The 16 Best Horde Mode Games on Nintendo Switch

Image credit: Ludic Studios

Horde mode, also called Survival mode, lets you battle a limitless amount of enemies until you drop, usually, these enemies come in waves. These games are sometimes found as standalone titles or most often serve as extra content for other games.

Horde mode continually amps up the challenge the longer you survive. The main attraction of this niche genre is the player’s capacity to master the game’s combat and improve.

From first-person shooter to top-down sense of gameplay, expect horde mode to be a delight for players that craves more swarm action. As these games forgo stories or cutscenes, you’ll undergo intense gameplay without any breaks.

Fortunately, the Nintendo Switch has a wide variety of games that focus on survival mode in casual or suspenseful playability. So, without further ado, here are the 16 best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch.

Earthfall: Alien Horde

An excellent way to start off this list is none other than Earthfall: Alien Horde. This game is a first-person action shooter game that lets you survive your way from a horde of aliens that comes in all shapes and sizes.

The earth is infested with aliens, and it is your job to take out as many as you can on your way to the next safe house. This takes the beloved Left 4 Dead formula and adds its own Sci-fi spin to it. Its easy to understand gameplay makes this a great Switch game to play with your partner.

The game’s primary campaign is straightforward as it seems where you eliminate tons of enemies for you to progress. But the invasion mode shines the most, where the gameplay ups the ante to experience a much more high-tension playability.

Playing in invasion mode will test your survival capabilities as it overwhelms you with countless enemies that will try to break your team’s guard. In addition, you will also need to utilize your equipment and supply to survive each wave that will come at you. So better be ready before you start the round.

Each wave will become tricky and almost impossible to beat as enemies are accompanied by a particular type of alien. For example, there are aliens called Enragers, which empower more miniature aliens, making them sturdy and hard to take down.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a more thrilling yet enjoyable game, Earthfall is your game. This game is considered one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch and best played with friends.

Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is a modern classic that revamps the whole gameplay from the original one. The game is one of the top FPS titles on Switch as it blends Sci-fi and supernatural elements with high-octane action.

You play as the infamous Doom Slayer, who fights off countless demons who conquered the earth for dominance. Playing as him feels straight out of an 80’s action film where the action never runs out.

The main spotlight of this game is the Horde mode which is similar to the primary campaign mode but added with a twist. This game mode has several areas divided into different rounds that have a significant goal to complete.

It is divided into rounds such as arena, blitz, traversal, and bonus round, each of which will put your skills to the test. Making the game more unique than any other game that offers a survival mode.

For example, the traversal round will put you on a challenge where you can showcase your platforming skills in such difficulties. While the arena round, on the other hand, is the traditional wave round where you need to defeat enemies using the weapons at your disposal.

In addition, taking down enemies will give you points for eliminating them, especially the bounty demons. Bounty demons are classified as gold, silver, and bronze, where their value gradually decreases; taking them out will grant you an extra pair of weapons, such as a heavy gun or a ballista.

With all that being said, Doom Eternal is one example of an awesome first-person action game making it one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. So, grab a copy now and get an excellent demon-slaying action experience.

World War Z: Aftermath

World War Z is the video game adaptation inspired by the film of the same name. It is a third-person zombie shooter game that perfectly performs smoothly on the Nintendo Switch, complete with adrenaline-fueled action.

The game begins on campaign missions, where you get to choose several characters and classes that suit your playstyle. For example, you can choose from Gunslinger to Slasher with each particular skill that is effective in slaying zombies.

In addition, you can customize a character to your liking as the game offers a ton of cosmetics to choose from. Not to mention newly added melee weapons such as swords and firearm attachments to strengthen your weapons.

Using these upgrades is much more effective in the game’s horde mode, where the spotlight shines. The gameplay is similar to the primary campaign mode but adds more challenging segments.

Not only you can eliminate tons of zombies, but you also get to take down unique variants. For instance, Boosters are one of the types that emit fumes around themselves, making zombies more aggressive.

These types of zombies will make the gameplay much harder. In addition, this game mode provides endless waves; each round gets more challenging than the last, doing your best to reach the highest wave possible.

Furthermore, World War Z is best-played with a company as the game offers multiplayer. Playing with friends is an excellent way to plan your strategies in each round for better communication.

It is safe to say that this game is an excellent way to introduce players who haven’t tried any survival modes yet. Making World War Z is one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch today. 


Crimsonland is a game that looks ridiculous on the surface, but it is surprisingly fun. The game combines top-down arena shooter and role-playing elements in one single package.

