Gaming with your partner is a brilliant way to spend date night or lazy Sunday mornings.

The Nintendo Switch has a plethora of date-friendly games that are worth checking out, no matter the experience level of you and your loved one. Whether you’re fiercely competitive or prefer a laid back gaming experience, there’ll be a perfect pick for the both of you.

To help you find the ideal pick for your next gaming session with your partner, I’ve gathered up 12 of the best Switch games for couples. I’ve aimed for a mix of styles, including everything from challenging puzzle games to family-friendly adventures.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

switch game couples cover

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a vibrant addition to the multiplayer Nintendo Switch game niche. It’s a wonderful party style game with an sci-fi theme, and it’s ideal for a low-key date night.

The general premise of this game is that you’re working with your team/partner to drive a spaceship, navigating levels full of tricky enemies and hazards. Each level is extremely colorful and unique, and I love the almost retro style that they’ve gone for with this title.

There are four key areas on the ship that need someone to man them (shields, turrets, navigation and weaponry) and players need to communicate in order to beat each level.

The challenge lies in communicating with the other players, and understanding the different controls for whichever role you end up playing.

It’s a lot of fun, and can be quite chaotic too.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime plays very well on the Nintendo Switch. It’s polished and smooth, and the controls make sense. The graphics are high quality, and the sound design works perfectly with the vibe of the game.

I think this is an incredibly impressive game for the console, and is worth picking up.

Something that sets this game apart from the competition is the fact that it offers a great experience for solo players, too.

It may seem odd to include a note about single player content in an article about couple games for the Nintendo Switch, but the fact that this game has been so thoughtfully designed is incredible. The single player option gives you AI partners to work with, and it’s just as enjoyable as the multiplayer option.

If you want a fun, fast-paced game to play with your partner (or even with a group of friends) this is a spectacular game that’s worth adding to your Nintendo Switch library today. It’s a stellar example of a party game with a unique perspective.



If you’re a fan of multiplayer battle games, this is the ideal pick for you. Wondershot is a top-down battle arena game for multiple players, with a fun spin on it.

Unlike other battle arena games where you might have multiple weapons, forms of ammo and opportunities to attack your opponents, Wondershot only gives you one piece of ammo to attack your opponents with. This means that there’s a lot of pressure on your first shot.

If you miss, you can steal your opponent’s ammo or pick up the one that you used. This interesting mechanic adds a lot of tension to the battle, and it’s a lot of fun to play with a partner. The designers set out to make it a ‘couch game’ and I think that they nailed it.

Something that I really enjoy about Wondershot is the fact that each weapon type has a unique ability. For example, the hammer allows you to charge through the walls on the map, and the bow and arrow lets you lock on and target your opponents.

Wondershot performs very well on the Nintendo Switch, with admittedly simple graphics and controls that are easy to pick up. It plays smoothly, and you can enjoy it in both the docked format and handheld mode.

In a similar fashion to the previous game in this list, Wondershot also offers a great experience for solo players. The multiplayer options are fantastic, but there’s a solid solo experience on offer here as well.

This game offers plenty of value for money, and I’d highly recommend checking it out today.

Unravel Two

unravel two

This charming title is a must-play for anyone looking to play a relaxing puzzle game with their loved ones. Unravel Two offers a more casual look at the puzzle and platform genres when compared to others in this niche, and it’s fun to play through no matter your experience level.

In Unravel Two, two players will play through the game as Yarnys (cute but eerie yarn creatures) and have to tangle with platform levels inspired by Swedish countryside villages and towns.

The game ramps in difficulty at a steady, fair pace and offers plenty of gorgeous visuals to keep your interest piqued.

It’s possible to beat a good portion of the game levels with just one of the players, so if you’re playing with a less experienced gamer who’s worried about doing badly, this is a great pick as it alleviates pressure for them.

This game plays well on the Nintendo Switch, with only a few hiccups when it comes to loading times. It’s smooth and looks great, with minimal graphical downgrades being made to fit it onto the console.

