The third person shooter genre became its own brand because of its unique choice of perspective that centers around the character’s external point of view.

Compared to first person shooter games, the over-the-shoulder camera views put more focus on the character of the story.

With its staple over-the-shoulder camera angle, a third person shooter game lends itself blends well with cover systems. Furthermore, these games also pair well with ability-centric gameplay and the occasional melee weapon.

Some of the games on this list retain a traditional shooter style, while other titles emphasize character-action like including quick-time events and impactful finishers. But most importantly, all of them bring out the best of the genre.

From over-the-top bullet hell galore to vibrant, competitive multiplayer gameplay, any player can find a game that suits their tastes here.

Without further ado, here are the 12 best third person shooter games on Switch. 

Research and Destroy

Research and Destroy

We kick things off with this innovative and casually fun game called Research and Destroy. This incredible strategy third person shooter game sends a much lighter and funnier side of the shooter genre because of its comic book visual art style and lively soundtrack to match.

The game is like a modern PS2 game, showcasing a quirky atmosphere because of its cell-shaded rendering technique. Also, it gives off a vast cartoonish vibe as the game displays many Scooby Doo and Ghostbusters references, from characters to dialogues.  

Research and Destroy shows that combining a simple gameplay experience with strategy elements makes excellent gameplay. Embracing shooter mechanics with a turn-based system will make players get into the game’s enjoyable action.

Furthermore, in terms of combat, RnD embraced the third person perspective very well, highlighting the genre’s strength while keeping its turn-based mechanics. For instance, each character can shoot a monster within the given time while thinking ahead on what positions are practical for your next turn. 

Supplementary to the combat experience, you can equip different kinds of quirky scientific weapons, each containing significant effects. For example, the Quantum Modifier is a valuable weapon capable of stealing health from enemies for you or your teammates. 

Overall, Research and Destroy is also best played with friends to embrace the full might of third person shooter. Hence, this game belongs among the best third person shooter games on Switch.

Rogue Trooper Redux

Rogue Trooper

Rogue Trooper Redux is an action-packed game adaptation of a sci-fi comic book series released in the 80s. This cover-based third person shooter game proves how classic games still offer great fun for modern players.

Rogue Trooper Redux is the remastered version of this PS2 shooter classic game showcasing improvements in button controls and graphics combined. In addition, its steady pacing and smooth mobility didn’t take a toll on the Switch’s hardware as there’s no risk of graphical issues

The game is a complete package of a third person shooter game should be, grasping every aspect of shooter mechanics mixed with a slight RPG elements. Additionally, with RTR’s loop of shooting and exploding baddies, it has a great sense of action all throughout.

In terms of the combat system, RTR’s center of attraction is its cover and shooting mechanics that sometimes you feel straight out of an action movie. In addition, each encounter is designed in different terrains that players can use to their advantage.

On top of that, each time you neutralize an enemy, you can scavenge fallen norts to upgrade and strengthen Rogue. This way, you can upgrade Bagman to allocate more ammo you picked up along the way.

All in all, if you want classic third person shooter action right now, then RTR is the best way to go.

Daemon X Machina

Daemon X Machina

If you love some spectacular mecha fights on Switch, then Daemon X Machina is your game. This game is an outstanding third person shooter that showcases the arrays of mecha elements to your sensibilities.

From crazy robot fights to bombastic bullet storms, Daemon X Machina has everything a mecha lover is looking for. The game easily attracts players with its fast-paced and spectacular action sequences that players quickly blow their minds whenever a fight occurs.

Its fluid movements and sick gunplay bring out the potential of third person point of view. Moreover, It immerses players with its chaotic gameplay and fun mecha boss fights.

Furthermore, DxM shines the most in its lively combat system, as it feels like you’re operating a real mecha inside a futuristic war zone. For example, each mecha are equipped with weapons attached to their bodies that you can use separately, from left and right firearms to shoulder weapons.

On top of that, understanding your opponent’s weapon structures also gives the action and combat a bit intricate to lessen the button smashing. For instance, using long-range weapons at a proper distance will protect you against an opponent’s deadly short-range weapons.

That said, DxM is a full-blown mecha action game that shooter players will hook in quickly.

Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

plants vs zombies 784x

This Plants vs. Zombies game moves into the limelight as it drops its famous defense strategy gameplay for chaotic shootouts. The game is a third person class shooter that’s simply a blast to play.

The game’s visuals are something to look at compared to its strategy counterpart, as it doesn’t show any choppy animation. Instead, players will hook up quickly because of its beautiful mix of 3D graphics and 2D effects, complementing the game’s delightful atmosphere.

Battle for Neighborville is pure, non-stop fun gameplay experience as you can play both game modes, such as single-player and online battle mode. In addition, each game mode will never disappoint players as both modes still deliver the game’s goal of amusing action extravaganza.

