The 9 Best Hunting Games on Nintendo Switch

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The hunting game is a genre that takes a lot of work and effort to accomplish something, whether through arcade fun or realistic simulations. However, it is a procedure where you stalk your prey and eventually take it down using your prepared items, and it is simply fun.

Using gaming to experience the thrill of the hunt is the best way to establish it for audiences and players. In addition, these games will take you on another level, as each game included in the list has a different course of action.

There are games with intricate ways to hunt with some over-the-top mechanics that emulate real life. However, how they choose to approach hunting wild game separates each game from the other.

This list includes the 9 best hunting games on Nintendo Switch if you are up to the test. So, whether you’re a new player looking for a guided taste of hunting or a veteran searching for something more layered and intricate, there’s something here for you.

Hunting Simulator 2

It is nice to start this list with Hunting Simulator 2; the game’s gist suggests the title itself. It is a first-person open-world simulator game that will let you wander around and feel nature while on the hunt.

Hunting Simulator 2 will set you off on a journey as you play this realistic hunting trip. The game’s ambiance has a realistic approach that doesn’t try to game-ify the process.

The gameplay has more improvements from its predecessor, including other content that the previous one does not contain. The very best thing they added is you have a canine companion to help you with your hunting.

The game also included more species to hunt, from small animals to predators alike. This includes animals in different stages of their life, from young to old.

Its slow-paced gameplay makes the game more interesting, where it adapts the actual hunting methods closer to the real world. For instance, you need to track down your prey by looking at animal footprints and waste droppings to approximate their locations. This methodical approach makes it a great FPS game on Switch.

In addition, the weapons have significant stats and effectiveness towards animals around the area. For example, the pump-action shotgun has a wide-spread bullet and deals more significant damage to more giant animals up close. It is also effective against a flock of birds.

You can also gear up by buying valuable items for your hunt. For instance, you can buy an assortment of gear in the shop, such as night-vision goggles that are essential for nocturnal animals.

The game’s most prized possession is the locations of hunting, where it showcases different kinds of terrain to use to your advantage. For example, the trees and vegetation of Roosevelt Forest are an excellent cover to go prone and buy time to strike your prey.

If you love hunting and planning that much, then Hunting simulator 2 is your game. Moreover, this game deservedly belongs as one of the best hunting games on Nintendo Switch.

Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition

This game has a more competitive approach to hunting, and Bass Pro Shops: The Strike – Championship Edition combines sports and hunting all in one. The game is a fishing simulator that focuses on friendly sports and competition.

In this game, you can make your own career and climb up to the ranks as one of the best anglers in the tournament. But before doing that, you need to start the game in career mode to join tournaments in the game.

The exciting part of this game is the grinding process, where you need to earn reputation points to access tournaments in the game. However, it is the main gameplay loop of the game where you need to put work on each time you play the game.

Furthermore, you can also gain reputation points by finishing a tournament or simply fishing. Reputation points serve as the game’s experience points, where you can advance to a higher tier based on your reputation points.

In addition, if you want to casually hunt and fish for basses, you can also go to the Quick Fish mode. This way, you can test your dexterity and accuracy to get the best results in fishing, which is also the best way to earn more points.

Speaking of best results, the game also provides the effectiveness of each bait for each species on fishing. For example, plastic worms are the best lure for catfishes, largemouth and smallmouth basses, and stripped basses.

The game also provides locations based on real-life lakes that accurately tell where the species inhabit the real world. In addition, each location is accessible based on your reputation, so you need to grind your way up to access other locations with the best species.

Furthermore, the locations in the game provide more depth to the gameplay as you wander around the lake using your boat to find spots good for fishing. This way, knowing each lake’s exploration spots will give the tournament an advantage.

Overall, Bass Pro Shops is a must-play for players who love the effort of grinding and fishing competitively. This addicting and rewarding formula makes this one of the best hunting games on Nintendo Switch.

Big Buck Hunter Arcade

If you love hunting but want a more arcade feel to it, then Big Buck Hunter Arcade is your game. The game is a first-person arcade shooter that lets you test your eye coordination and accuracy by hunting animals in the wild.