The game is heavily inspired by old top-down shooter games such as the famous Alien shooter in 2003. The game is undoubtedly an absolute thrill for players who enjoy some horde mode gameplay. 

Crimsonland embraces the horde mode mechanic, where right at the beginning will let you eliminate a swarm of enemies in every part of the screen. Then, with different creatures to defeat, from spiders to mutated lizards, the game will provide it to your satisfaction.

The survival mode is truly the best one to experience in this game, as you get to survive every round against countless monsters. But, as the game progresses, the harder it gets.

The game also adapts slight role-playing playability as you can pick your perk after finishing a level from functional to harmful such as the luck perk or the jinx perk. Using these perks will give you an advantage to each level you advance to the next; you can also build up perks in-game. 

You can also pick creative weapons to add to your arsenals, like the ion shotgun or the blade gun. In addition, power-ups are also present in the game that can empower your weapon for more devastating output.

Overall, Crimsonland will surely charm you with its challenging combat mechanics, and it is safe to say that this game is one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch.  

Son of a Witch

Son of a witch is a game that blends fantasy and cartoonish violence. This game is a rouge-lite ARPG where it sets the boundary between challenging and amusing at the same time.

The game also lets you choose classes that suit your playstyle and offers various classes with their specialty. For example, rouge classes can sneak behind enemies to finish them off. 

The game excels the most in its endless arena, where each time you complete a wave will give you more tough enemies to beat. Also, the unique part of this game mode is its ability to choose rooms after defeating a boss.

Boss spawns each 5th wave of the run; defeating them will allow you to roam around to gather power-ups or buy weapons at the merchant. In addition, not all power-ups are practical for you as you need to carefully pick what suits you the most. 

For example, opening chests will also negatively affect your character and the collectibles you pick that surround you. On the other hand, if you are satisfied with your items, you can always start the wave again to continue your progress.

With that being said, Son of a Witch endless arena is a horde mode where it combines both survival and deck building, making it one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. Having it in your library will not disappoint you.


There is no better way to experience survival gameplay than Deadcraft. This game is a top-down ARPG that defines the word survival in every way and blends zombie-slaying action and slight farming duties.

This game has a unique take on the survival aspects of playability because of its gameplay loop, not to mention it also lets you play at your own leisure. For example, you can take side quests from NPCs to get rewards for fighting stronger zombies outside the camp.

Combat is also fascinating because it adapts a small hack and slash mechanics combined with tactical elements. For example, you can build turrets or barricades to protect your base from zombies while trading blows using your zombie powers.

As you fight these creatures longer, they will eventually come in hordes, so be prepared for what will happen next. In addition, you need to keep an eye on your resources, such as your energy and hunger, which exhaust you while doing a task or battling zombies.

As the title suggests, you can also craft zombie weapons and items you can get from defeating zombies. Furthermore, you can also do farming, where your can plant and harvest crops that will reward you spontaneously. 

All in all, Dead craft is a game that will take you on the survival side of gaming. Making the game one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch today.


Another game to make on this list is this satisfyingly gritty but fun game called Akane. It is a top-down action game that shines because of its challenging gameplay and stylized action sequences.

This game is as punishing as ever because of its one-hit ko mechanic. As a result, you and a swarm of enemies can instantly be defeated by only hitting them in one strike; the same goes for bosses.

The combat system adapts a hack and slash mechanic complete with dashing and slashing to go against enemies that come at you. In addition, attacks can deplete your stamina, so you need to manage it well to advance to the next round.

The exciting part of this game is the level progression, where you must defeat 100 enemies in a single round to advance to the next. After doing that, you will be fighting a boss after reaching the maximum count.

In addition, you can also complete challenges that have an important goal to follow. Doing this will reward you with magnificent weapons with their own unique characteristics.

Overall, Akane is an incredible hack and slash title and one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. Having this game will be a lovely addition to your switch library.

Risk of Rain 2

Risk of Rain 2 is a game where every risk you take will always come biting back. It is a third-person action shooter game where it becomes challenging for a prolonged time making it one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch.

This game is exhilarating, with enemies oozing on every side of the map. The key to surviving this game is your movements, and do not worry, as each class has significant characteristics.

You can choose up to several characters in the game that you can explore, complete with skills that describe what they excel at. For example, the Huntress has better mobility with more damage output but is much frailer.

Furthermore, some items and utilities can help you with your run after you deploy to a specific area. For example, using these armaments will help boost your stats or modify your equipment.

But the very best thing about this game is the difficulty, where it begins easy at first. But the longer you stay and fight, the harder it will become. At the same time, to scour the map for chests for precious loot.