Aside from that, players get to choose their favorite quirky plants and zombie characters with different abilities and appearances that are classified as attack, defend or support types. For example, the Snapdragon plant is an attack-type plant that can shoot fire and deal burning damage to zombies.

Its frenetic combat encounters match the game’s third person perspective to capture that cartoonish sense of shooter gameplay. While combat is certainly the highlight of the game, don’t forget to complete objectives if you want to win.

That being said, this is a must-play for players in the mood for some third person shooter Switch games.

Sniper Elite 4

sniper elite 4

There is something about a war-filled espionage premise that tracks and hunts down treacherous Nazi officers, and Sniper Elite 4 did a great job expressing that elements. This fourth installment of this third person shooter game displays the methodical side of the genre.

The game is the fourth entry of the Sniper Elite series that preserves its stealth gameplay mechanics mixed with the game’s signature sniper action. Nonetheless, it still manages to bring out some of its charms with the game’s staple mechanics in modern systems like the Switch.

With a mixture of strategy elements and shooter mechanics, players can quickly dive in with its methodical gameplay as there are many possibilities you can do inside the game. Not to mention, each mission requires players to prepare necessary to finish each mission effectively.

Aside from that, the game gives a suspenseful feeling as the enemies are deadly enough whenever you get seen. To avoid that, you can distract enemies using objects around you to lure their attention with it.

Furthermore, the game’s center of attraction is the combat which somehow delivers a stunning performance with its stealth finishers and creative take-downs. Not to mention a bullet time event that allows you to see each successful shot in a bullet’s POV.

Overall, SE4 is an excellent addition and is a highly recommended sniper game.

World War Z: Aftermath

world war z

If you’re looking for an excellent zombie-filled action game, World War Z is the one for you. This third person shooter game is an example of how zombie games are fascinating to play, especially when it comes to endless zombie-slaying experiences.

As the title suggests, the game is inspired by the movie World War Z and is more adept at the action than its original, thrilling premise. Furthermore, it still delivers a suspenseful feeling as the game’s core game loop allows players to battle hordes of zombies in a single area.

Aftermath is also depicted as a class shooter because of its characters and zombie variants available in the game. For instance, characters like the Slasher class are efficient in melee weapons and carry a close-quarter combat playstyle.

As I said, the game also didn’t shy away from adding zombie variants to spice things up a little more. For example, the Bull is a fully-armored zombie type that can withstand bullets, grabbing survivors on the ground and pummeling them to the death.

As for the combat, its fluid and hasty movements complement the game’s third person perspective. On top of that, it elevates the flow of action as each attack is fast-paced, especially when it comes to melee weapons.

That said, this game will never disappoint you in terms of the action atmosphere of it. Therefore WWZ: Aftermath truly belongs among the best third person shooter games on Nintendo Switch.

Splatoon 2

Best Nintendo Switch Shooters - Splatoon

The Nintendo Switch’s own co-op multiplayer game deserves a spot on this list, as Splatoon 2 embraced the genre from top to bottom. The game is a vibrant online multiplayer shooter showcasing non-stop gameplay as it offers several contents to play to your satisfaction.

Splatoon 2 has a distinct style as it blooms with colors that match its cutesy visual design that will easily catch your eye. In addition, it packs a personality as the game’s art direction complements the character’s silliness.

Gameplay-wise, it is energetic and chaotic combined, which brings out the full potential of third person shooter games today. Also, its core gameplay loop matches the disoriented yet fun action with its team-based system; this allows players to fight toe-to-toe against several characters in each match.

On top of that, its primary game mode lets out players in a competitive yet enjoyable gaming experience because of its primary objective. For instance, each team is tasked to spread their colors using their paint gun around the map; whoever gets the most paint coverage wins the game. 

Furthermore, each inkling is so satisfying to move as they can plunge, slide, and run in their respected colors to shoot enemies. Their quick reflexes and movements bring the third person perspective to its heights to see their actions accordingly.

Overall, Splatoon is the best way to go if you’re in the mood for some competitive gaming.

Rogue Company

rogue company 784x

Another one to make on this list is this one-of-a-kind competitive shooter game called Rogue Company. This action shooter multiplayer game grasps the third person perspective to its greatness, becoming one of the best third person shooter Switch games today.

Rogue Company adopted shooter and tactical elements to unleash a remarkable action-packed gaming experience. Aside from that, its colorful characters give players a chance to showcase their respective playstyle.

The game is a strategy to its core, as players must follow and develop a strategic plan to win each match. Aside from that, better communication between teammates secures most of the wins, so do not forget about that.

RC’s combat is one hell of a thrill ride, as it gets more interesting when each opposing team gathers in one place to exchange bullets. You can equip different firearms, from SMGs to rifles, each effective at a significant distance.