Big Buck Hunter is inspired by reality tv shows that focus on the wild hunting industry. The game also provides a countryside music background to create a more ambient hunt.

The game has a straightforward approach to the gameplay where you can choose modes and locations. For example, you can select 3 species to hunt, with every 5 stages to select with different level structures.

In addition, the animals in the game mimic the movement of real-life animals where they gallop and run around the trees and terrains. This makes the hunt more difficult as they run quite fast, making it harder to land an easy shot.

Furthermore, the game also makes the hunt more challenging by adding obstructions and objectives. For example, there are certain critical elements in each mode where you only take down a particular animal blending with the others.

That way, you can gain points and advance to the other modes. Hitting other than the target animal will automatically end the stage and give you an unpleasant insight from the game’s announcer.

You can also hunt down small animals to give you extra points around the area. Earning points will grant you a place on the scoreboards for each species you successfully took down.

In addition, the stages you pick also trigger a dangerous trophy mode where it will spawn a predator that can attack you before the round ends. The predators can be bears, lionesses, or wolves based on the stage you picked that serves as a trophy.

Overall, Big Buck Hunter is an excellent way to experience the hunting game with an arcade touch. It is safe to say that this game is one of the best hunting games on the Nintendo Switch today.

Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt

If you love some dinosaur hunting, then look no further because Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunt is your game. This game elevates the stakes as hunting is now more dangerous than ever. It is a first-person shooting game that lets you hunt down dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes.

In this game, you play as a dinosaur hunter tasked to hunt dinosaurs in an area that feels like you are inside Jurassic Park. With the help of your equipment and weapons, you’ll take down classic dinosaurs such as the famous T-REX or the gigantic Triceratops.

The first-person perspective adds a nice touch to the gameplay as you can immerse yourself while going on a hunt. In addition, its gameplay loop lets you take down countless dinosaurs with particular ways to neutralize them. 

Defeating trophy animals such as the Stegosaurus and the Ankylosaurus lets you gain gems essential to the game. These gems are the game’s main currency that allows you to buy upgrades and weapons for your next hunt.

The best thing to obtain in this game are the upgrades for the equipment, where each piece of equipment will grant you valuable skills while you are on the job. For example, these gears, such as the pathfinder and the decoy, are helpful in luring out dinosaurs.

The game also provides 3 weapons: a rifle, x-bow, and revolver. These weapons are the most essential thing in your hunt as they serve as the tool for taking down your trophies. 

In addition, each weapon can be upgraded to maximize your utilities. For example, upgrading weapons will allow you to add more range, damage, and weight for significant buffs for the player. 

Aside from upgrading weapons, you can also upgrade the player itself for more cover and mobility. For example, buying upgrades such as light clothes and increasing camouflage rate will make you much faster while sneaking to your prey.

Also, the best thing about this game is the awareness of species, where you need to be discrete or silent for each hunt. The sound of your firearm or footsteps will alert the animals, making the game more difficult as you plan the whole thing out.

Overall, Dinosaur Hunt is such an excellent game for players who really love hunting and intricate planning, making it one of the best hunting games on the Nintendo Switch. Having this game on your switch library is a must-have.

Cabela’s The Hunt: Championship Edition

Cabela’s The Hunt: Championship Edition is realistic as ever; the game almost embraced every hunting principle from the outside world. It is a first-person shooting hunting game that allows players to grasp what needs to be a very effective hunter.

Cabela’s The Hunt will let you feel like you are a professional hunter yourself, as the game will teach you how to be an efficient and effective hunter in the wild. The basics in the game are inspired by actual actions that are useful against hunting down animals.

The gameplay has a simple approach to the mechanics. However, it is still playable where each of your hunts will allow you to test your skills in planning, stealth, and awareness. The game also shares a fair share of weapons and equipment essential to the hunt.

In addition, taking down an animal will give you reputation points. Reputation points are points that grant you to advance to the next area if you collect 100 reputation points.

The game offers 10 different areas realistically adapted from famous hunting grounds such as Alaska and Georgia. These areas are filled with a wide variety of animals, including prey and predators alike, and landmarks hidden within the area.

