The first Diablo game was released in 1997 and changed the gaming world.

Since its release, the title pretty much created the looting system that would show up later in so many games, including souls-like and even looter-shooters.

Loot games are addicting and relaxing, offering repetitive gameplay that lets you unwind after a stressful day. Nintendo Switch’s portable nature is ideal for loot games, which provide short play sessions.

The best loot games on Switch offer fun gameplay, a satisfying sense of progress, and plenty of loot, from casual dungeon crawlers to action-packed titles.

Titan Quest

Titan Quest is an Action RPG game that draws inspiration from Diablo’s success but has unique themes and twists on the mechanics that make it worth playing.

Players begin their journey by defending a small village in Ancient Greece and will travel across the continent to explore Egypt and areas of Asia.

The gameplay mechanics involve collecting random loot, carefully distributing points when you level up, and fighting foes by pointing and clicking.

One of the standout features of Titan Quest is its take on class systems. Unlike most RPGs of its time, where players choose a single class, Titan Quest allows players to mix and match two Masteries, each with its own theme and abilities.

This opens up many possibilities for players to create unique character builds. For instance, you can combine a bow and spear-focused Hunting Mastery with the lightning and cold imbuing Storm Mastery to create a ranged archer who uses frost arrows.

Another possible build is the combination of two melee classes, Warfare and Rogue, to create a mobile assassin. As you can imagine, there are many possibilities, and figuring them out is a lot of fun.

Titan Quest also supports two-player local co-op on the Nintendo Switch. As for its online co-op, it works for up to six simultaneous players, making it a great game to play with friends.

For fans of the genre, Titan Quest is a must-play game, especially for those who enjoy the multi-class system and games that incentivize creative ways to combine abilities.

Darksiders II: Deathinitive Edition

The Darksiders franchise is known for its Zelda-like approach to hack-and-slash games. 

Since the first game of the series, comparisons were being drawn left and right about the game’s dungeons and items that opened new areas.

Although War’s game, the first Darksiders, might feel more like Zelda or a Metroidvania game, the sequel is a bit different.

Darksiders II draws a lot of inspiration from games with vast lands and high mobility. 

For instance, Death clearly borrows some moves from The Prince of Persia and also uses a spectral horse to travel across the map.

On top of that, the game’s combat is slightly changed. Although Death plays nothing like his brother, the actual combat system doesn’t feel entirely different.

However, Darksiders II has a level system. On top of that, he can change his gears and secondary weapons.

This is why the game is here. The different armor pieces and weapons can be found in chests and dropped by enemies, which is why this game is on this list.

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl

Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl is an enhanced version of the already marvelous game developed by Level-5.

With randomly generated dungeons and a lengthy campaign of 11 chapters, and 2 DLC content, Snack World has enough going on to keep you entertained for many hours.

Set in the lighthearted world of Tutti-Frutti, this dungeon-crawling ARPG offers fun systems and abundant post-game content.

Although it was clearly made with a young audience in mind, the game’s systems were developed to be appealing not only to younger audiences but also veterans of the genre.

In Snack World, you can customize your character and party members with unique fashion sets and items earned through grinding.

Players can explore the randomly generated dungeons with friends through online and local wireless co-op. If you are playing alone, don’t worry, you can recruit enemies as AI-controlled party members.

As a collector’s dream, Snack World allows you to amass collections of quirky creatures and kooky characters called Snacks.

Wake up Sloe White, aid the girl group Spicy Galz, and help out veggiebulldogs or crock ness monsters in side-splitting side quests.

With downloadable content from the original Japanese version included free of charge, Snack World: The Dungeon Crawl is a delicious adventure that combines high fantasy and high tech for gamers of all generations.

Graveyard Keeper

Graveyard Keeper is a weird game. It’s a comically imprecise medieval cemetery management simulator. It’s by far one of the most unusual pixel art games on Switch for many reasons.

In this game, players will build and manage their own cemetery while finding ways to cut costs, entertain with witch-burning festivals, and scare villagers into running to the church.

This game is about someone who does whatever it takes to build a prosperous business. The fact his business is a graveyard is what makes this game fun and oddly funny.

The developers were creative when making the challenges you face in this title. For instance, you will face ethical dilemmas.

It can be anything that sounds somewhat serious or funny. For instance, should you spend money on hot dog meat for the festival when you have plenty of resources lying around? Yep, the game goes there.