I’m a big fan of the level design in Unravel Two, and think the sound design matches the visuals perfectly.

Unravel Two is a gem if you’re interested in puzzle games but don’t want to invest lots of time into a tricky, frustrating title. It’s sleek, plays well as a whole and is suitable for gamers of all experience levels.

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Mario Maker two

Mario is one of the most iconic characters when it comes to multiplayer games, and Super Mario Maker 2 is one of the best games featuring him on the Nintendo Switch. It’s lively, fun and packed full of memorable characters from this legendary franchise.

If you’ve never seen any of the Super Mario Maker games before, the general idea is that they’re a cross between a platform game and a game design tool.

Super Mario Maker 2 offers an immersive story mode, a level creation mode and the ability to play through your own levels and creations from other players, too.

There’s heaps of content to unpack in this game.

The graphics for this game are, unsurprisingly, fantastic and they look great on the Nintendo Switch. The controls are intuitive and make sense for the console, and the game itself plays very nicely in both docked and handheld mode.

My favorite aspect of this game is the user-generated levels, for sure. There are unique clear conditions that you have to beat for a lot of them, with requirements and special challenges for each and every one.

Super Mario Maker 2 is one of my favorite games for couples to play on the Nintendo Switch, hands down. It plays well on the console and it’s packed full of content for both single players and multiple players, too.

39 Days to Mars

39 days to mars

If you’re looking for a great indie game to play with your partner, 39 Days to Mars is a short but sweet title that’s absolutely worth checking out.

39 Days to Mars is a visually stunning puzzle game with a brilliant narrative, taking place in the 19th century.

It follows two explorers who are looking to explore space and travel to Mars (as the title might suggest) and the majority of the story takes place during the initial preparation stage of their interstellar adventure.

This game looks incredible, with a vintage feel to the graphics. It plays well as a whole, with slightly fiddly controls but an overall smooth gaming experience.

You can play through it alone but the multiplayer option seems to be the most popular experience, based on my research.

The attention to detail with this game is truly something else. There are countless unique puzzles and challenges to overcome in this game, and the level of care put into the storyline is plain to see.

It’s a much shorter game than others on this list, but it stands out from many other puzzle games on the Nintendo Switch to me.

The sound design is worth highlighting with 39 Days to Mars as well.

I’m a big fan of both the music and the voice acting, and found that they tied in perfectly with the unique art style. I think it’s fair to say that puzzle games aren’t always known for their immersion and atmosphere, which is why 39 Days to Mars felt like such a breath of fresh air.

If you and your loved one are looking for a genuinely challenging and utterly immersive puzzle game to play together, this is one of the best purchases you’ll make this year.

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition


Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition is utterly silly and yet, incredibly magical.

This vibrant platform-brawler hybrid for the Nintendo Switch has a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestling theme, and it offers a fantastic gaming experience for couples, groups and even single players.

It’s an indie title that manages to offer up the perfect level of humor with genuinely engaging content to back it up.

Each stage of the game takes place in a unique environment, ranging from the hellish underworld to forests and nearby villages.

You’ll have to solve the platform element of each level, while wrestling and tackling your way through any of the numerous enemies that fling themselves at you.

Platformers and brawlers are genres that are made for each other, in my opinion, and this seamless hybrid game is a clear example of this.

This specific title is an updated version of the original game, and it offers a wealth of content for you to tear your way through.

There are heaps of levels to unpack, which all increase in difficulty at a steady and enjoyable rate. The game is fun for gamers of all levels, yet it does offer some genuine challenge in places.

My favorite thing about this game is the graphics, for sure. They’re colorful and quirky, and they look perfect in both handheld and docked mode. They fit the chaotic style of the game wonderfully, yet look very polished, too.

As a whole, this game plays very well. It’s been made with a lot of love and attention to detail, and offers a great experience for couples looking to play through an exciting game together.