If you activate a teleporter for each round, you can spawn a boss until the teleporter gains energy. This way, you can traverse another area and continue your run there.

Overall, Risk of Rain 2 is an excellent way to introduce players to this genre. This game on your Nintendo Switch is an excellent addition to your library.

Zombie Army Trilogy

There is something about taking out zombies in the middle of the war, and Zombie Army Trilogy is the best example. It is a third-person action shooter game that charms players with its zombie-slaying action, complete with an eerie soundtrack.

The game is set on an alternate timeline where nazi zombies reign supreme back in WWII. You play as the only remaining survivor trying to survive a horde of zombie soldiers.

As far as the gameplay is genuinely impressive, the game’s horde mode is the best one of all. Overcome as many waves as possible while the fight gets more brutal and challenging than the last.

In addition, if you manage to stay alive for a couple of waves, expect the zombies will get more challenging too. However, some zombies will charge toward you with armor that you might get annoyed with its sturdiness. 

Furthermore, horde mode is best played with friends as it also offers multiplayer. Plan your way through every wave as you make a strategy to defeat them with the weapons provided for you.

In addition, positioning is the key to victory. Having the best spot will give you the advantage to clear out a swarm of enemies from every angle.

All in all, Zombie Army Trilogy is a delight for players who take pleasure in wave-based zombie action. Moreover, the game is considered one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch.


Warframe is a game that offers a lot of players the satisfaction they need. This game is an MMORPG that provides countless content that you might get fascinated by playing it.

The game also offers a variety of game modes, especially the ones you need to survive, such as survival, disruption, excavation, etc. Warframe is brimming with content as it is one of the best action games on Nintendo Switch.

These game modes are the best thing to experience horde mode mechanics that will get much laborious in a prolonged time. For example, the survival mission is the recommended spot to level up your Warframe, where you get to defeat countless enemies wherever you go.

Fight your way through as you reach the given time. In addition, you can also choose to stay where you can challenge yourself and test out your weapons and skills while collecting life support to stay longer.

Furthermore, there are missions like the disruption mode where you need to guard color-coded posts called conduits while defeating enemies surrounding you. This mode is a good mix of defense and survival missions altogether.

You need to collect keys to activate it; however, it will give specific modifiers to enemies, such as making them quick or strong. This way, the gameplay will get tenser than ever as it becomes more challenging and intricate simultaneously. 

Overall, Warframe is a great action game that is also considered one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. In addition, it is free, and having this game in your library is a delight for you.


Dusk is the best example of how retro games are still playable today. This game is a first-person shooter that is heavily inspired by old classics from before, with a rocking soundtrack to match the action.

The game lets you fight evil such as demons, cults, and creatures that came from another world. The game feels straight from old classic horror-action films such as Evil Dead.

The game’s primary campaign is captivating as ever; it has a blend of tense moments and exhilarating fights that you can experience. Not to mention, the game also has a survival mode available.

Playing in endless survival will make your heart pumped as you get to fight enemies from before, depending on the stage you’re in. Defeat as many enemies as you can to reach the highest wave possible.

Of course, you will also have your arsenal of weapons to fight toe-to-toe with them. For example, you can acquire weapons such as the mortar that deals explosive damage in an area or a crossbow that fires a bolt that can pierce through anything.

In addition, picking the same firearm will allow you to use a pair of them as a dual shotgun. This way, you can deal extra damage to your opponents to have an advantage against them.

Dusk is one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch and a great first-person shooter. Having this game in your library is the most rewarding thing for every player.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6 is the sixth entry of the main Resident Evil series, where horror and action supplement each other. This game is a third-person survival action game with beautiful action sequences that players would actually love.

The game has a unique take on storytelling where you can choose up to three campaigns. In addition, you can use the two characters from the one you picked, making the latter your companion.

However, if you feel something is missing after finishing the campaign, don’t worry, as the game also offers mercenary mode. This mode will make your skills put up to the test as you defeat many BOW in each wave.

In addition, objectives are also present in this mode, where you can unlock characters and bosses to give a challenging feel. For example, getting a certain rank will allow you to play other characters.

Furthermore, you can choose up to 8 playable characters, such as Leon, Chris, or Ada, with their own set of weapons. Not to mention, you can also edit their loadout to your liking.

You also need to manage your ammunition to survive each wave, so you better be careful as enemies become more robust. However, you can minimize the spending on bullets by staggering them.

You can shoot at the head or legs of an enemy to stagger them. Having your opponent stunned will allow you to perform finisher moves like a drop-kick or the satisfying german-suplex.