With its realistic approach to a gameplay mechanic, your hunt is limited only to those who have tags on each animal. However, claiming an animal without the tags will grant you a warning that leads to a violation that results in a kick out.

Furthermore, what makes the game unique is the game’s bullet tracing. While hunting, you need to utilize the wind’s power just to make your bullet connect to your prey. Another one is the vital points of the animals, by hitting them will easily connect a critical hit allowing them to be incapacitated or weaken immediately.

In addition, there are tons of firearms available in the game. These weapons are purposed explicitly for each range that the gun has capable of. So, for example, the rifle is better for a more extended target while the shotgun is more valuable within mid-range.

Weapons reward to master also, as you need to practice your shooting and aim to make a clear shot. In addition, missing your target will allow the animals to be threatened and easily escape within your grasp, making the game more challenging.

With that being said, Cabela The Hunt is a charm for players and hunters alike, and it is definitely one of the best hunting games on the Nintendo Switch. So, add this to your library to start your hunting career.

Deer Drive Legends

Another hunting game to make in this list is Deer Drive Legends, which takes you on a different hunting vibe. It is a first-person arcade hunting game that is both challenging and fun at the same time.

Deer Drive Legends has a much simpler tone than the other hunting game, where it grasps the idea of an arcade game complete with multiplayer experience. You can hunt with your friends to take down countless Bucks, Bears, and Moose. It is also a fun Switch game to play with your partner.

Its gameplay has a straightforward take on hunting as you just aim the cursor on those quick and vicious animals on the planet. However, the game is unique in its own right, where animals you encounter can attack you, making your health rapidly deplete with each hit.

In addition, there are modifiers such as wind and heart rate, which can affect the stabilization of your weapon and the alignment of the bullet. These great features make the game more challenging than other hunting games with the same aspects.

The game also features 30 animals that are pretty deadly and elusive. These animals roam around the screen, where it serves as an obstacle to your target animal.

Furthermore, there are 5 stages in each area where each level is designed to have a particular objective. For example, levels are determined for each round depending on the level. 

In addition, there are extra rounds that make the object different from the usual stages. For instance, you need to tag several dire wolves passing by; however, shooting animals other than the main objective will grant you a penalty.

Boss fights are also present in the game after finishing all the levels available in the selected area. The boss fight is one of the unique takes of this game where you can battle the likes of extinct animals such as a T-Rex or a saber-tooth tiger.

Battling these beasts is difficult, so you need a fair share of weapons to add to your arsenal. The game provides firearms such as rifles, shotguns, pistols, and crossbows that are pretty useful in the hunt.

In addition, you can also upgrade your skills to enhance your aiming capabilities that complement your weapons. For example, upgrading skills such as precision and heart rate are the best way to go on hunting down wild animals.

All that being said, Deer Drive Legends is not just an arcade game, but it is one of the best hunting games on the Nintendo Switch. So it is safe to say that this game will satisfy your hunting cravings.

Duck hunting Challenge

Duck Hunting Challenge is about patience and observation simultaneously; this game is undoubtedly challenging, as the title suggests. This game is a first-person shooter title that lets you hunt ducks in different parts of America.

The gameplay is undoubtedly a simple one, but it is safe to say that its playability still charms players that embrace a more passive playstyle. The game is not all about going to an area and taking down ducks immediately; you need to wait for your time to hunt.

The game is slightly more realistic than you realized, where you need to lure the animals out using your whistle just to have an opening. However, using this item will gradually reward you until you master the art of duck hunting.

In addition, the game will test your aiming skills as the ducks in the game mimics the mobility of real ducks in that particular area. And if you have trouble finding your targets, you can always use your binoculars to scout the area to locate their hiding.

The game is similar to the old Duck Hunt game but with a more serious feel. Here, you are guided by your canine companion to retrieve the ducks you took down.

Positioning is also vital in this game, where you can hunt in your hiding place or go outside of it to have a better vision of your target. However, going outside of the hiding place will probably alert the ducks, and they can get away, but if you’re a more experienced player, it is all good.

In addition, you can train your dog to obey your orders while hunting. This way, it looks more interesting as it really shows how hunting, as a job, is a difficult one.

