute example. The game is a strategy action-platformer close to old Megaman X games. 

The game is a retelling of the story of Adam and Eve. After eating the forbidden fruit, Adam is sucked into a vortex, and it is your job to find him using the powers of Smelter, an ancient mask that grants you to transform into a superhero.

The exciting take of this game is having two segments of gameplay. Each stage has a different gameplay mechanic to play where you can strategize to defend your empire or battle your way through side-scrolling action.

As I said earlier, the gameplay is close to old Megaman X as it follows the combat system and platform mechanics. In addition, the game is complete with a skills upgrade and different suits with each unique ability.

Therefore, Smelter is genuinely a love letter for players that likes to revisit the 16-bit era. Hence, making it one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

Steven Universe

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is the sequel of the Attack the Light franchise. It is a turn-based game that adopts a similar artistic approach and soundtrack from this Cartoon Network series.

Unleash the light still retains the turn-based combat mechanic from its predecessor, and it is fun as always. The game added team positioning for a more tactical approach and switching positions of two characters once per turn.

The game also serves as a rhythm game where each attack of the crystal gems has a star indicator that deals extra damage.

In addition to that, if you successfully hit the timing of the indicator, you can fill up the Teamwork bar. Using the Teamwork bar will perform an entire party team up that can be a fusion of the gems or a whole team heal.  

The leveling system also needs to be noticed as you can gain experience from fighting enemies and conversing with your team to gain level points. You can use these points to acquire skills in the skill tree. 

Overall, Steven Universe: Unleash the Light is a game brimming with vibrant colors and innovative gameplay, making the game one of the best superhero games available on the Nintendo Switch.

Flynn: Son of Crimson


Flynn: Son of Crimson is the game if you want something fun and challenging. This action-platformer, Metroidvania-esque game takes complete inspiration from old Nintendo games. 

You play as the youth Flynn with his trusty mythical dog companion Dex as you go on a journey to master the power of Crimson Energy. Overtime, Flynn learns to master his hidden power as he grows in strength.

The game combines the mechanics of platforming and Metroidvania elements. Each stage has multiple exits that you can pass through and impassable obstacles to overcome. In addition, you can explore invisible walls to unlock secrets from the game. 

The combat system is akin to old hack and slash games but with improvements. Attacks are present, and so are projectiles that serve a purpose for combat. You can use your projectiles to stun enemies and eliminate them with your melee weapon. 

Also, the enemies have two necessary gauges, including the bosses in the game. Yellow meters indicate stamina, and the red ones indicate health. 

The boss fights are genuinely magnificent as each boss has a different level design to match the game’s platforming. Not to mention quick time events for a specific boss that makes the battle more cinematic.

All that being said, this game is a truly magnificent addition to your Nintendo Switch. It is safe to say that Flynn: Son of Crimson is one of the best superhero games on the system. 

DC Universe Online

DC Universe

If we are talking about superhero games, then DC Universe Online is the game that will fill up the whole conversation. The game is an action MMORPG where it correctly defines the whole speculative fiction.

There are so many possibilities in this game, and every ounce of it wants you to play more. The game offers a wide variety of content where it does overwhelm you at first but is pretty rewarding after. 

Moreover, character customization is the spotlight of the game, where you can create your own hero or villain depending on what character you are based on. Not to mention, picking your power type will decide what roles you will play to suit your playstyle. 

The gameplay is similar to the famous World of Warcraft but with superheroes. You can explore the open-world environment or accept quests to level up your character.

The combat system is simple but slightly addicting; standard and heavy attacks are present, and so are special abilities to compensate significantly. In addition, your combat rating tells you what content is preferable to your character.

The game also offers multiplayer, where you can play or battle with your friends using the PVP mode. In addition, you can also create your own league and build your hall of justice. 

Overall, DC Universe Online is a delight for players who love both MMORPG and superheroes all in one. More importantly, the game is free, becoming one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.  

Lego DC Super-Villains

Another Lego-themed game on this list is Lego DC Super-Villains, which centers famous DC supervillains in legos. This joyful and action-packed game is a sandbox-action game that features many references and content from the dc universe.

With over 270 playable characters to choose from, you can use your favorite dc supervillains to bring chaos and trouble to the city. In addition, you can also customize your character and obtain costumes similar to the characters you’ve unlocked.  

You can also swap characters on the fly. So if ever the fight gets tough, feel free to switch characters to gain the upper hand. 

The gameplay adapts beat-em-up combat elements with the mix of problem-solving using constructing lego bricks and slight platforming. However, the gameplay loop is almost identical to other lego games but still feasible today. 

And if you love collectibles, don’t worry, as you can collect Red Bricks for each game level. Collecting red bricks will grant you a ton of unlockables, including unique modes and new abilities such as the Minikit Detector to locate mini kits in the area.

The game is one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch because of its playability. Having this game on your system will never disappoint you.

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

Saints Row IV: Re-Elected is the fourth installment of this over-the-top and hilarious game series, and it is one of the best superhero games out there on the Nintendo Switch. The game is an action-packed third-person shooter with fantastic action sequences and hilarious dialogue. 

You play as The Boss that got elected for president after you save the world from nuclear missiles. The story continues when an alien invasion occurs, and it is your job to save the world from intergalactic threats. 

The character customization is as fun as ever, and you can decide what body proportions and voices you like to add to the comedic feel of the game. So, go full crazy as you can have creative freedom creating your character.