Moreover, RC is one example that third person games can also be immersive at times, as it splendidly showcases the charm of over-the-shoulder point of view in gaming. The game purposely allows players to abuse its camera angle to check enemies and traps around that will somehow lose your momentum.

That said, Rogue Company is the best way to go when it comes to tactical shooters, especially since this one is free.


There is something about the appeal of science fiction mixed with spectacular action, and Warframe does an incredible job combining each. In addition, this MMORPG game is known for its excellent content and grinding process, making players always come back for more.

Its simple approach to the gameplay makes this title playable due to its wide selection of game modes that captures its action-packed atmosphere at any time. Not to mention a different set of objectives designed from simple to complex that is rewarding to accomplish.

Warframe also captures the glamour of third person perspective as it supplements its looter shooter system. On top of that, this game will never get so dull as it displays a fast-paced action complete with fluid movements and impressive parkour moves.

The combat is the backbone of this game, as it showcases an all-out action brawl because of its hack and slash elements. You can bash, punch, and slice enemies using your melee weapons which also complements the game’s mobility.

Furthermore, you can also equip different kinds of melee and ranged weapons that can be upgraded using mods. Mods, or short for modules, is the upgrade system in which you can modify and augment your weapon to deal tremendous damage and perform flashy combos.

Overall, Warframe is your best go-to game when it comes to the world of third person MMORPGs with shooter elements.

Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package

Saints Row

It is not a good list without adding this comically action-packed game called Saints Row The Third Full Package. This game is a blast to players because of its over-the-top action and crazy explorations, highlighting both elements in perfect synchronization.

The full package serves as the game’s definitive edition that offers additional content for more gameplay experience. In addition, it includes new story missions, weapons, and characters that aren’t accessible from the previous base game.

Saints Row is known for its satire and snarky remarks that get you laughing each time a cutscene or segment you’ll encounter. Moreover, the game retains its fun gameplay and combat mechanics that depicts the game’s identity. 

With its open-world setup, players get to explore the crazy world of this beautiful game as you can play weird missions for stupid reasons. On top of that, its bullet hell shootouts and fantastic action sequences hit the bullseye with the game’s third person perspective.

Also, supplementary to the combat, not only can you shoot enemies with your heavy firepower, but you can also perform a melee combo in a quick-time event. So, for example, when a button prompts up, you get to string impressive melee attacks by pressing buttons accordingly.

With that said, when it comes to peak action comedy themes, then Saints Row: The Third is the best candidate for that.


Fortnite - Best Battle Royale Games on Switch
Epic Games

Of course, not a single player in the gaming world didn’t hear about this overly popular game called Fortnite. This game has an ambitious take to mix competitive gameplay with sandbox elements, which surprisingly did a great job delivering both.

Fortnite provides everything a competitive player could ask for, offering many game features from cosmetics to different kinds of in-game weapons. In addition, you can equip skins that are inspired by pop-culture references like Boba Fett and Darth Vader from Star Wars series.

This free-to-play online third person shooter game highlights the potential of sandbox elements in a battle royale setup. But, more importantly, its building mechanics is one of the game’s most critical parts of each match.

Furthermore, whether you are playing alone or with a squad, Fortnite also has its fair share of tense moments as the game’s core gameplay allows players to eliminate each other. At the same time, the safe zone’s radius keeps getting smaller by the minute.

Also, you can equip different kinds of firearms in your looting process before starting the match. In addition, you can also put different attachments to your guns to improve their stability and scope for practical shooting.

All in all, Fortnite is a good addition if you’re in the mood for some competitive TPS gameplay.

Resident Evil 4

NSwitchDS ResidentEvil4 3

To finish off this list is this classic survival horror game that positioned itself as one of the pioneers in the suspenseful field of gameplay called Resident Evil 4. This highly acclaimed game shows how mixing action elements in a terrifying atmosphere delivers a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience.

Resident Evil 4 managed to impress both die-hard fans and newcomers because of its graphics that aged like a fine wine. With the Switch’s updated hardware, the game guarantees a buttery smooth performance for every boot.

The game is the fourth installment of the main series in which it adapts an over-the-shoulder camera perspective instead of its staple fixed-camera position. Also, it retains its signature third person shooter elements and puzzle-solving mechanics.

On top of that, an item-sorting system allows you to organize your items with limited capacity in your inventory. This feature also dramatically supplements the survival elements of the game.

Also, RE4 is not only known for its scary and thoughtful puzzles, but it is also famed for its incredible action sequences incorporated with quick-time events. For instance, staggering BOWs will allow you to perform impressive finishers such as a german-suplex and a roundhouse kick.

Overall, RE4 has gradual pacing, yet it avoids being dull in terms of combat and gameplay experience.

And that rounds up our list of the best third person shooter games on Switch. Which one is your favorite?