Death Squared

death squared

If you and your loved one enjoyed playing through Portal, this is a fantastic game to pick up and play through today.

Death Squared plays fantastically on the Nintendo Switch, offering a unique POV on deadly sci-fi experiments and tricky, futuristic puzzles. It’s a well made, independent game, and fits the Switch style of play down to the letter.

You play through this game as David, who works as a robot technician. The aim of the game is to control and maneuver two robots as they traverse difficult tests, without running into obstacles like spikes or moving platforms.

Something I found truly impressive about this game is how smoothly it all works together. Each threat that pops up is essentially controlled by you or your partner, as they react to your movements in the test environment. It’s a delight to play through, and relies on strong communication.

There’s something particularly charming about the robot characters in this game, despite their blocky nature. In a similar vein to Portal’s companion cubes, these blocky creatures have a lot of personality and can even do a dance while waiting to move.

It’s the little things in life.

There’s a heap of content to unpack in this game, so if you’re a fan of challenging puzzle games then you’ll get a lot of value for money out of it.

There are 80 stages to play through in the core game, which all manage to still feel unique and fresh as you head through them. If you’re looking for more to do in the game, you can tackle the party mode and work your way through an extra 40 stages. There’s also a vault with even more stages, for 2 and 4 players to tackle.

This game is sleek, well made and a lot of fun. It plays well on the Nintendo Switch, and offers an intuitive gameplay style that fans of puzzle games are sure to love.

Luigi’s Mansion 3

luigis mansion three

Luigi’s Mansion is a beloved series that has a cult following to this day, and this particular title is simply one of the best out of the spooky bunch.

If you’ve never played a Luigi’s Mansion game before, they all start off in a relatively similar fashion. Luigi’s Mansion 3 begins with Luigi getting an invite to stay at a swanky hotel with a group of other fan favorite characters.

Luigi soon discovers a nefarious plot to trap everyone in paintings, and must battle ghosts, save his friends and collect lots of money along the way. I’m not sure why there’s so much spare cash just scattered everywhere in the hotel, but it makes it a lot more fun.

There’s hidden gems to collect, too, which are always hidden in infuriating locations. It takes a decent amount of effort to get them, but it’s satisfying once you manage it.

This game offers a complete co-op version of the main storyline, with one player playing as Luigi and the other playing as a goo version of Luigi, aptly called Gooigi. Gooigi has all of Luigi’s abilities, and some extra ones like being able to slip through small spaces.

There are also other multiplayer options that have more of an arcade feel to them, and a solid single player campaign. This game is dense, and packed full of content to explore. I’d say you absolutely get your money’s worth with Luigi’s Mansion 3.

This game is stunning, and it plays like an absolute dream. Each graphical element feels polished, and holds up well no matter if you’re playing in handheld or docked mode. The game itself is smooth, with intuitive controls and some incredible cutscenes to pad out the game.

This is one of my favorite games on this list, hands down. If you want a relaxed gaming experience to enjoy with a loved one that still offers some challenging puzzles, Luigi’s Mansion 3 is an essential addition to your Nintendo Switch library.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate

super smash bros ultimate

When it comes to multiplayer games, Smash Bros is a household name for a reason.

This title is a masterclass in brawling and action games, and it’s one of the most comprehensive Super Smash Bros games in the series. There’s a wealth of content to sink your teeth into with this game, and it’s ideal for couples who love to play against each other.

As noted, this game is huge.

There are 108 stages to beat, over 60 unique characters to play as and a heap of single player content to work through too. The single player adventure campaign is worth taking a look at if you do get this game to play with your partner, as it’s a lot of fun.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the best fighting games around, with high quality graphics and controls that are easy to get the hang of. It performs well in both docked and handheld mode.

Something I adore about the Super Smash Bros Ultimate experience is the vast quantity of heroes that you can play as, and the weird match-ups you can create as a result. Ever wanted to see Pikachu fight Pac-Man? Fancied pitting Kirby against Bowser? Now you can.

Video games are magical.