Expanding a cemetery and turning it into a thriving business might be more challenging than it seems. Make sure to gather valuable resources scattered around neighboring areas and explore what this land has to offer.

The game’s dark humor might not be for everyone, but I sure laughed at the absurdity. For instance, you can even sell parts of buried people to people who are even weirder than the keeper.

Finally, the game has mysterious dungeons to explore and loot. No medieval game would be complete without them.


dauntless 784x

Dauntless is an action RPG that takes inspiration from the Monster Hunter franchise while bringing in many unique ideas to make it stand on its own.

Set in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world where dangerous monsters known as Behemoths threaten human survival, you’ll play as a Slayer and hunt them down with any of the game’s many weapons.

Like Monster Hunter, you’ll collect loot and parts from these Behemoths to craft better weapons and gear. There are also ways to customize and enhance your Slayer with cells, tonics, potions, and skill trees.

Dauntless features a Trial system where you fight difficult variants of Behemoths to gain special rewards, which can be used to buy items not available in other shops.

One of the unique features of Dauntless is its crossplay functionality, allowing Nintendo Switch users to play alongside PC, Xbox One, and PS4 owners. This alone is a huge deal. It significantly increases your chances of finding people to play with.

Lastly, Dauntless is a free-to-play game. So, at the very least, it is definitely worth trying at least once. If you’re a fan of the loot games genre and enjoy Monster Hunter-style gameplay, Dauntless is a must-try game on the Nintendo Switch.

Torchlight II

torchlight 2 784x

Much like Titan Quest, Torchlight II is a point-and-click Action RPG that feels a lot like Diablo. In fact, it was made by some of the original creators of the first Diablo game.

Unlike their first creation, the developers made sure Torchlight would feel snappier. This game is very combat oriented and very fluid. As you’d expect from a game like Diablo, you will find swarms of enemies, use lots of skills, and grab plenty of loot.

In Torchlight II, players can choose one of the game’s four distinct classes. Each class has its own roles and strengths, but they can all be tailored to fit your own playstyle. For instance, the Engineer class can be tweaked to work as either a support or a tank.

For gamers who crave the thrill of grinding for tier-based loot, Torchlight II is a satisfying choice. The game boasts an impressive selection of items and build varieties, solidifying its place among the best Switch loot games.

Compared to Diablo, Torchlight II offers a few quality-of-life improvements that enhance the gameplay experience.

For example, players can send their trusty pets to town to sell collected items while equipping them with consumables that grant new abilities in battle.

Despite its colorful graphics, Torchlight II is a complex and addictive Action RPG that shines, especially when played with friends.

Once you finish the campaign, you can enjoy the game’s New Game Plus feature, which increases the difficulty and presents more formidable enemies.

Diablo II: Resurrected

diablo 2 784x

If you’re a fan of the original Diablo II game released in 2000, then Diablo II: Resurrected is definitely worth checking out.

This is not a new game, and it pretty much plays the same old way, but it will please anyone who misses the good old Diablo II days.

This updated version features HD textures and quality-of-life improvements. Generally speaking, it’s a more polished and better-looking version of the original game.

Diablo II is an Action RPG with hack-and-slash combat where players fight hordes of demons to grind for better gear and loot. Its dark gothic tone and slower pace make it different from the fast-paced action of Diablo III and Torchlight II.

Diablo II has 7 different classes, each with its own unique fantasy, theme, and gameplay style.
For instance, there’s the durable Paladin, who brings valuable auras to the group, or the versatile Druid, who can transform into different animals.

Diversifying your build and weapon choices is vital in this game since enemies in Diablo II can have resistances that directly counter your equipment. Additionally, it’s crucial to gear yourself up correctly to resist the enemy’s offense.

After beating the campaigns in Diablo II, players can play through them again on a higher difficulty to fight much harder enemies and earn better loot.

Diablo II: Resurrected offers a slower-paced and more methodical experience than most ARPGs today.

The gameplay of this title can feel quite rewarding for those who enjoy the effort associated with grinding for good gear. Overall, it’s a game that’s definitely worth playing, especially for fans of the original.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

monster hunter rise

Capcom’s fifth-generation Monster Hunter series has brought a new level of action with Monster Hunter Rise, introducing the Wirebugs as its core gimmick.

These resourceful tools give hunters the mobility they’ve never had before, adding Silkbind Attacks and making the game more dynamic and replayable.

