The 13 Best Space Games on Switch

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Interstellar travel, cosmic sceneries, and alien discovery make the space genre unique and iconic. With these themes hanging around, the space genre truly brings out audiences in an out of this world experience.

Space games have a knack for keeping players hooked on their high concepts. Because of its ambitious take on speculative fiction, the genre became its own identity due to its engaging storylines and world-building.

Space games dig deeper into the field of fictional science that players can experience with their controls. Whether it’s about getting samples from a strange planet or surviving from an extraterrestrial being, these elements are present for each game in this list.

And what makes space games stand out from the crowd is their adaptability to embrace different gameplay mechanics and premises. Each of which will satisfy your space cravings, from open-world exploration to hectic bullet hell combat.

With that said, this list compiles the 13 best space games on Switch. From engaging indie titles to notable franchises, each game is worth playing in your leisure.

Gravitar: Recharged

Starting off this list is the game that will take you back to the golden age of video gaming called Gravitar: Recharged. The game is a sci-fi space shooter showcasing simple gameplay that suits its simple vector design and soundtrack.

Recharged is the modernized version of the previous Gravitar games that highlights space action and exploration. Its improved graphics delivers better performance because of its smooth and vibrant animation, which is undoubtedly pleasant to look at.

The game is a better pick for players who loves to play casually, as the game’s objectives are easy for you to accomplish. Additionally, its exploration is also one of the game’s best features, as you can travel between planets in your own time.

On top of that, once you get the hang of the initially wonky motion controls, you can shoot enemies down in no time. Combining your mastery of mobility and your shooting can easily take down enemies without breaking a sweat.

Overall, Recharged is an excellent, straightforward space game that wouldn’t bore you at all.


Orbit.Industries brings the fun side of space games to the Switch as it delivers a good mix of builder and space elements. The game is a space station simulator that imitates the works of a space engineer from top to bottom.

The game lets you build your space station to your desire. You can build as many modules and facilities as possible to gather a satisfying amount of Kreedits.

Kreedits serve as the game’s currency, as you can use this to buy contracts and buildings necessary to your space building. Additionally, if you’re running out of credits in your stash, you can get contracts to boost your earnings.

Contracts can help you get that delicious amount of credits just by activating them by completing the necessary modules as a requirement. In addition, you can accomplish contracts by finishing objectives to receive a nice helping of credits.

Furthermore, you can also edit the appearance or structure of your station separately, as you can organize between external to abstract systems.
However, editing your abstract systems is more critical, so you can quickly put new systems and run lines between them without trouble.

Overall, Orbit.Industries is a good start for the space gaming journey that you want.

Halcyon 6: Starbase Command

Halcyon 6: Starbase Command is a space opera-like game that sci-fi fans would love. The game is an indie tactical RPG hybrid with 16-bit graphics that suits the category of a good space game.

Halcyon 6 has smooth pixel animations that complement the game’s structure and character designs that you can play. On top of that, a very daring soundtrack that complements the game’s premise and story.

The game adapted a turn-based combat system that allows you to take action each time you get your turn after your enemies have completed theirs. In addition, Halcyon 6 offers exploration as well, as you can go to other systems to build ships and gather resources.

As I said, you can build space ships with different skills and characteristics to expand your fleet. Moreover, having a collection of ships can help you compose your team on what complements each other.

Halcyon 6 is a strategy to its core, as you need to compose your team to synergize with each other as you hire officers. For example, hiring Science Officers are great for providing debuffs around its radius and giving a wide range of attacks against enemies.

All in all, this game is spot-on when you’re in the mood for a suitable space game.

Inner Space

There is something about the charm of open-world games as it gives us plenty of mind-blowing sceneries and world-building, and Inner Space provides that for you. Inner Space is a beautiful indie space adventure that sets off a tranquil vibe because of its vibrant visual design and soothing soundtrack.

Inner Space is intentionally created as a relaxing game, as you get to soar to the mesmerizing skies or dive into deep and calm waters. Because of this, the game becomes more therapeutic as you explore each domain with a different atmosphere that complements the game’s aesthetic.

The game’s center of attraction here is its exploration, as you can travel to any part of the inverse as you please. Not to mention, the game also lets you find relics that are later important in the game.

Relics are objects that the archaeologist will assign you to find, and they can grant you abilities that are useful to your adventures through the inverse. For example, the wing blades can extend your plane’s wingspan, breaking through cables and vines blocking your way.

Moreover, the game’s motion control doesn’t make players confused by the inverted design of the game. As you can use the right-stick analog to slow down on tight spaces or speed up to open pathways any time you want.

That said, this is a beautifully crafted space game that can give you a pleasant feeling. Inner Space truly belongs among the best Switch space games.