The gameplay retains its classic third-person shooter mechanic, complete with quick-time events and bullet-time scenarios to complement the action. In addition, the game has an open-world element as you can roam around the map at your leisure after finishing a mission.

The game provides a ton of firearms that you can use, from pistols to rockets. In addition, you can also use superpowers such as telekinesis that purchasable using clusters. 

Saints Row IV feels like a fun fever dream take on the Grand Theft Auto franchise. It’s a worthy pick up if you want a free world to just let yourself loose.

Scribblenauts Mega Pack


Scribblenauts Mega Pack is a collectiion of two games, including the Unlimited and the Unmasked DC comics adventure. This game is a puzzle-adventure game with interactive gameplay with a light-hearted mood.

You play as Maxwell and solve problems with the help of your creative ability using your notebook to find starites to save his sister Lily. While in the DC comics adventure, you are tasked to aid your favorite DC characters in fighting crime. 

The gameplay mechanic is truly remarkable as it combines both innovative and straightforward playability where you can improve your spelling and vocabulary. Solve puzzles using adjectives, nouns, and verbs you write in the notebook to alter and create objects.

With your imagination, there are many possibilities that you can do in this game. For example, you can create machines and ride in them to defend yourself from incoming zombies or make Batman fly into the sky.

Scribblenauts Mega Pack is all about creativity and fun all in one. Making the game one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.

The Wonderful 101: Remastered

wonderful 101

It is not a superhero list without having The Wonderful 101: Remastered version. The game is an action-packed superhero game that heavily emphasizes interactive gameplay and fantastic action sequences.

The Wonderful 101 artistic approach combines Viewtiful Joe and Power Rangers altogether. In addition, each character in the game is presented in a colorful fashion where the color red is the group leader.

The combat system has a unique touch to the gameplay, as you can draw symbols using the Unite Morph. The Unite Morph is a power system in the game where each symbol is designated for each weapon.

In addition, you can create weapons by drawing symbols such as gauntlets, a sword, and a hammer. Also, the weapons you use in the game depict the character you are using. 

Platinum Games are known for their over-to-top action and combat mechanic, and it is no surprise that this game has a fair share of that. The boss fights provide quick-time events and cinematic action sequences where you can fully immerse yourself in superhero action. 

Overall, The Wonderful 101 is a pure example of how superhero games should be. With a compulsive gameplay loop, it is truly one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.

Destroy All Humans! Remake

Destroy all humas feature image

There is something about the charm of open-world games, and Destroy All Humans! Remake is the game where it shines the most. The game is the remake that players didn’t know they needed. 

Destroy All Humans! Remake is an action-adventure open-world game set in an alternate 1950s America, where you play as the alien Crypto, sent to earth to harvest human DNA to save their race from extinction. In addition, the game is brimming with pop culture references from the media’s depiction of an alien invasion. 

The combat system holds up today, as the game still retains the third-person shooter perspective mixed with open-world elements from the original. You’ll use various sci-fi weaponry to take down humanity. For true havoc, you can even call the alien ship.

Crypto has access to numerous Mental Abilities which serve as his superpowers. They’re creative and fun to use—for example, Holobob lets you appear as a human, allowing you to sneak inside restricted areas.

DNAs are the game’s main currency; using these can upgrade abilities and buy weapons with each unique effect. For example, you can use the Transmogrify to convert objects surrounding you into ammunition or use Psychokinesis to levitate objects.

Overall, Destroy All Humans is a enjoyable game that holds up well. It is genuinely one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.



If you are yearning for a challenge and taste for almost impossible obstacles to overcome, Sunblaze is your game. This game is an action-platformer that recaptures the essence of old platforming games but with a twist. 

Play as Josie, aka Sunblaze, as you follow your father’s footsteps to become the greatest superhero. Her father puts her in a simulation but gets stuck due to an unknown malfunction.

Sunblaze adapts platforming mechanics but adds puzzle-solving along with it. You can jump, dash, or hold on to ledges as you reach the microchips you need to collect.

You can also use enemies as platforms to safely land on the next one. In addition, using your dash move can break mirrors or defeat enemies. 

The stage progression is undoubtedly a hit for players as you need to solve your way to pass through for you to progress. In addition, it gets more complex consecutively as you advance towards another level that complements the retro 8-bit design.

The boss battles of this game are not that intricate to the surface but still pack a punch. As each fight has different structures and ways how to defeat them.

In conclusion, Sunblaze is the platforming game that rivals the difficulty of Celeste. Making it one of the best superhero and platforming games on the platform.  

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Power Rangers

If you love to see your favorite power Rangers characters toe-to-toe, then Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid morphs your enthusiasm. The game is a 2D fighting game complete with 3v3 mechanics similar to Marvel vs. Capcom games.

The game will satisfy your power ranger cravings with 26 characters to use from, including the DLCs. In addition, each character of the game has a different core mechanic that you can test to suit your playstyle.

The game’s main highlight is its tag-team mechanic, where you can not only use three characters simultaneously. Using the tag mechanic allows you to turn the tide by chaining combos with another or recovering your wounded teammate.

The game also features an auto-combo system that simplifies light, medium, and heavy attacks.

However, you can always do manual combos and practice your skills using the practice mode. Perform unique combos and chain it with an EX move to dish out damage to opponents by pressing the light and special attack simultaneously.

Overall, Battle for the Grid is another example of how superhero action can be, and it is safe to say that this game is one of the best superhero games on the Nintendo Switch.