Dogs in the game have their own stats also, whereas your canine companion in the game has a specialty that is effective for other circumstances. For example, if your dog has much more obedience, it will be most likely to follow your orders quickly.

You can also customize your character if you start a Career Mode; here, you can change your character’s face, skin color, and hair. In addition, if you look for a more casual sense of the game, you can always go for a quick hunt to test your hunting skills.

Overall, Duck Hunting Challenge is a game that embraces a realistic feel to hunting. If you love to the original Duck Hunt back on the NES, then this is one of the best hunting games on Nintendo Switch for you.


Hunt looks like a run-of-the-mill hunting game on the surface, but it has a fair share of identity as you play the game. The game is a semi-open-world, first-person shooting game that makes you wander off to hunt down animals in the area.

The visual design looks simple but complete with a piece of mesmerizing background music while hunting. The game also provides fantastic gameplay. Here, you can embrace what a hunter can be from day to night.

As you begin your hunting, you can choose your time between day and night. Picking your time will determine what animals will appear depending on what you choose. 

However, if you choose night, expect there will be challenges that might happen to you; this also includes the time of day. This way, you can be vulnerable against nocturnal animals that are pretty deadly and ferocious, which will most likely lead to death.

In addition, you can choose your set of firearms at the beginning. The game offers three sets of weapons, each of their specialty depending on its range.

For example, if you are highly efficient on short-range, you can go for a shotgun and a revolver with full stopping power. In addition, if you are into much more precise and more extended range, you can always go for a sniper rifle and a Glock pistol for maximum precision.

The game also tests your aiming skills as the animals in this game are quick and are harder to shoot at. In addition, if there are chances that you missed your shot, they might attack you, which leads to the end of the game and if the time runs out.

You can also claim animals after you take them down; when you get near the target, it will show the contents of the animal you took down. Claiming the animal, you defeated will grant you money based on their description of weight, color, value, and type of animal.

Hunt also makes you a valid hunter as you scour around to locate animals roaming around. This way, you can test your navigational skills by using the compass to the bottom-left of the screen.

There are countless animals present in the game, from moose to elks to bears to a pack of wolves. It shows how the game has diverse animals where each hunt is not the same as before.

Hunt will definitely give you the thrill and struggles of being a hunter. The playability of this game surely is a challenging one because of the danger you will experience in the field of hunting.

Overall, the game is an excellent way to start your hunting experience through gaming. Making it one of the best hunting games on the Nintendo Switch.

Hunter Shooting Camp

Hunter Shooting Camp takes a whole new level on hunting gameplay, where you as the player are learning how to be an effective hunter in this boot camp simulation for hunters. Hunter Shooting Camp is a first-person shooter hunting game that provides all fundamentals of being a hunter.

The game lets you feel the intricacy of a hunter as you need to finish all training to become one. This includes shooting practice that allows you to enhance your aiming skills. The rigorous dedication to teaching the hunter makes this one of the best hunting games on Nintendo Switch.

The game has three game modes for you to play, mainly Bullet, Hunting, or Battle mode. In addition, the game also offers over 150 game levels that each are specifically designed in a particular mode. 

Some modes will test your precision and accuracy by shooting up floating balloons or identifying vital points for animals. For example, playing in the rifle mode will test your aiming skills by using a rifle where you can shoot as long as you can to determine your dexterity when shooting at a distance.

In addition, each game modes have a significant objective to follow inside training. For example, a round target will let you take down animals within the time limit. 

The best thing about this game is that you can challenge an AI to a shoot-off. There, you can go toe-to-toe with others to showcase your shooting skills. 

You can also go straight to the forest and hunt animals around and deploy your skills in actual gameplay to see if there is progress in your training. Nevertheless, if you are experienced in shooting, the forest mode is always available.

You can also use multiple guns, such as a sniper rifle or a shotgun that suits your playstyle. There are firearms present in the game, with a significant range for each weapon.

Also, there are tons of obstacles to overcome in this game as you need to utilize the wind’s power that might affect your aiming capabilities. Not to mention, animals are slightly quick in terms of mobility that they can easily escape your sight.


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