Imagine if Minecraft is set around far-away planets, then Astroneer is the best game that takes that vision and runs with it. Astroneer is an indie sandbox adventure game that allows you to build and create your home base to your liking.

The game is best for all ages, showcasing a cutesy and vibrant aesthetic that always brings out that fun atmosphere. Moreover, the game’s environment shines out the most as it displays a diverse look from snowy to vegetated areas.

Astroneer is a sandbox galore, and the game has delivered everything a proper sandbox can give as you can mine, cut, and gather resources provided in your area. These resources will allow you to create valuable buildings such as the research facility to build new artifacts.

Furthermore, Astroneer’s exploration is also one of the best highlights in the game. Not only can you witness beautiful sceneries, but you can also discover rare and unique objects that are useful enough for your journey.

On top of that, scouring too much outside your pod will most likely deplete your oxygen. So to prevent that, you need to gather oxygen back to your pod to sustain your survival while gathering resources.

Overall, Astroneer is the one for you if you like space exploration and sandbox combined.

Void Bastards

Void Bastards is a unique space game that belongs to one of the best sci-fi games you can play today. The game is a first-person roguelike shooter which highlights an all-out action experience and space mayhem.

The game is a good mish-mash of 2D and 3D aesthetics as it embraced a cell-shaded animation style that captures its chaotic premise. Nevertheless, Void Bastards is a fun game as each time you play; it gives you that sci-fi comic book style in terms of visual design.

In true roguelike fashion, Void Bastards captures the best, as players can experience what treats and dangers will surprise ahead of you. On top of that, the game’s first-person perspective flavors that intense feeling of scouring around unknown areas. 

VB did not also shy away from action-packed gameplay, as the game lets players run their imagination to take down enemies. For instance, planting bushwackers, a C-4 like bomb, will most likely clear out enemies that come in groups.

With that being said, Void Bastards will hit you on the spot in terms of unexpected situations combined with challenging gameplay. This game is undoubtedly among the best space games on Nintendo Switch.

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

There is something about the appeal of space western and its overall coolness, and Rebel Galaxy Outlaw delivers on that trope very well. The game is a first-person space shooter that highlights incredible dogfights that reminds you of the Cowboy Bebop series.

You play as Juno, a bounty hunter looking for the ones that murdered her husband. She embarks on an intergalactic journey along the way, accepting bounties and fighting enemies in space.

The game adapted a space shooter mechanic that provides new features to attract modern audiences. For instance, instead of scouring around the vast space, you can auto-pursuit targets after you answer a distress call or locate your target.

On top of that, its action-packed combat truly brings out the fun of space dogfights, as you can shoot missiles and blasters at will and wreak havoc across the stars. Also, a buddy system is active in the game where it backs you up with suppressing fire or taking down annoying ships.

Rebel Galaxy also gives a role-playing segment in which you must build and maintain your ship’s peripherals and modules. On top of that, while in combat, you can check your ship if there are essential parts that are damaged during a fight.

Overall, if you want some space action extravaganza, Rebel Galaxy Outlaws is the game for you.

Everspace: Stellar Edition

Everspace: Stellar Edition carries every essential element of what a decent space game can be. It is an incredible space shooter with a cosmic vibe because of its scenic visual design and alluring background music.

Everspace captivates the charm of space exploration and action, as you can battle enemies and wander around orbit to obtain valuable resources. In addition, it lets you choose between first-person or third-person perspectives while retaining its controls.

The game follows a traditional space shooter mechanic but gives an appeal to modern players as it showcases different layers of intricacy. For example, your weapons tend to overheat when used frequently, so using your firearms on important enemies can minimize your lack of firepower.

Moreover, you can build different ships equipped with unique weapons and playstyles. For instance, The Light Fighter is a much lighter and faster ship, capable of cloaking for hit-and-run tactics.

Also, as you scour around asteroid belts and systems, you can find fuel cells and interesting weapons that you can scavenge around. Fuel cells are the primary energy to use overdrive, which is effective for escaping severe threats in the galaxy.

All in all, Everspace is an excellent pick if you’re in the mood for space game cravings.

The Outer Worlds

Best Nintendo Switch Shooters - The Outer Worlds
Take-Two Interactive

Space in an open-world setting naturally blends well with each other, and The Outer Worlds perfectly delivers both premise and elements of the genre. This title is a magnificent first-person ARPG that gives players sci-fi delight in terms of visuals and storytelling.

Like Fallout New Vegas, the game highlights minimal looter shooter mechanics where you can loot everything around the area. On top of that, it perfectly matches the game’s open-world setup as you can wander places to discover countless items and resources.

The game also added a dialogue-based system which gives an immersive touch to the gameplay. For instance, you can pick which dialogue you choose when conversing with an NPC, affecting its state or feelings.

