The 9 Best Wrestling Games on Switch

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Wrestling is a sport where both fighters must trade blows or throw off against each other to obtain their respective title belts. Furthermore, the wrestling world has already established its fame among captivated audiences, especially in gaming.

Experiencing the fun of wrestling in video games is as great as you think, as you get to perform moves that only professionals can do. In addition, if you are a die-hard fan of the genre, this list will help you find good wrestling games on the switch platform.

From newer games to old classics, expect each game to be a delight for you. The games added to this list also showcase new and old mechanics that can satisfy your wrestling enthusiasm.

Without further ado, here are the 9 best wrestling games on Switch that’ll scratch your itch for some wrestling action. Of course, each of the games here will not disappoint you.

Action Arcade Wrestling

To begin this list is this game that embraced all of the wrestling fundamentals called Action Arcade Wrestling. In addition, this game also adapted fighting game mechanics, which suits the game’s combat system.

The game has over 30 playable characters, from extra-terrestrial to over-the-top human beings. Each of these characters has its own signature moves to match their personality and playstyle.

Although it has no career mode available in the game, AAW is one fun game that can satisfy your wrestling cravings. As you begin the game, you immediately set off on an exhibition match. 

Gameplay-wise, AAW has a fun approach to gaming as it also mimics real-world moves from notable wrestling media. For example, you can perform an Irish whip move or the famous Muscle Buster. 

As I said, the game can also be called a fighting game as you can perform quick and strong attacks on your opponents. Not to mention the game’s main attraction is you can grapple enemies.

There, you can toss and grab your adversary to any place you want. For instance, you can grapple enemies to perform a wrestling move or defeat them by doing a ring out. 

That said, AAW is an excellent introduction for players not exposed to wrestling games. And if you wish to broaden your horizon, this is one of the best wrestling games on Switch.

Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling

If you’re finding a simple approach to wrestling games, then Chiki-Chiki Boxy Pro Wrestling is the game for you. This is a wrestling game with polygonal graphics sprinkled with fun action that is suitable for all ages.

Chiki-Chiki has a straightforward mechanic with no levels of intricacy; however, the game is amusingly fun and chaotic. The game is much more focused on the combat, complete with wrestling moves that you can perform back to back.

On top of that, the game’s premise is you can climb your way to the top. There, you can complete crazy challenges that are sometimes overwhelming. In addition, you can create your own wrestling character according to your liking.

This also includes a set of moves that will suit your playstyle. This game is an all-out brawl as each bout will test your tenacity inside the ring.

Chiki-Chiki also offers a multiplayer mode to battle against friends. You can also team up with other players in a tag-team battle with many players to defeat.

Overall, this game is a must-have if you are into some wrestling experience. Making the game one of the best wrestling games on Switch.

Wrestling Empire

Another one to make on this list is this game called Wrestling Empire. It is a sports action game with much smoother graphics than its predecessor, which also feels like a wrestling simulator sometimes.

As expected, this game is full of wrestling media cliché that every match feels like you’re inside of a real-life wrestling stadium. On top of that, Wrestling Empire is considered as a simulator game as you can accept contracts and see yourself featured on a sports report.

With a vast number of playable characters of 350, expect a wonderful wrestling experience from this game. But, more importantly, these characters are diverse with their unique characteristics and playstyle.

Its gameplay is pretty straightforward, but it will hook you in with the wrestling action of the game. However, its controls are simple to the surface, but in the midst of the gameplay, expect the fight will get pretty confusing.

For instance, you can fight numerous fighters inside of a single bout. So, the vital thing to do when it comes to fighting is the Focus Button, where you cannot set yourself in a conundrum.

In addition, you can also perform finisher moves that cannot be countered. But, to do this, you must fill your adrenaline gauge by landing attacks against your opponents.

All in all, if you want some semi-real-life wrestling experience, then Wrestling Empire is one of the best wrestling games on Switch for that.


If you want a wrestling experience but are in a retro mood, then Arcade Archives MAT MANIA EXCITING HOUR is your game. It is an 8-bit wrestling game that originated in the 80s and was ported to modern platforms, especially on the switch, to feel the classic gaming vibe back then.

The game has decent sprite work with nice color blending and smooth animation. The gameplay will also not disappoint you, as you can perform impressive moves to perform against different fighters across the tournament.

Mat Mania’s main gameplay loop allows you to pummel and wallop your opponents across the ring. Not to mention you can push them up to the rope or climb over to the post to perform a powering bomb move.

Furthermore, you can also perform strikes such as the back-spin kick to make a slight opening. As a result, you can unleash a finisher move such as the piledrive to take down your enemy; there, you can pin your enemy by counting up to three.

Overall, Mat Mania is one wrestling game that will satisfy both your nostalgic cravings and wrestling satisfaction. This is one of the best wrestling games on Switch to include in your library.