This is a great purchase for couples looking to game together, no matter their combined experience level.

Unlike other games in this style, this game is approachable with a difficulty level that ramps up at a fair speed. It’s fun, fast paced and full of fan favorites. What’s not to love?

Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out, Together!

snipperclips plus

If you’re looking for a cute and cheerful puzzle game to sink a few hours into with your loved one, Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together! is a great title to download this year. It’s lighthearted and accessible, yet packs quite a punch in terms of difficulty in the later game.

The general premise behind this game is that you and your partner play through it as Snip and Clip, who are cute 2D characters on a mission to work their way through various stationery themed puzzle worlds. You’ll need to work together, using the environment to solve each papery puzzle and advance to the next world.

The controls for this game are smooth, and it’s enjoyable to play through on the Nintendo Switch. The graphics are adorable and they look great in both handheld and docked mode. Unlike the original game, this game has sturdy controller support built in.

There’s plenty to unpack with this game, as it offers multiple worlds that are full up to the brim with creative puzzles to solve. The level design is pleasing, and almost every puzzle has a satisfying solution. Some of them can be a frustrating, but they’re rewarding on the whole.

Alongside these worlds, you’ll find plenty of cool game modes to explore as well. You can play through in party mode, blitz mode or even stamp mode, which allows you to create cute artwork using the in-game characters.

Snipperclips Plus: Cut It Out Together! is a worthwhile addition to any Nintendo Switch library. It’s best suited for multiplayer games, as the single player can feel a bit clunky and there’s plenty to enjoy when playing through it with others.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Mario kart 8 deluxe

There’s plenty of great Mario games out there, but Mario Kart 8 Deluxe stands out as one of the best on the Nintendo Switch, hands down. This game is well made and packed full of premium levels to race through.

The premise for this game is essentially the same as any other Mario Kart title. You can play through a large number of different race tracks, with heaps of characters, vehicles, weight classes and competitive cups to choose from. There’s lots of content here.

It’s not just racing that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe offers, either.

There’s a comprehensive battle mode, with five different games and eight arenas to explore. Some of the arenas are remixes of classic ones from consoles like the SNES and GameCube, and others have more modern roots.

Multiplayer gaming has a lot of great support here, with a smooth gameplay experience and the ability to play with up to twelve players. There is a local multiplayer option and an online option, and both work incredibly on the console.

The game itself plays very well, with clean graphics and a great user experience overall.

There’s plenty of variety with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and it’s a worthwhile pick for date night.

Whether you’re on the hunt for a fun, laid back game with memorable characters or a highly competitive experience with difficult maps, you’ll be able to shape this game to fit your exact needs. I highly recommend picking it up and trying it out today.

Overcooked! 2

overcooked two 2

If you’ve looked at multiplayer and party games for the Nintendo Switch before, chances are that you’ve already stumbled across the Overcooked! and Overcooked! 2 games. They’re immensely popular, and with good reason.

The main attraction in this game is the hectic arcade style of play, taking place in a kitchen with frantic cooks and heaps of orders to keep up with.

There’s an underlying story here, with the chefs battling against the Unbread Horde (if you loaf puns, this is the game for you) and working for the Onion King and his dog, Kevin.

This game plays well on the Nintendo Switch, with multiple modes for players to work through and enjoy. There are a few hiccups here and there with connectivity issues, which is worth bearing in mind. Nothing game breaking, but it’s not out of the question to see a small delay when playing.

Other than that, the graphics are smooth, the controls make sense and the game is intuitive to play through no matter your experience level. Overcooked! 2 isn’t the most complex game visually, but I’m personally a big fan of the art style.

If the regular multiplayer and single player modes aren’t for you, there’s a fun arcade mode or even a versus mode which is a blast. There’s plenty of content to sink your teeth into here, with lots of psychedelic levels to tackle and explore.

This game is worth picking up if you want a chaotic gaming night with a loved one. It’s fast, funny and full of memorable moments that’ll make you smile.