Also, you can gain a companion just by talking to them and completing their quest; there, you can have them battle with you against enemies. Each colorful cast of companions also carries a different playstyle that might interest you.

Another great feature added to the combat is the Tactical Time Dilation system, which is an excellent tool for challenging encounters. For instance, using this will slow the time around you, allowing you to strategize your course of action effectively without making trouble.

With that being said, if you’re a fan of sci-fi and open-world games, then The Outer Worlds is the game for you.

Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation – games like Dead Space

This entry will get you screaming or shivering in your seats, as Alien: Isolation gives players the terrifying field of sci-fi and space elements. This title is a survival horror game that centers around the world of the Alien movie series.

Even if it is released years back, the game showcases stunning graphics that still hold up until today. In addition, with the Nintendo Switch’s limited optimization, the console handles the game very well, giving players smooth gameplay without experiencing input delays.

The game delivered the film’s signature space horror elements, which complements the game’s first-person perspective. Additionally, Alien: Isolation’s core gameplay loop allows players to sneak and escape from the deadly Xenomorph, giving that intense feel to players like from the movie.

However, hiding is not always the best option in the game, as the alien will most likely find you between lockers or any hiding place you choose. To prevent that, you must avoid encounters to attain your survival from its hunting capabilities.

Furthermore, in true survival horror fashion, the game doesn’t shy away from crafting and utilizing resources at bay. The game lets you create valuable items such as pipe bombs and noisemakers good for distracting and stalling when in danger.

Overall, Alien: Isolation is the best way to go when it comes to space horror experience on your Nintendo Switch.

Journey to the Savage Planet

Journey to the Savage Planet is a sci-fi game like any other, and it is unique and innovative, capturing every branch of speculative fiction. Savage Planet is a great sci-fi FPS on Switch that captivates players with its vibrant environment and quirky creature design.

As you are deployed to a strange planet called the AR-Y26, your primary objective is to analyze, scan, and collect living organisms around you. Not to mention, you will also come across exciting objects for you to discover.

Gameplay-wise, the game is a buffet of mechanics, grasping the elements of a platformer with a Metroidvania feel due to its non-linear exploration. Also, because of its open-world setup, players can explore and wander around at their own leisure.

Furthermore, AR-Y26 is abundant with resources that allow you to craft items with significant capabilities. Using your visor will appear all available resources around you so you can locate them quickly.

As for the combat, its first-person perspective blends well with the shooter elements of the game. You can shoot hostile entities using your trusty Nomad pistol, which you can upgrade as the game progresses.

Overall, Savage Planet is a game that is not only a unique gameplay experience but can tickle your funny bone, making a really great Switch space game option.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Star Wars: KOTOR is a relevant ice-breaker if we are talking about sci-fi elements in gaming. KOTOR is an action RPG that reminisces players by Dungeons and Dragons but is set in a galaxy far, far away.

The game embraced every aspect of a role-playing game, from selecting your class to picking your best traits to compensate you in every situation. And, of course, you can create your own Star Wars character to finish the game’s campaign.

There is an immersive experience that you can feel while playing KOTOR, as it is also considered a conversational-heavy game. For instance, players can pick which dialogue they want to reply to NPCs that can affect their progress and build relationships with other party members.

Furthermore, as part of the game’s immersive experience, players can pick which alignment they wish to gain afterward by your actions. For example, you can choose either the light or dark side of the force depending on what you decide.

Moreover, the combat is outdated compared to new RPGs today yet still delivers an excellent performance due to its modifier system. An attack modifier is a mechanic which decides whether your attack will hit or miss on the process based on your modifier.

That said, KOTOR is a classic gem that sci-fi and RPG fans would love.

Doom Eternal

Lastly is this ultra-violent sci-fi action game called Doom Eternal. This game is a sequel to the Doom (2016) soft reboot that is greatly appreciated by modern players thanks to its spectacular action and narrative.

Doom Eternal is an example of an out-of-this-world experience as it perfectly embraced both supernatural and sci-fi themes that go so well. In addition, the game is purposely created to bring back its signature badassery that became an inspiration from other modern FPS games out there.

Playing as Doom Slayer is an incredible experience as his aggressive playstyle complements the game’s fast-paced action. You can traverse between platforms, shoot in mid-air, and pop demon heads using different weapons at your disposal.

Furthermore, its first-person perspective creates an engaging experience as you can feel the game’s chaotic combat against hard-hitting demons. Not to mention, each enemy is designed with different characteristics that pack punches each time they land a hit on you.

As such, another fantastic mechanic added to this game is the finisher move which is satisfying to perform. For instance, when an enemy is glowing while low on health, you can perform a finisher move that can slice and dice demons using your melee weapons which also heals you up afterward.

That being said, you can never go wrong with Doom Eternal when it comes to over-the-top action and premise.


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