Nevertheless, Resident Evil 6 has done a magnificent job delivering action and survival elements in one package. As a result, making the game one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch.

Saints Row The Third Full Package

Another one to make in this list is this hilarious and over-to-top game called Saints Row The Third: The Full Package. This game is an open-world third-person action shooter game that offers tons of content, including a survival mode.

As you scour around the map looking for something interesting to do, you can play activities and diversions that can help you to earn money and respect. In addition, these side-quests come in different objectives to complete, including a survival mode with over 26 missions.

In addition, to commence a survival mode, you must answer a random call at your leisure. These game modes are wave-based, requiring you to finish each wave to complete the mission. 

Of course, the game’s signature motif is its peak comedy, and it is no surprise that every survival mode in the game will trigger your funny bone. Here, you survive an overwhelming number of enemies, from mascots to luchadores and deckers, classified as computer geeks.

The game also added an inappropriate but fun horde mode where you can take down enemies you can’t even comprehend. In addition, you can also use creative weapons waiting for you to discover.

Overall, Saints Row the Third is an action game with so many possibilities to do that each moment of the game is a pure delight. Hence, making the game one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. 

Quake (2021)

This timeless classic shook its way on the Nintendo Switch, and Quake 2021 is the remaster of the original game player’s need. It is a first-person shooter game heavily inspired by gothic horror, complete with fast-paced, ultra-violent action.

Quake is a well-blend of maze puzzle and action all in one. As you fight demons and undead knights using your heavy firepower while looking for secrets and keys to unlock doors to advance to the next stage.

However, the most exciting content added in this remastered version is the addition of the Horde mode. In this mode, you can fight against an onslaught of enemies in every part of the stage.

In addition, every 3rd wave you reach in this game mode will trigger a boss wave from the easiest to almost impossible to break. Defeating these bosses will drop a silver key to obtain locked weapons and power-ups.

As you keep fighting against the forces of evil, you will be granted a golden key to unlock the exit. However, it is your choice if you stay longer to keep fighting or fight another day again.

Furthermore, Horde mode can also be played solo or with friends. If you wish to play solo, you can select the difficulty of monsters or bots that will fight alongside you.

All that being said, this game is truly one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. So, grab a copy of this game to play the best quake experience.

Splatoon 2

If you are looking for a fun and vibrant action-shooter game, then Splatoon 2 is the game for you. This game is a third-person action shooter game with a colorful and cutesy design and a heavy emphasis on competitive gameplay.

Splatoon 2 was established to be a competitive class shooter game as you get to fight players from different parts of the world. However, the game’s horde mode, called salmon run, can also top the game’s multiplayer experience.

Here, take down a vast amount of corrupted salmons called Salmonids that try to steal the power egg, also known as golden eggs. This game mode will require your team’s coordination and communication to finish each wave of the game.

Salmon run’s gameplay loop gets more challenging and complex as you progress. In addition, each round is designed in 3 consecutive waves where the difficulty is based on the player’s rank.  

To advance to the next stage, you must collect several golden eggs to complete the given quota. Furthermore, you must defeat bosses such as Steelhead or Grillers to obtain them.

For example, you can collect 5 golden eggs at once if you defeat a Griller quickly after they spawned. This way, you can finish a round without breaking a sweat.

Overall, Splatoon 2 is the best multiplayer game and one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch. Having this game on your system will not disappoint you.

Resident Evil Revelations 2

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is the sequel of the same name, serving as the connector between RE5 and 6. It is a third-person action survival game bringing Claire Redfield back as the main protagonist.

In addition, the game included Barry Burton, one of the survivors from the original, as a playable character in the game. Although the game’s length is much shorter than the other mainline RE games, you cannot be disappointed as it also included a minigame called Raid mode.

As you begin playing the raid mode, you get to roam around the hub room for customization for both characters and your loadout, as well as skills that are vital for your run. Here, you can equip skins and weapons to your satisfaction.

Its main gameplay loop adapted a slight run-and-gun mechanics where you defeat enemies to complete the given count. In addition, the movement of the game is also improved as you can sway from left to right after you shoot enemies to evade sudden attacks from enemies.

Upon completing a round can end a mission by breaking the gold coin. Moreover, after finishing a mission can gain experience to gain skill points. 

Using skill points can upgrade skills and weapons to add more firepower. Strengthen your armaments and skills to have a fighting chance against much more vigorous and high-leveled enemies. 

All in all, Revelations 2 is a recommendable game for horde mode enthusiasts. Making the game one of the best horde mode games on Nintendo Switch.