RetroMania Wrestling

RetroMania Wrestling is the sequel of the classic wrestling game WWF WrestleFest back in the 90s, and this game has a nice touch to the gameplay to attract modern audiences. It is a wrestling game that ups the ante by adding new mechanics while retaining its classic retro look.

With over 16 playable wrestlers to use from, the game is a blast for wrestling fans and players alike. In addition, RetroMania embraced the whole wrestling formula by offering a ton of game modes such as the tag-team, royal rumble, and a steel cage match.

The main gameplay loop of the game allows players to build momentum, as this mechanic is always essential in the game. For instance, to perform a move, you have a momentum bar split into three: weak, medium, and strong.

Moreover, a momentum move will help you take down enemies and gain the upper hand. Otherwise, you will end up on a low momentum, resulting in your inability to fight.

However, there are other ways to fight against fellow wrestlers, as you can use your environment to mess up your opponent’s momentum. For example, you can toy with your enemy using the Run button while doing a grapple to throw them out of the ring or land an Irish whip move.

Overall, RetroMania is a classic retelling of old wrestling games in the 21st-century era of gaming. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the best wrestling games on the Switch.  

WWE 2K18

WWE 2K18 is the best way to start the conversation if we are talking about wrestling games. This game is undoubtedly a delight for wrestling lovers as it is significantly one of the best wrestling games on the switch and includes almost all the WWE superstars at that time.

2K18 allows players to have their own dream match by using their favorite WWE characters to fight off against their rivals. In addition, the game offers a wide variety of characters from classic to current wrestlers to match.

The gameplay has a nice touch to the learning curve as you cannot simply spam moves to win each bout. However, mistakes are inevitable, so you wouldn’t want to make yourself wide open to your opponents.

However, if that ever happens, you can do reversals to turn the fight in your favor. Reversal is a move where you need to master the timing of it.

And the best way to perform a reversal is when your opponent initiates a grapple. Doing this will give you a slight chance to dominate around the ring.

With that being said, 2K18 is the best example of how wrestling games can be challenging to play. Where each moment of it will give you a tense but fun experience.  


Another game added to this list that will take you back to the glory days of retro gaming is Big Bang Pro Wrestling. This SNK’s most straightforward but fun wrestling game will surprise you with its 16-bit graphics but with smooth animation and a fantastic soundtrack.

This game is unique because it provides a story mode in which you will take down countless wrestlers to reach the championship match. In addition, the game has over 10 colorful characters to use, each with its own personality and style.

Each diverse character is designed with a unique finisher move based on their fighting style to supplement that. For example, Brian is the balanced type pro-wrestler with a finisher move called Argentine Driver, inspired by The Rock. 

The game also added more game modes to explore and play, which were also inspired by wrestling events of notable wrestling media. For instance, you can play in coffin mode, where you need to defeat your enemy by throwing him straight into the coffin, or the reward mode, which is basically money in the bank event from WWE.

Needless to say, BIG BANG PRO WRESTLING is a game that will definitely blow you out because of its premise and gameplay. Hence, making the game one of the best wrestling games Switch.

3 Count Bout

SNK’s over-the-top and action-packed wrestling game 3 Count Bout deserves a spot on this list. This game will fire up your wrestling enthusiasm as it embraces the whole wrestling formula but with a quirky twist.

3 Count Bout also has a simple approach to the gameplay but with a few new added mechanics comparing other wrestling games published by the company. In addition, the game added special moves and stellar finishers to complement the game’s fast-paced action.

Additionally, it highlights a grappling struggle mechanic in which both players must contest their strength by smashing buttons. Furthermore, if you overwhelm your opponent while in a struggle, an indicator will prompt up on the screen, and you can use a special move such as the piledriver to pin down your enemy.

3 Count Bout has only three versus modes available that you can battle with your friends or team up with them. In addition, you can also select the tournament you wish to play, like the rookie championship or the world heavyweight title match.

All in all, if you want some classic arcade wrestling action, then this game will satisfy your needs. Therefore, 3 Count Bout is considered one of the best wrestling games on Switch.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds

Of course, the best way to end this list is this another over-the-top wrestling game that brought the wrestling formula to another level is called WWE 2K Battlegrounds. This game is a blast for wrestling fans and players alike, showcasing stellar action extravaganza.

The game offers 70 playable characters, from legendary wrestlers to superstars from the WWE franchise. In addition, each of these characters has a unique playstyle and special moves that match their personality and trait.

2K battlegrounds is a unique wrestling game that highlights new mechanics such as power-ups and environment usage. For instance, you can use the environment by tagging a crocodile to maw your opponents or use a power-up that can regenerate your health or perform unblockable strikes.

Moreover, the game also introduced classes to supplement your playstyle. There are 5 classes with significant strengths and weaknesses, such as the brawler class, which specializes in strikes and weapons, and the high-flyer class, which focuses on aerial maneuvers with greater speed.

That said, if you wish to play some crazy wrestling action, then this game is for you. 2k Battlegrounds is one of the best wrestling games on Switch.


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