In New World’s game text, a Soul Mote is defined as “a faint of a Lost Soul.”

It is a magic ingredient that can come from several different sources and is used for alchemy in a few different ways.

Soul Motes are a Spirit Reagent and Tier 2 Soul Reagents that are pretty important to make many different items with the Arcana crafting skill.

Soul Motes most commonly come from Soul Sprites, but those are constantly being farmed. Besides, there are other ways to gather Soul Motes, and there are places that have more Soul Sprites and can make farming them much more straightforward.

So, if you want to know where to get Soul Motes in New World, this guide will show you the best places to gather them quickly.


Soulsprouts are a Magical Plant in New World. They are a gatherable resource that provides 90 Harvesting Experience Points and 22 Character Experience Points when collected.

Players must have a Harvesting level of at least 30 in order to Harvest a Soulsprout. At level 45 of Harvesting, these Magical Plants can be tracked.

Once you harvest a Soulsprout, you will receive a Soul Mote, and you also have a chance of getting the following items:

  • Soulsprout Stem
  • Soulsprout Leaf
  • Soulsprout Flower

Soulsprites can be found all over the map, although they are much more scarce in the north. If you do not go much further north than Everfall, you should still be able to find them here and there.

Regardless of the fact that there are many Soulprouts around the map, there are specific sites where these Magical Plants are more common and much easier to find.

For instance, they are especially easy to find in the Valle Tempus, to the Southeast of the Everfall Settlement.

They are also abundant at Light’s Crown, to the Northwest of the First Light Settlement.


Mining Soulspires isn’t the easiest way to get Soul Motes, but it doesn’t mean you should not do it if you have the means.

To mine Soulspires, your Mining skill must be at least level 100, so you might take a look on how to level up Mining fast in New World.

Upon mining a Soulspire, you gain 350 mining experience points. You also might get Soul Motes, wisps, essences, and quintessences from it.

Soul Spires are not very abundant on the map, and most of the regions where there are many Soulspires to mine are also very high-level regions.

An excellent place to find Soulspires is near Everfall. You will find some Soulspires around Fallowhim Farm and the Alioth, near the mountain to the West and Southwest of the Everfall Settlement.

Alchemy Crates

Alchemy Crates as Alchemy Containers that can be found throughout Aeternum. They exist in three different tiers.

The most common location to find Tier 2 Alchemy Crates is the area between Brightwood Town and Everfall Town called Brightwood Isle.

Besides that area, if you go to the south Weaver’s Fen Town, there are about 13 crates to be found there too. However, in this region, they are a little more spread out.

There are some Tier 1 Alchemy Crates within the cave that is behind the Deadman’s Cove, to the west of the Cutlass Settlement, but it isn’t worth pursuing it.

You can also farm some Tier 3 Alchemy Crates on the mountains behind Ebonscale Reach Village when you’re near the endgame.

Trading Post

Most items are usually perceived by many players as an opportunity to make some extra gold. If you’re interested in doing it yourself, maybe you should check how the Trading Post works.

Players might go to a Trading Post for many reasons. Some might be in a hurry, others might think it’s not worth their time, and there are those who don’t have enough Harvesting or Mining level to go for Soulsprites or Soulspires.

Whatever the reason behind it, there will always be a player who perceives this as an opportunity to make a profit, so you should check the Trading Post for Soul Motes from time to time. Maybe you’re lucky, and you find some at a reasonable price.

Where to Use Soul Motes

A Soul Mote can be used to make several different items.

Curiously, there are four different crafting skills that can make use of a Soul Mote as an ingredient for their recipes.

Check below a table with the items that require Soul Motes to be made, the needed Trading Skill, and the Minimum Level to craft that item.

Recipe that Needs Soul MotesCrafting Skill RequiredMinimum Skill Level
Cut Flawed AmethystStonecutting0
Cut Flawed MalachiteStonecutting0
Cut Flawed OpalStonecutting0
Eternal HeartStonecutting25
Minor Ancients Combat TrophyFurnishing75
Soul WispArcana25
Weak Proficiency BoosterEngineering20