Sunbreak brings monsters, armor skills, and even NPC followers to help them through solo quests in Sunbreak, the highly anticipated expansion of the game. As always, the core gameplay of a Monster Hunter game remains the same.

Choose your preferred iconic weapon, fight challenging monsters that can easily take you down if you’re complacent, and collect their loot to craft better gear.

The game’s seemingly tedious grind to amass your loot collection is kept fun, complex, and replayable by its excellent monster fights and unparalleled weapon design.

All weapons in Monster Hunter Rise have special moves called Silkbind Attacks that can be used by consuming Wirebugs.

These new features change the way you’ll play with every weapon, and you can also customize these Switch Skills to change the weapon’s moveset. Compared to previous games, Rise is a much faster and more action-oriented game.

The monsters are more mobile and aggressive to keep up with the hunter’s new toolset. Monster Hunter Rise is great solo or with friends and is a must-play for players who want to work hard for their loot.


warframe 784x

Warframe is an action-packed free-to-play looter shooter with space ninjas. This game certainly is one for sci-fi fans, offering a vast array of futuristic weapons and playable classes.

In Warframe, you assume the role of the Tenno. This ancient race controls powerful Warframes, each with its unique abilities.

You can acquire a variety of weapons, including exclusive ones, by finding the blueprints and collecting the required materials or by cracking open rare relics.

Warframe’s trading system is incredibly healthy, with no pay-to-win aspect. Instead, any player who comprehends the demand for various items can earn a decent amount of platinum by trading.

With procedurally generated levels, semi-open world areas, and diverse mission objectives, Warframe provides players with various content to level up their brand-new weapons.

Finding and upgrading mods can significantly enhance the capabilities of Warframes and weapons, which, too, requires a considerable amount of grinding.

Although Warframe may initially seem overwhelming, the game rewards dedicated players with powerful gear and an enjoyable experience. 

With a lack of competition, Warframe remains the best free-to-play looter-shooter sci-fi ninja game on the Switch.

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection

diablo 3 784x

Diablo 3: Eternal Collection is a well-crafted game that delivers a satisfying dopamine rush through its fast-paced combat and rewarding loot system.

This game is clearly not for everyone since it has significantly changed from what Diablo 2 felt like. It is much more focused on the action and more lenient when it comes to player choices.

Though it may not please purists, its top-down action role-playing gameplay resembles its predecessors.

As you’d expect in a game with its name, Diablo 3 presents players with several playable classes. Each class has unique abilities and customizable runes, offering endless possibilities for viable builds.

Adventure Mode presents players with an array of content to explore and conquer, from bounties to Elder Rifts, to Challenge Rifts that prepare players for higher difficulties.

Legendary and set items, highly coveted for their ability to enhance specific skills, are abundant in this title.

On top of that, the game’s seasonal content keeps things fresh and addictive with new armor sets and unique themes.

Diablo 3 is enjoyable both solo and in groups, with the latter making for more challenging battles and better loot.

On top of all that, this game runs super smoothly on the Switch. That, combined with the console’s portable nature, is a dream come true for those who depend on this console’s portability to enjoy their games.

Borderlands Legendary Collection

Borderlands 2 Gameplay

The Borderlands Legendary Collection is a must-have for loot-shooter fans on Nintendo Switch.

With one purchase, players can experience Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition, Borderlands 2, and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel with all additional content (excluding Commander Lilith & the Fight for Sanctuary for Borderlands 2).

The games are known for their excessive loot system, with randomized and tiered loot frequently dropping from enemies, chests, and rewards.

Considering how loot works in this game, there are limitless combinations and builds that you can go for. You will always find a weapon with an ability or damage type that compliments some of your build ideas.

The over-the-top nature of the series extends beyond loot, with comically larger-than-life characters, actions, and set pieces that don’t take themselves too seriously.

Each game allows players to choose unique playable characters with their own personalities and archetypes. Although the characters are indeed very charismatic, this choice works a lot like choosing a class in RPGs.

Each character has a set of favored weapons, passive abilities, functions, and a unique skill tree system that adds depth to the experience.

Borderlands is an easy game to recommend to play alone or with friends. The Nintendo Switch’s seamless local co-op adds to the fun. Gunning down enemies while laughing about it with your pals is a fantastic experience.

This is by far one of my favorite shooters and is also an amazing looter. So, if you like FPS games, make sure to give Borderlands a go.